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Hi Erik!

I’ve got a good start on customizing the theme on my website: However, I have a weird problem: The menu does not display sub items. I tried adding the pages directly to the menu as well as creating custom links that go right to the URLs of the sub items, but neither method works and the sub items still don’t show. :-( Help!


Yeah, actually flatbook was designed as a short single landing page originally – what doesn’t really require a dropdown menu as it’s a one-page layout – but recently we are working hard to improve it to feature every function what a complete multi page theme needs. Cheers, Erik

It’s such an awesome and visually stunning theme! I’m customizing it, little by little, to preserve the sleek vibe of your original design, yet make it my own. I LOVE the ability to add more pages to turn it into a full site. Originally, when I bought it, I thought it was a single page design (that I LOVED), then when I figured out that I could do more with it…well, you know…......... ;-)

Thanks for your kind words Rena, i’m glad you like it :) We are always trying to add useful features in every update what improves the quality and widen range of usuage of the theme. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I love your theme. Unfortunately, I am have having a little trouble with the menu. I assume it is a user error, but I looked through the documentation, and no matter how I enter a link for a page/section of the home page, my menu just goes to the top of the page. The only exception is Home and About. These are the preset menu items. I can PM an admin if needed. You can see the site here.

And I also have a several visual questions:
1) Where in the stylesheet can I find a way to change the background image behind the ebook simulator to my own?
2) In the top half of the simulator (above the image), the color is a very faded version of the secondary color. Where in the stylesheet can I change this to a faded primary color?
3) Under “Choose a chapter”, Chapter I has a large space under before the continued [...]. How do I reduce this space?

Thank you for your help! Laura

Well, tell me in which slide(s) you need to disable the second heading – for example “first and second” slide. Erik

I would like the box hidden on Slide 1 and Slide 3. Thank you Erik!

Your welcome. Add this to your style.css file:

.slide.cycle-slide:nth-child(2) .slider-title h2,
.slide.cycle-slide:nth-child(4) .slider-title h2 {
       display: none !important;

Let me know how it worked out. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik!

New issue: I followed all the instructions perfectly to add MailChimp Newsletter Subscribe as the contact method, but what happened is that it created the form, BUT displays part of the code in between the text boxes:

” method=”post” id=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” name=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” class=”validate” target=”_blank” novalidate>

I can’t figure out why it would show only this part of the code and/or what is wrong with the code that it would show. Any ideas?

In the meantime, I’m going to see if a different MailChimp form (Classic) would work.

Thank you, ~Rena

Hey Rena, can you drop me a mail with a link to your site and the wordpress login details? I have to check on this to tell what’s going wrong with it. Thanks, Erik

Hey Erik, I sent it via the message function. Thank you!

Replied! Cheers, Erik

I hope you don’t kick me out for all my questions, Erik! ;-)

New question: I’d like to add other social media links & icons because the ones we’re concentrating on are Pinterest and Instagram.

Is there an easy method, or do I have to get in and mess with the code? :O

Never mind, that’s why i provide item support :) Yeah this is another thing what has been already added to the next version of the theme… Until then, i added the pinterest and instagram social link manually to your site, the only thing you need to do is go to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor and from the right sidebar select Footer (footer.php) for edit, and scroll down the document a bit and you’ll see this:


<a href=""><i class="fa fa-instagram" /></a>
<a href=""><i class="fa fa-pinterest" /></a>

Now change the two dummy links “” to your existing instagram and pinterest links than hit the Update File button at the bottom, that’s it. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

Great theme. I’d like to use an own font (StencilStd) instead of a Google Webfont for all h1 and h2 headlines, how can I do that? I tried defining the font-face in style.css but this seems to be ignored… The font is already uploaded.

Thanks for a hint.

Hey and thanks for your purchase. If you have already converted the font – and have the proper font-face code snippet ready to use – open up fb_colors.php file in the /includes folder, and on line 67 change this:

{font-family: '<?php echo $fb_heading_font_str; ?>' !important;}

to this:

{font-family: 'yourFontName' !important;}

where basically “yourFontName” is the font name what you have defined before in the font-face rule. Cheers, Erik

Thanks, I defined h1/h2 as per your suggestion and didn’t change the other items, the result is looking great, see

Yeah it looks cool :) Cheers, Erik

Is there a plugin you recommend using for purchasing? I’m trying to use “Easy Digital Downloads” but having some issues that I’m guessing have to do with the theme.

