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FlatBook is a responsive eBook selling landing page WordPress theme, ideal to showcase & advertise a book or any product, in a clean modern flat design style.

FlatBook was built to be as easy to use as it can be, so it doesn’t matter what level your experience is, FlatBook will provide the perfect solution to make your ebook or book landing page stand out from the crowd!

FlatBook is the best selling ebook WordPress theme on ThemeForest, with over 1000+ Happy Customers!”

Theme Features

  • 6 Ready-to-Import Demos
  • Responsive Layout
  • Built on Bootstrap 5
  • 1140px Wide 12 Columns Grid
  • Animated Preloading Effect
  • Smooth CSS3 Animations
  • Clean & Modern Flat Design
  • Onepage & Multipage Layout
  • Unlimited Color Variations
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • Live Theme Customizer
  • Elementor Integration
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • MailChimp Integration
  • PayPal Integration
  • Extended Blog Settings
  • Samples Preview Custom Widget
  • Valid HTML5 Code Markup
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Logo & Admin Logo
  • Cross Browser Support
  • SEO Friendly Environment
  • Included Child Theme
  • 2 Widget Areas (Footer / Blog Sidebar)
  • 16+ Included SCSS File
  • 15+ Social Network Icons
  • 100+ Customizer Option
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • 4500+ Vector Icons

Bonus Features:

  • Included ACF Pro plugin ($49 value)
  • Included Layered PSD ($8 value)
  • Detailed, step-by-step theme documentation

Live Customizer

FlatBook comes with a live theme customizer with more than 100+ Customizer Options included, what gives you the ability to modify the layout, typography, color and many other settings instantly – without need for refreshing the site – what makes the theme customization process quick, fun and easy.

Customizer Features:

  • Upload your custom Logo & Mobile Logo
  • Define the static Front Page & Blog Page of your site
  • Link social network profiles to display on the frontend
  • Set the Site Title & Tagline and upload Site Icons
  • Choose from the 600+ Google Fonts & Subsets integrated with the theme
  • Adjust the font style of almost every element separately
  • Recolor any part of the layout with one-click using a simple color picker tool
  • Turn On / Off switches near special layout elements to show or hide it
  • Customize the layout of separate pages like Blog, Single Post and 404 Error
  • Manage Nav Menus & Widgets directly from the Customizer
  • Receive real time feedbacks of modifications, and hit Save to apply
  • Import / Export customizer settings or create backups of the actual layout

Elementor Builder

Pages of FlatBook was created with Elementor Page Builder, what gives you the ability to have as many customized pages as you would like to have!

Content Sections:

  • Counters Section
  • Features Section
  • Videos Section
  • Samples Section
  • Overviews Section
  • Reviews Section
  • Pricing Section
  • Author Section
  • Contact Section

Footer Layouts:

  • Subscribe Footer
  • Widgets Footer
  • Copyright Footer


Theme Updates

v1.0.0 – November 2013

- Initial Release.

v1.0.1 – November 2013

- Fixed Overlapping section issue

v1.1.0 – November 2013

- Added MailChimp Integration
- Added 300+ Google Fonts

v1.2.0 – December 2013

- Added Contact Form 7 Integration
- Added 2 Menu layout options (visible / hidden)
- Fixed some minor css bugs

v1.2.1 – May 2014

- Fixed Blog page navigation bug

v1.3.0 – June 2014

- Fixed Includes icon boxes with longer title issue
- Fixed Blog page navigation bug
- Fixed More than 2 video review bottom padding optimized
- Fixed Pricing table features line height optimized
- Fixed Some IE9 opacity related bug fixed
- Fixed Contact Form 7 shorter fields after validation bug fixed
- Fixed Includes icon boxes with unequal length content bug fixed
- Fixed Slider control arrows tablet portrait bug fixed
- Updated Slider control arrows updated from image to font-icon
- Updated Image without padding in tablet showcase now available
- Updated Slider height optimized for tablet portrait view
- Updated Theme documentation updated with more images
- Added Basic usual navigation menu option available
- Added Slider autoplay option with custom timing
- Added Retina support added with auto generating retina x2 images
- Added Navigation bar recolor with colorpicker option added
- Added Custom empty section with shortcodes for custom contents added
- Added Drag and drop home section ordering option added
- Added Slider touch swipe gestures support added

