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Hi Eric,

I just have an issue with the overviews section. I am trying to ultimately display 12 overviews but its only showing 10. Even if I have the show more button clicked it still only shows a total of 10. There is also an issue of the alignment of columns it might have to do with some entries being longer than the other I’m not sure. You can view it here

Hey and thanks for your purchase! Here is how to fix it:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set “Blog pages show at most” to 12.
  2. Open js/custom.js file within your theme folder and at line 163 change this:
    hiddenChapters  = $(".chapter-ov:eq(4), .chapter-ov:eq(5), .chapter-ov:eq(6), .chapter-ov:eq(7)");

    to this:

    hiddenChapters  = $(".chapter-ov:eq(4), .chapter-ov:eq(5), .chapter-ov:eq(6), .chapter-ov:eq(7), .chapter-ov:eq(8), .chapter-ov:eq(9), .chapter-ov:eq(10), .chapter-ov:eq(11)");

And it should work :) Nice site by the way! Erik

How do you sell? is it eCommerce? How does it work?

No, it is a landing page, not a webstore. It’s for advertising and showcasing an ebook product, and has large call to action buttons where the user can be redirected anywhere (for example where he can actually purchase the ebook. Cheers, Erik

Hi Eric,

Really love your site! Was wondering if you could tell me if the site could work well with multiple books instead of 1 book? I represent an Author who has 20 plus books to his name.

Can the – Sample pages from the book – be from many different books?

With the – Chapter Overviews – Is there a limit? (I noticed another Author saying he could only get 10 to show up & they were not aligned)

And with the – Special offers – Is there a limit to the amount of tables or is that designed for 1 book?

Also the bar with the – product sales – facebook likes – working hours – coffees made – Is that customizable?

Thanks for your time!

Hey, great that you like it :) Here are the answers:
  1. Yeah, every sample is a separate custom post, you can fill it with whatever content you need
  2. No it isn’t limited, what you noticed is a bug from our side – and a working solution has been already passed.
  3. Yeah, by default you can only create 4 pricing tables, but feel free to add more ones manually by code (if you were at that part, just let me know and i’ll help)
  4. Sure, you can set any amount and title what fit your needs.
Cheers, Erik

Hi, (first sorry for my english) I just purchase this theme and i try to install it. I don’t now why but when i check the chekbox slider and i save the changes it doesn’t works. The checkbox uncheck alone. I do something wrong ? Thx

when i chek the box and when i saves changes the chek disappear

and when i’m talk about your demo i talk about that

I still don’t really understand the problem, but i suggest to read the proper part of the theme documentation and follow the steps mentioned there, i’m pretty sure you will work around this:

Importing demo content:

Setting up the slider:

Hi Erik, love this theme – I’m using it for a Chinese language site and got stuck on the samples. Instead of breaking the chapter and summary with [...] the full sample displays on the right, where there should just be a preview. You can see what I mean:

I need to get rid of the preview and just write “chapter one, chapter two” etc without the break off (unless I can manually enter where to break).

Thanks, Derek

Yeah but, in that folder there’s no “script.js” file.

Added it to the ‘custom.js’ file, that worked great. Thanks.

Cool, your welc :)

Hey Eric,

This theme supports woocommerce plugin?

Hey unfortunately it doesn’t support it. Cheers, Erik

First off, love the theme and your information to set it up was very well written and helpful. This is my first WordPress blog so I’m a newbie (and feel free to explain things to me that way).

1) On the samples page I would like to use screen shots (since my book has images in it etc) but I do not want the title of the page (say, ‘chapter one’) to display on the sample iPad screen.

2) On the samples page it shows the side of the Facebook ‘like me’ button at the bottom of the ‘blog post’ which peeks out along the side of the sample iPad (which is longer than the sample page ‘blog post’). Is there any way to hide/disable that on just that page?


PS – for those looking for a checkout option I am using Easy Digital Downloads and it works great and is free!

