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Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thanks ;)

Looks elegant, clean work. Well done ; good luck with this one.

Thanks ;)

Great flatter theme!:)

Thanks ;)

Looks amazing to me. The design is just great! GLWS!

Thanks ;)

This theme has potential to get very good sales, well done bro.

Thanks a lot :):D

is this theme support RTL language ?

Currently no, but we will add it soon.

Great theme and amazing browser support. One pre-sales question is that I have checked it on iPhone / iPad and the side menu button in the top left corner overlays the logo on these devices.

Is there any plans to fix this? or easy css edit.


Thanks a lot for your comment, we are going to fix it immediately and you can get the fix once it’s ready, and if you have anything else we will be happy to help you.

is this really support ie6??

sorry, now the old internet browsers are not in our Compatible Browsers list, because of the non-support of css3 – html5 and many other features.

Great work! Good Luck With Sales.

Thanks :)

Can we hope a woo commerce integration ? ^^

we are working to add more features and woo commerce will may be added in a future update.

Hi. Can we expect a version of the blog with masonry and the sidebar?

sure, we are taking feedbacks and suggestions for the future updates.

HI, great theme, very great work.

Only one question: the twitter plugin on homePage 2 not working.

It’s a possibile cause that “slider” plugin fail on install?

i wrote to you an email :)

ok, we just replied on it :)

ok, we just replied on it :)

I am unable to get the one-page set up running correctly. I set up the menu as links and then put the http://www.yourdomain.com/#href_call (putting my domain in instead of the yourdomain.com) and put the appropriate #html but yet it just won’t slide to it.

any ideas? Thanks! love the theme.

So someone can directly link to that item on the one-page functionality? I mean, it isn’t a deal breaker of course!! But would be nice :D

The functionality to link to section is already included, so if you navigate to http://www.yourdomain.com/#href_call the page will automatically load at the Call us section.

I think I got it figured out and it will work perfectly! Thank you.

A few questions about the appearance and function of theme on mobile (safari/chrome on iPad, and Chrome on Android)

1. It seems that a lot of the spacing of items (such as the space below the “twitter” slide is quite large on mobile devices. Is there any way to specify that to remain a certain size on any browser? Also the bottom of the portfolio seems to have the same odd spacing.

2. The sub-title text (under the Logo text) doesn’t want to appear on mobile browsers, or at least not until I navigate back to the home page from another page.

3. When I make a video post, is it supposed to generate a thumbnail from the video? It did it, but then it disappeared, and now it won’t return! haha Thanks!

Hello, 1. you can specify the space below the twitter section on mobile devices from the custom css at the theme options, just add this line .twittersign{height:280px !important;} and change the height, the portfolio doesn’t look to have odd spacing under it, can you send a screenshot of it at our email pixfort.com@gmail.com 2. the sub-title is by default doesn’t appear on mobile devices. 3. no it’s not supposed to generate a thumbnail, however, you can set the video and also set a thumbnail for the post as usual.

I think I got it all squared away here. It was some strange text thing. Thanks!

Any ETA on when Woocommerce capability and styling will be implemented?

Unfortunately there is now estimated time for the woocommerce plugin, however, if you want a custom woocommerce please contact us.

How would you like me to contact you?

You can contact us at : pixfort.com@gmail.com

homepage2 the twitter thing is not working and the quotes are coming to one place instead of ticking one by one. please help

Thank you for purchasing the theme, can you please send us an email to pixfort.com@gmail.com with a link to your site.


I really like your theme and am considering purchasing. I have one question – do the portfolio options include a masonry style?

Many thanks

- Now in the masonry style the thumbnail sizes are fixed, but it’s possible to make it change according to the thumbnail size and we will add it in the next update. – thank you for your feedback for the image preview and we will fix it immediately.

Thanks for the answers, and for the great customer service you are providing.

Could give me an idea when the next update will likely be, regarding the masonry layout – varying thumbnail sizes?

Thanks so much for all your help and fast responses to all my questions :-)

- The next update will probably be in the next few days. – Thank you very much we appreciate your comment :)

The documentation for this theme is horrible. Just FYI. Your .pdf documents the process for importing the Slider Rev as shown on the demo and the instructions are simply not correct. First, there is no slider.txt file. Second, the version of Slider Revolution doesn’t even allow for a cut/paste import.

Any help?

Hello, The demo content for the revolution slider is in the file “FlatBox-Revolution-Slider-Demo.zip” you can import it directly from the slider plugin, we will change the file name from documentation.