v1.3.1 – September 2014

- Updated FontAwesome 4.2 version, all 479 icons are available now
- Fixed Display of two-lined title selectors in 'Samples' section fixed
- Fixed 8+ 'Chapter Overviews' collapsing issue fixed
- Added Body font colorpicker option added to theme options
- Added Custom excerpts for 'Samples' title selectors option added

v2.0.0 – November 2015

- ADDED: new Bootstrap 3 responsive grid (1140px wide) 
- ADDED: new Underscores based theme framework
- ADDED: Sass support (precompiled custom .scss files)
- ADDED: Advanced Custom Fields ($25 value)
- ADDED: live theme Customizer (with 100+ customizing options)
- ADDED: custom Page Builder (6 Header layouts, 13 Content sections, 3 Footer layouts)
- ADDED: multi-level navigation menu with dropdown support
- ADDED: 2 importable demo content (demo-1, demo-2)
- ADDED: new customizable blog features (Blog Page & Single Post)
- ADDED: 5 new post formats (Image, Video, Link, Quote, Gallery)
- ADDED: 2 widget areas (Blog Sidebar & Footer Widgets)
- ADDED: Child theme support
- ADDED: many new features and enhancements

v2.0.1 – December 2015

- FIXED: alignment issues of the navigation bar on mobile sizes
- FIXED: many noticed minor Css style relates bugs
- ADDED: javascript fallback to remove the preloader (if there are js errors)
- ADDED: specific class names to the sections (eg. author-section, pricing-section)
- ADDED: a Custom Css section with code editor in the theme Customizer
- UPDATED: theme demo datas with a few bugfixes (demo-1, demo-2)
- UPDATED: to FontAwesome 4.5.0 version (now has 605+ vector icons)

v2.0.2 – December 2015

- FIXED: contact form 7 submit button background-color bug
- FIXED: many minor responsivity related css bug
- FIXED: acf loading issue in child theme 
- REMOVED: the unused assets folder of acf (inc/admin/assets)
- UPDATED: Header background images parallax effect to css (for better compatibility)
- UPDATED: nav menu scroll menu links walker
- UPDATED: max item limits (feature items, video items, overview items, message items, contact items)
- UPDATED: theme language file (languages/flatbook.po)
- UPDATED: main theme and child theme screenshots
- UPDATED: theme demo datas with a few bugfixes (demo-1, demo-2)
- UPDATED: Overview Items textarea input field changed to full wysiwyg editor in Page Builder
- ADDED: product image upload option to the pricing tables (Pricing Section)
- ADDED: section header coloring options in the Customizer (section title / subtitle / icon)
- ADDED: adjustable spacing of content sections option in the Customizer (section title / subtitle / icon)
- ADDED: envato wordpress toolkit plugin for automatic theme updates

v2.0.3 – December 2015

- FIXED: primary buttons coloring issue at focus and active states
- FIXED: updated script file for tablet reader mockup to scroll on mobile devices either
- FIXED: wordpress admin bar layout css issue on mobile sizes
- FIXED: many responsivity related css bugs
- UPDATED: wordpress 4.5 compatibility tested
- UPDATED: Envato WordPress Toolkit and Widget Importer & Exporter redeclared as recommended plugins
- UPDATED: default wordpress widgets extended (Archives widget, Categories widget, Recent Comments widget)
- UPDATED: theme demo datas with a few bugfixes (demo-1, demo-2)
- ADDED: new option for the Customizer what removes the navbar completely (Customizer > Layout > Navbar)
- ADDED: new posts per page option for the Customizer added at (Customizer > Pages > Blog > Posts per page)

v2.0.4 – December 2015

- FIXED: removed the typo mistaken "c" stray (from section-messages.php)
- FIXED: font subsets option temporarly removed (Customizer > Typography > Fonts)