I figured out issue #2, but can still use help with #1

Hello and thanks for your purchase, sounds great that it was easy to set up even without any wordpress experience. I assume that the facebook “Like me” button is coming from a plugin you installed as it’s not the part of the theme by default so i will need to check your site to be able to give you the specific code needed to achieve the requested result. When your site is up, please send me the link via email from my profile’s contact form here and i’ll check on it. Happy editing! Erik

Thank you for making this great theme. We installed this theme and started customizing it and ran into some problems.

You can view our website here:

We are having the most trouble with the samples. When you scroll down to the ipad it covers up the portion of text that should show under the main title. Then all the chapters on the side are not visible. It seems that it is taking up 2 lines instead of 1 line. We have tried minimizing the titles of the chapters but it hasn’t done anything.

Another problem we have is with the About the Author. We cannot figure out where to customize this.

Finally our drop down menu does not behave correctly. Once we enable a menu we load the page and the menu is just there and the option to drop down the menu disappears.

Thank you for looking at this!

Thank you Thank you! and ok we will take a look at that!

Where can I find the documentation?

In the main downloaded folder there is a “Documentation” folder….

Hi Erik, I just started playing with the theme. Wondering if the slider background image from demo2 is included somewhere? I like the orange, and it would work well with the orange in my book cover. Thanks.

Great to hear that you managed to solve it on your own! :) Happy editing! Erik

Hi Erik,

No question, but a couple suggestions Erik. Your home page looks and works great, with the exception of the Chapter Overviews. I have a 25 chapter book. I understand you are working on that. The styling for other parts of the site need work. Fundamental elements such as lists for pages, posts, and side bars could be styled, so the whole package looks great turnkey. I’m figuring it out on my own, but it’s not my forte. For example, when I created a new page, the text bangs up against the header. It took a bit, but I figured out that .page-full {margin-top: 40px;} would fix my problem. For someone who doesn’t know any CSS, the pages and posts are going to be pretty rough sailing. My suggestion is that when you do your next update, you spend some time making those other elements as awesome as the landing page. Thanks.

Hey and thanks for the honest feedback, i really appriciate it because this kind of real reviews based on your personal user experiences point out the mistakes what we may haven’t noticed yet and let us know what needs to be improved to make the theme more user friendly. The mentioned things will definately included in the next theme update.

By the way, i think it’s almost impossible to feature an option for every possible variation of customization in the theme settings, that’s why i’m always trying to help our customers to achieve their custom requests with the proper code snippets or scripts. Thanks again for the feedback! Cheers, Erik

Hi Eric,

My website is not working at all anymore!

Can you check what is wrong?

Thank you

Hey Pixnix, it has nothing to do with the theme, it’s coming from your hosting provider… if i had to guess, i would say that your hosting service is expired, i suggest to contact them for further information. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I just started with the theme. Wondering if the DEMO 2 theme option export and sample data (without pictures) is included somewhere?


Hey and thx for your purchase! Unfortunately at the moment it’s not available for public, but it will be included in the next theme update. By the way, if you drop me an email with this request, i can send you the backup of the demo2 theme options without the images and you can import to your theme at Appearance > Options Backup. Cheers, Erik

I’ve send you a mail @erno22..


Okay, this is making me crazy and I feel really stupid for even having to ask these things, but…

1) I can’t find any instructions or documentation for this theme. I even tried unzipping it to see if there was a document in there, but there was none. Could you please point me in the direction of where to find the instructions?

2. I tried experimenting with creating samples and they just look like regular posts. No iPad display, no nothing.

Please help!


Hey Rena and thanks for your purchase. 1.) Actually it’s right in the downloaded theme package’s (zip) root folder, called ”/Documentation”.

2.) After you found, please go through on it carefully, every possible ways of the customization and a detailed getting started guide with images are included in, i’m pretty sure about you will find what you are looking for. Cheers, Erik

Found it! Thank you, Erik. :-)

Hey Erik,

is there any way to use the JS scrolling you use on your sample page when someone clicks a link to jump to a local anchor tag? I have added a “More Info” button in my slider section and I want it to scroll down to the next section instead of just jumping there. But somehow the JS doesn’t trigger.