Well unfortunately we don’t have a plugin tested for purchasing items what i could suggest to you as this is a landing page for advertising purposes, but i usually recommend to my buyers for this question to use a reliable, secure online marketplace (like amazon for example) and link the theme’s purchase buttons to that profile – where the user can actually purchase or order the book. Cheers, Erik


I’m using your theme with a ‘Child’ theme that I’ve created and it’s all working well. However the icons for the admin menu items; ‘Video Reviews’, ‘Samples’ and ‘Overviews’ are not loading.

I presume this is because you are using:


instead of:


Can you please fix this and update the plugin ASAP?

As ‘renatucker’ has also asked, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide functionality to add sub menu items to the main menu – this is a really important feature!

Sure, i added it to the to-do list of the next update. Thanks for your notice! Cheers ,Erik

Great, thanks. For anyone experiencing this problem in the mean time, you can simply copy the images from the FlatBook theme folder:


to your child theme (creating the folders):


Thanks! Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I had all the site looking good. Now the CSS I added for lists no longer seems to be having an effect. Here’s what I have:

.sample-content > ul {margin-bottom: 20px;} .sample-content li {line-height: 20px; margin: 0 0 10px 30px; list-style: disc outside;} .sample-content > ol {margin-bottom: 20px;} .sample-content ol li {line-height: 20px; margin: 0 0 10px 35px; list-style: decimal outside;}

.page-full li { line-height: 20px; margin: 0 0 10px 30px; list-style: disc outside; }

.post ol {margin-bottom: 20px;} .post ul li, .post ul li {margin: 0 0 0 30px; padding: 0;}

.post ol li {margin: 0 0 0 35px;}

.post ol, .post ul {margin: 0; padding: 0 0 25px;}

This page did have a header followed by bullets. No more. As I tweak things in the style sheet, I see the changes, but nothing related to ol/ul/li seems to have an effect. Any clues? It’s got to be something easy.


Erik, before I added @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { .page-heading { margin-top: 80px; }. If I just add what you suggest, it does seem to work. Thanks for helping me work it through.

It seems you forgot to add the second closing ” } ” character.. The correct one is:

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
           .page-heading { margin-top: 80px; }

Because you need to close the @media rule too to get it work. Let me know if that did the job. Cheers, Erik

Good catch. Thanks


I have purchased your theme and am really enjoying it!

Regarding the slider, I have three slides in it. Is there a way to make each slide have a separate background image or must they all be the same?

Also, I want to add a ‘contact’ link to the footer, linking to the contact form. How would I do that?



Hey and thanks for your purchase, i’m happy you enjoyed working with my theme!

1.) Unfortunately there’s no option for having different background for each slide, it’s not that kind of slider.

2.) Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and select “Links” from the box on the left, than add your site url completed with #contact-us. So the URL should look like this:

Happy editing! Erik

Thanks for the reply, Won’t this menu go to the nav bar? I’d like to add links to the footer.

Oh sorry, i thought you need it in the top navigation. Any way, open up your footer.php file and complete line 14 with this:

<p><a href="/#contact-us">Contact Us</a></p>


I’m trying to select a google font but I don’t see it in the drop down list. I tried adding it to the code too, but that didn’t work.

How can I go about this?


Hi and thanks for your purchase, here’s how to do that: open up fb_colors.php file from the /includes folder, and on line 67 change this:

{font-family: '<?php echo $fb_heading_font_str; ?>' !important;}

to this:

{font-family: 'yourFontName' !important;}

And it should work if you linked the font correctly. Happy editing! Erik

Thanks for answering so quickly!

I have a problem. I have installed different plugins that use shortcodes to bring up their features but their features are not showing up. This is happening with a few plugins that rely on shortcodes.

Any insight?

Thank you

Hello and thanks for your purchase! Some of the fields in the Theme Options panel don’t accept shortcodes by default, try to use shortcodes in the page content editor fields, those will certainly accept it. It may still need css styling to fit the design of theme, but it’s up to you as we are not able to provide support for third party plugins. Happy editing! Erik


I’m trying to change the hover effect of the grey button (which I changed from grey) and it is not picking up on the hover effects, no matter what I do in the coding. Can you help?

