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hey, nice design! how can i set a button-link in one-page layout to other intern site?

Hello, To create jQuery slide animation one-page menu for each section, you create menu link with the URL for each section as following: • Top of the homepage : http://www.yourdomain.com/#href_home • Introduction: http://www.yourdomain.com/#href_intro ... The full list is in the documentation file.

Having issues with our site’s menu displaying 200px high when the browser window shrinks to vertical iPad size:


Any help? I checked on the demo site and shrunk the browser and it doesn’t do what it’s doing on our site. Thanks!

Hello, We tested the theme again via ipad at our demo and some of customers demos and it’s not showing problems in the menu height, However, you can send us your website info at our email: pixfort.com@gmail.com so we can look into your problem and fix it.

Hey PixFort – Good looking theme! Is it possible to make a boxed and not wide layout? Would be very important for me!

Best regards.

Unfortunately there is no boxed version inside the theme, and adding this feature needs styling customization.

Hello I have a problem importing RevSlider demo content, I sent you an email for support and I still waiting for an answer. I’m working with webmatrix over Win 8.1

Hello, we have just sent you an email :)

send them another support request, because demo content is incomplete.

we have just sent you another email :)

Would love to buy this if it came with WooCommerce – any plans?

Hello, Thanks for your interest, currently we don’t have plans to add the WooCommerce feature.

Beautiful, but a bit buggy and painful to work with.

First of all, I am a web developer implementing this theme for a client. Second, this is only the 2nd time I’ve worked with a prepaid theme (I create custom themes for clients). I want to say that this theme is really pretty. I enjoy the design and the homepage options and flair. However, I’ve hated working with this theme. It’s got some bugs, it’s very cumbersome to use, and documentation is poor. It’s been out for over 2 months, yet the developer hasn’t either found or fixed simple things like how the footer Facebook link won’t update (I had to hard code it), how the Featured boxes’ CLICK HERE text becomes scrunched if you have more than 4 boxes or if the screen gets too small (I had to do CSS changes), and how leaving the search option on causes an awkward preload process that causes a flash of height at the top of the page on my tablet (had to turn it off). I really don’t know how a layman would be able to use this… I think you’d need a lot of WP experience before you could use this. Also, as a developer, I think the responsive design fixed pixel width is very inconvenient because I would prefer narrower columns on content pages (for reading comprehension purposes). Use percentage-based widths for responsive design, please!! One small thing: the SEO options are not useful. There are far better plugins out there, speaking of which, the theme meta description field interferes with Yoast SEO, which is one of the best SEO plugins for Wordpress, so I recommend either deleting the field in the header.php or letting your plugin override it.

2.5/5 overall

Hello, as we mentioned in the email : – The featured section is designed for 1/2/3/4 items, but we will update it so that it break into multiple rows. - The auto height script is to make sure that all the items look the same, but if you didn’t fill in the text it will look bad, and also it will look worse without the script (each item will have it’s own height). - We may add more options to control the testimonials section and for the SEO.

Hi, very nice looking theme you’ve created. On the other hand, the documentation is not very helpful in most situations. I just want to let you know this so you could update it. This would help me and any other (potential) buyers.

If this themes works with Visual Composer, so I dont have to create the homepage this way (very very limited). And I cant find all the shortcodes, for example. how can i get the testimonials with sliding images on your homepage. And how to make it full width.

Please update your documentation and how to build the website itself because the design is just wonderful!!

All the best,


Hi, I guess it’s the 40+ theme I use so I know how to set up a homepage. In this video you only explain how to set up a general homepage but not the example you use. I also know how to set up your homepage, but i mean that it is more time consuming to create example homepage than usual.

In my opinion you could better use the visual composer because yours is quite limited in comparison. And why reinvent the wheel?

My question was how to create for example a full width testimonial thing like you have on your homepage.

Kind regards

- To create Testimonial section, add the “Quotes” block from the Homepage builder, and set it’s background.
- To add the testimonials, Open the Testimonials custom post type from the left admin panel and add new testimonials here, they will be displayed automatically on your homepage.
Thank you,

Sorry for my delayed response but thanks for your answer!

Anyway to remove the /mo from pricing tables? Would like to use that shortcode but not charging any type of monthly price.

- As mentioned in the documentation file, you can change the type of price by the parameter “cost_after”, so you can use it like this:

[pricing-column title="Free" cost="$0" cost_after="/ year"]

When are you planning to update this theme to the newest version of Wordpress? Managed WordPress hosting requires it.

Hello, the theme already supports the latest version of WordPress, and we also sent an email.


I installed plugin ‘multiple sidebars’ and added it to my page but still the default sidebar is shown. Any idea why this is?