v2.0.5 – January 2016

- FIXED: broken panel layout in Customizer on medium screens
- FIXED: color changes don't take effect (Customizer > Colors > Header > Section Subtitle)
- FIXED: blog page Display Page Header option now works on blog type front page also
- FIXED: feature items float issue (when having different heights within the same row)
- REMOVED: custom read more text option from the Customizer (Pages > Blog > Post Layout)
- UPDATED: option for font icon placement near the navigation menu items (using the title attribute)

v2.0.6 – April 2016

- FIXED: onepage nav scrolling js error (in assets/js/flatbook.js on line 119.)
- FIXED: font subsets option enabled again (Customizer > Typography > Fonts)
- FIXED: blog pagination shows only the first page bug (index.php file updated)
- FIXED: broken demo import links updated to working ones
- ADDED: demo-3 importable demo content files (Extras / demo-3)

v2.0.7 – May 2016

- FIXED: wrong section title colors on single post pages (Comments & Leave Reply)
- FIXED: content overlaps social buttons on mobile size bug (in Contact Section)
- FIXED: wrong button text color in footer widget bug (forced to inherit white)
- FIXED: tablet reader doesn't render the cover image on mobile size (in Samples Section)
- FIXED: header background-attachment attribute switched to scroll (a Safari bug)
- UPDATED: demo content files updated (some menu links were broken)

v2.1.0 – April 2017

- FIXED: some minor css layout bugs
- FIXED: missing contact detail name field (in Contact Section)
- UPDATED: kirki core files to the latest version (v2.3.7)
- UPDATED: acf core files to the latest version (v5.5.11)
- ADDED: one click demo content install feature (Appearance > Import Demo Data)
- ADDED: new more detailed typography settings (Customizer > Typography)

v3.0.0 – May 2022

- ADDED: Elementor page builder
- ADDED: 3 blog layouts
- ADDED: 2 single post layouts
- FIXED: WordPress 6.0 compatible
- FIXED: many css bugs & autoprefixed css
- UPDATED: kirki theme customizer settings
- UPDATED: theme documentation
- UPDATED: pages recreated with Elementor
- REMOVED: blog post formats (gallery, image, link, quote, aside, video)
- REMOVED: old demo import files

v3.0.1 – May 2022

- ADDED: 404 page image option (Customizer > General > 404 Page)
- ADDED: navbar button option (Customizer > Navbar > Button)
- ADDED: admin login logo option (Customizer > Navbar > Logo)
- ADDED: header alignment option (Customizer > Header > Page Header)
- ADDED: page description option (Page > Page Options > Description)
- ADDED: Single post navigation + option (Customizer > Blog > Single)
- ADDED: ACF Pro plugin (with developer license)
- FIXED: blog archives category display bug
- FIXED: blog home page title not show up in Customizer
- FIXED: single post responsive layout bug
- UPDATED: theme documentation
- REMOVED: blog / single header breadcrumbs option

v3.0.2 – May 2022

- ADDED: featured image admin columns (Posts & Pages)
- ADDED: gallery post format
- ADDED: demo 2 content layout
- ADDED: page loader effect option (Customizer > General > Page Loader)
- ADDED: reminder admin notice to One Click Demo Import page
- ADDED: rtl language direction support
- FIXED: demo 1 content page width bug
- FIXED: 404 page body top padding bug
- FIXED: page description don't show up on blog page bug
- UPDATED: language file (default.pot)
- UPDATED: theme documentation

v3.0.3 – June 2022

- ADDED: logo width option (Customizer > Navbar > Logo)
- ADDED: menu font size option (Customizer > Navbar > Layout)
- ADDED: header title font size option (Customizer > Header > Page Header)
- ADDED: footer widgets height option (Customizer > Footer > Widgets)
- FIXED: samples widget title color & typography bug (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- FIXED: select input dropdown arrow (Contact Form 7 Plugin)
- FIXED: samples widget left margin bug (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- FIXED: tagline color option (Customizer > Colors > Navbar)
- UPDATED: demo content import files
- UPDATED: theme documentation