Many thanks,

Hello and thanks for your purchase. Your code doesn’t affect the hover color because it’s defined for from the default theme colors.

To change it, open up fb_colors.php file from the /includes folder, and write your code the the very bottom of it with the !important rule to override the theme defaults. For example:

.btn.grey:hover { background: red !important; }


What is the best way to upload a sample chapter that has a lot of text and images (like a textbook). I have a pdf viewer doing it currently but it is too small and illegible.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks. Is there a way to make the tablet viewer window wider?

I figured it out. Thanks

Great! Happy editing! Erik


Great theme! My book has 9 Chapters. When I add the 9th Chapter to chapter overviews is doesn’t get hidden. Ie: it is below the 4 visible chapters. I want to make it hidden until someone clicks the ‘show more’ button like the other 4 chapters.

Please help

Hello and thanks for your purchase. Actually this is a bug in the theme from our side – what will be fixed in the next update – until then, you can fix it manually if you open up your custom.js file in the /js folder (within your theme files) and on line 163 change this:

hiddenChapters  = $(".chapter-ov:eq(4), .chapter-ov:eq(5), .chapter-ov:eq(6), .chapter-ov:eq(7)");

to this:

hiddenChapters  = $(".chapter-ov:eq(4), .chapter-ov:eq(5), .chapter-ov:eq(6), .chapter-ov:eq(7), .chapter-ov:eq(8)");
$('<div class="clearfix" />').insertAfter('.chapter-ov:eq(3), .chapter-ov:eq(7)');

And it should fix it. Let me know how it worked out. Happy editing! Erik

Thanks, worked perfectly!

Just a shout-out to Erik for being so on top of things with support. Whenever I’ve had questions, he was back to me with an answer more promptly than I expected.

Although I have a lot of experience in WP and Blogger blogs and sites in general, this was my first foray into using WP for a site. Flatbook made it much easier to implement than any of the other WP themes I’ve tried before. Great job, Erik, and thanks!

Thanks for the positive feedback Bobby, i much appriciate it and happy that you enjoyed working with our theme! :) Cheers, Erik

Hi, I have use these Flatbook theme and create beautiful site but on that I have observe that on my navigation when I move to any single page and try to come back to Home page section.(like In my site Blog is single page and home page have Author,Book,Review(Testimonial) section.) it won’t move to that particular Section.This problem is not only on my local It also occur on my server too. In your Theme demo it work smoothly. Go to blog page and coming back to pricing section. Kindly help me for any solution.

Hey there, i’m glad you enjoyed working with our theme. Actually the described issue was a bug in the earlier versions of the theme, for now it has been fixed.

By the way, i don’t see your purchased badge, you may bought the theme from another account? If yes, please drop me a comment from it or just send me your purchase code as a verification, than i will be able to send you the code snippet with the fix for your issue. Cheers, Erik

Hi! I would like to know if exists the possibility to add some html code to slider? ex: Some catch form instead of image. Thank you!

Hey, there’s no built-in option to add html code in the slider from the admin panel, but you are always free to customize the template file of slider with your own code. Cheers, Erik

@eriktailor we have purchased the theme and @panki_m is customizing for us, please send the updated code to me.

Thanks for the verification. Open up your header.php file and look for something like this:
$('.menu a').smoothScroll({
    speed: 800,
    offset: -90

After you located it, wrap this snippet like this:

<?php if( is_page_template('template-home.php') ){ ?>
$('.menu a').smoothScroll({
    speed: 800,
    offset: -90
<?php } ?>

So now the scrolling script will only loads on the home page and will not prevent the regular navigation on the subpages. Cheers, Erik

Hi Thanks for your help. But it still not working for me. I have 1.3.0 version. In header.php your code is present already just instead ’.menu a’ there is ’#menu a’. I have change as per your code but still not working. Please look into it and help.

Please create a wp user for me and send an email with this issue and the login details, so i will be able to check what’s going wrong there. Cheers, Erik

Hi Where I can find your email address.I have create User.

You can send it via my profile’s contact form here. Thanks, Erik

The setup page for contact form does not work ( how do I find instructions?

Hello and thanks for your purchase. The latest version of the documentation is also included in the main theme package download, but if you prefer the online one, you can find it here: Cheers, Erik