Hello, Please send us your website information via the contact form in our profile.

Hi, will do that right away.

Slider plugin doesn’t install correctly. Doesn’t matter if I use the auto install or manually install with the supplied file.

This theme seems way too buggy.

Thank you for purchasing our theme,
- Which slider you are having problems with? Revolution Slider or Layer Slider?
- Please send us your website information to our email and we will be happy to install it for you:

Thank you,

@rmgoode just login to your FTP and delete the plugin directory for ‘Slider’ and try installing it again. Worked for me just 5 minutes ago!

Thank you for your help :)
If you have any problems we will be happy to help you ;)

Excellent Job :D I like ur Work Good Luck Agaiin

Thanks a lot ;)

Hi there PixFort and thank you for a great looking theme. It was exactly what I needed! I do however have one issue that I seem unable to resolve. I would like to categorize my staff and display categories rather than all of them at once. Is this a possibility?

Thank you for purchasing our theme,
- Currently the theme doesn’t have the ability to categorize the staff members, please send us an email via our profile form with more information about how you need to categorize the staff members (eg. Multiple pages/same page) and we will try to implement it in the theme update.

Kind regards,

I have installed the theme successfully, and its prompts me for the required plugins that are needed for the theme. When it comes to the layerslider plugin, I keep getting an error and it will not install. Could you assist me with this please.

Installing Plugin: layerslider The plugin does not have a valid header.

Thank you for purchasing our theme,
- Please send us your website information via our profile contact form to solve your LayerSlider problem.

Thank you,

Hi, I am creating a contact page using your theme but the google maps address doesn’t want to show any maps. It shows like it’s searching but nothing appear. http://entrelac.fr/contact/

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hello, Thank you for purchasing our theme, - Please input the embed code of the map instead of the link. Kind regards,


I have a column display problem on the blog page. It doesn’t want to show the left column even though I selected it in the admin section. Can you help me showing it ? thanks in advance,


Thank you for purchasing our theme,
- Can you please send us your website information to our email: pixfort.com@gmail.com
Kind regards,

Thanks so much for your help ! Your support is amazing : so quick and efficient !

You are welcome, we appreciate your comment very much.

Wordpress just offered me an update to the theme, so I decided to test the auto update as this site is currently under development. It instead installed http://wordpress.org/themes/flatbox overtop of the existing theme. Just a word of caution to any potential users.


- WordPress recently released a new feature which is the “Automatic theme update”, But they did it in a poor way, They link our theme “FlatBox” with another theme called “FlatBox” which was approved on the WordPress.org Theme Repository. Since it had the same name as ours, it issued an automatic update.
- We think that Issuing an unique identifier on which to base the automatic update shouldn’t be that hard (But they actually didn’t), so we will have to change theme folder name for the theme to a unique name to avoid any problems.

- If you updated the theme and it’s changed to the theme provided by “wordpress.org” please follow this steps:
- Change your theme to any theme except “flatbox”.
- Open your FTP to your website and go to “wp-content\themes”.
- Remove the folder flatbox.
- Reupload our theme “flatbox” via FTP to the same folder.
- Return to your Wordpress admin panel and activate our theme “FlatBox” and everything should go back like it was before the update.
- Note: After this steps the “Update available” notice will still shown in the wordpress panel, please DO NOT update it again and check our theme page on themeforest for any update (we will update the theme in the next 48 hours to avoid the bug with the wordpress automatic update).

- If you have any problems during this process or in using the FTP please contact us with your website informations.


It’s not clear from the documentation how to use the grid system for page layouts. Can you clarify?


Also, does this have child theme support? Is there any built-in way to change the fonts?


- Please contact us via the contact form in our profile (using the account you purchased the theme with) to send you sample demo for the grid system and the child theme.

Kind regards,

Hi I’m trying to install the theme and it says that the file is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Thank you for purchasing our theme,
- Please make sure to upload the file WordPress zip file NOT the main file which contain extra files (Documentation, Social boxes,...)
- You can watch the theme installation video:
- If you still having problems please contact us with your website information.
Kind regards,

I’ve downloaded the file a couple times already and can’t find the Wordpress Theme file. Can you pinpoint exactly where the file is located? I unzip the file and see folders for Extra Files, flatbox_pixfort, and Licensing. Don’t see the Wordpress file.

- The file you are downloading is main file which contain the theme (the folder flatbox_pixfort) and the extra files.
- You can download from themeforest another file which contain only the theme and ready to upload to WordPress (check the download page for the WordPress option).
- If you still having problem you can contact us via the contact form in our profile and we will send you the file or we can install the theme for you.
Thank you,