v3.0.4 – June 2022

- ADDED: demo content 4
- ADDED: menu item icons option (Appearance > Menus > Menu Icon)
- ADDED: enable page loader (Customizer > General > Page Loader)
- ADDED: mobile menu toggle color option (Customizer > Colors > Navbar)
- ADDED: body background color option (Customizer > Colors > General)
- FIXED: footer widgets height on tablet size bug
- FIXED: removed pagination from first page in archives
- FIXED: admin bar top spacing when have fixed navbar
- FIXED: navbar socials color not changing with "Menu link color" option
- FIXED: gallery widget removed clickable link
- FIXED: language file errors (languages/default.pot)
- UPDATED: demo content importer page customizer (Appearance > Import Demo Date)
- UPDATED: demo content import files
- UPDATED: theme documentation

v3.0.5 – June 2022

- ADDED: blog archives horizontal layout (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: blog archives narrow layout (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: blog archives masonry layout (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: separate archive post metas option (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: separate single post metas option (Customizer > Blog > Single Post)
- ADDED: category and tags post metas (Customizer > Blog > Archives / Single Post)
- ADDED: show author box option (Customizer > Blog > Single Post)
- ADDED: show related posts option (Customizer > Blog > Single Post)
- ADDED: show read more option (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: read more text option (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: translation file to FlatBook Elementor Widgets plugin
- FIXED: hide comments pagination if have 1 page (Single Post)
- FIXED: minor css bugs (flatbook.css)
- UPDATED: demo content import files (all)
- UPDATED: theme documentation
- REMOVED: show post metas option (Customizer > Blog > Archives / Single Post)

v3.0.6 – June 2022

- ADDED: demo content 5 import files (Appearance > Import Demo Data)
- ADDED: menu item spacing option (Customizer > Navbar > Layout)
- ADDED: posts to show option (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: latest posts widget (FlatBook Elementor Widgets plugin)
- ADDED: show post thumbnails option (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- ADDED: show on tablet & show on mobile option (Customizer > Header > Topbar)
- ADDED: copyright text font size option (Customizer > Footer > Copyright)
- ADDED: highlighted title elementor custom widget (FlatBook Elementor Widgets)
- UPDATED: theme php files structure (cutted code to smaller parts)
- UPDATED: post navigation structure (Single Post)
- UPDATED: hide topbar options if navbar is fixed (Customizer > Header > Topbar)

v3.1.0 – June 2022

- ADDED: demo content 6 import files (Appearance > Import Demo Data)
- ADDED: chapter overviews custom widget (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- ADDED: navbar button border radius option (Customizer > Navbar > Button)
- ADDED: mobile navbar height option (Customizer > Navbar > Layout)
- ADDED: blog pages background color options (Customizer > Colors > Blog)
- ADDED: logo text typography option (Customizer > Navbar > Logo)
- ADDED: centered navbar layout (Customizer > Navbar > Layout)
- FIXED: highlight title widget underline overflow (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- FIXED: removed forced button padding in css (assets/scss/_buttons.scss)
- FIXED: navbar button left padding (Customizer > Navbar > Button)
- FIXED: blog custom excerpt length option bug (Customizer > Blog > Archives)
- FIXED: blog pagination not work bug (Blog Archives page)
- FIXED: site breaks when menu icons added without ACF (Appearance > Menus > Menu Icon)
- UPDATED: widgets footer height changed to spacing (Customizer > Footer > Widgets)
- UPDATED: highlight title widget text align responsive (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- UPDATED: navbar background color converted to rgba (Customizer > Colors > Navbar)
- UPDATED: custom excerpt length in latest posts plugin (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- UPDATED: default added image attributes in wysiwyg editor (FlatBook Elementor Widgets Plugin)
- UPDATED: theme preview image (flatbook/screenshot.png)
- REMOVED: posts to show option (Customizer > Blog > Archives)


Theme Support

If you need any help or assistance with the theme, feel free to get in touch with us. If you have a suggestion that you think would improve the theme, please leave a comment with the details and it will be considered.

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