Hey sure, you just need to call the scrolling script for the more info button you created, something like this:
<a href="target-element" class="btn" id="scroll-button">More Info</a>

<script type="text/javascript">
    (function($) { "use strict";
           $("#scroll-button").smoothScroll({ speed: 800, offset: -153 });

Of yourse, you will need to add the javascript part to the proper template file, not from the wordpress admin’s editor. Cheers, Erik

Hi, Would you be able to add a Pinterest icon and link to in the Social Netwoks footer options? Thank you.

You can send it via my profile’s contact form here. Cheers, Erik

Just sent you the details, sorry for delay, thank you for your help.

Done! Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

Firstly, thanks for creating a great theme, I love it!

I have a couple of problems though…

1. I have multiple “Contact” section types on my page. When each one is clicked which allows the user to enter their email address, it makes the page scroll to random locations. How do I fix this so that when a user clicks on the button it stays on the same location of the page.

2. I have removed the “Call to action” section, but it is still showing on the site

3. When I hide the menu, to make the menu visible again, you have to click the three lines (menu button). How do I change the colour of this button?

If you need to access my site to address the problems, please let me know where to send the details to.


Thanks for your quick response.

For 1. – where do I open the /js/custom.js file?

Sorry, I’m a coding rookie!

Ok, I have found the file. But I cannot open it. Which program would you recommend to open the file? Is it possible that you could edit the file and send me it?

I’m using Notepad++ it’s free, i recommend that. Try it, i’m sure you will figure it out :) If you still stuck with it, let me know and drop me and email and i’ll send you over the file. Cheers, Erik


Two issues: First of all the slider doesn’t seem to be showing up at all. I’ve done everything that the documentation says but it’s showing up behind the h1 tag no matter what I do (you can see it on the home page right now). Secondly, anything in the navigation bar isn’t working. It’s posting a # before the page name which invalidates the URL.

Hi and thanks for your purchase. The slider issue sounds strange, can you please drop me an email including this issue with a link to your site – so i’ll be able to check it?

Regarding the navigation, actually the # sign refers to a menu item what doesn’t redirects you to another page – just scroll to the targeted home section. For example, if you have a home page section called “Our Team”, the correct menu link url will be “” and so on.. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

Before I’m going to buy the template i wanted to know: Does the template support RTL direction language such as Hebrew? can i modify it to be RTL instead of LTR direction. and also can i translate all the English to Hebrew?

Hello, to be honest i don’t know as i haven’t tested it yet, but if you tell me a way to try it, i’d be happy to test it for you before your purchase. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I noticed that on small screen (phone), the page header is partially covered by the main header. Not sure if that’s something I created by messing around with CSS or not. You can see it at Any ideas?


Hey and thx for your purchase. Add this to your style.css file to fix it:

 @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
      .page-heading { margin-top: 85px; }

Happy editing! Erik

Thank you Erik. You do a nice job of providing support here on this forum. I appreciate your efforts.

Your welcome. Thanks, i’m trying my best :) Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I upgraded your theme. I appreciate the extra customizations and tweaks that you provided. The updated documentation is great. Thanks for adding some of the tips others have requested.

When I upgraded, my menu links broke. (You had fixed them for me previously.) Can you take a look at them?

I will end up hiding the menu. How can I add the word “Menu” next to the menu button when the menu is hidden?

I’ve sent login credentials through your contact page.

thanks for your excellent work!


Hey Rollie and thanks for your appreciation, great to hear that you like the update. I haven’t seen my emails yet, but i’ll check on them soon and reply for yours with a quick fix for the request. Cheers, Erik

Erik: Just a followup to say thanks. You responded quickly and fixed my problems. Can’t say enough about the great customer service you provide!

Your welcome Rollie, thanks for the positive feedback, much appriciate it! :) Let me know if you need assistance in the future. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I just purchased your template and I tried to install it right away add themes on wordpress but it didn’t work! I got this answer,

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.” What do you suggest me to do? Regards Taulant