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Congratulations Great work. GLWS :)

Thanks Vicky.

congratulations! great work!

some q:

1. in your demo, text does not look good in chrome, needs anti-aliasing, shadows or what?...

2. would like to have more blog layouts (2-3 column, masonry)

3. envato wp kit support for theme auto update ?

4. ready & custom skins for styling ?



1: That’s ok Our chosen Google Web Font is looks like needs some anti-aliasing. If you have chosen Different Webfont on our Theme Options then this will be ok. All Headers and other fonts are changeable on our Theme Option Panel.

2: Sorry for that Right now we don’t have this feature. This is great idea if that other user asked about this type of questions we will add this feature in the near Future :)

3: That plugin not included our Theme but of course you can install this on Dashboard that’s easy.

4: Of course Theme Options has Coloring option for all text and other things including Primary Color etc.

Thanks for interesting Tasoskouk.

1. so why choose a poor font for your demo?... i am asking because some theme authors say that it can be fixed but never happens so… if u change font in demo and looks ok, then great for me ;-)

2. if we want to use theme to build blogging site, then only “classic” blog layout is not enough for such an elegant theme (IMHO)

3. question is if your theme works with this plugin ? (not if included… it is free and we can get it by ourselves) – this plugin helps a lot because we update themes through wp admin panel (so there is no need for ftp…)

4. question is whether we can have multiple skins to switch styling & create our own with different names



1: That looks Perfect on Retina Display and Not a Bad font and then we have used it.

2: Our theme is not a Blogging site that’s purpose Corporate and Business and that’s why there has only one Classic style.

3: If you have installed it and have some trouble then we will of course dig it into and solve theme if that’s conflicting with our theme.

4: Sorry We don’t have this right now. But our theme options can be easy to use and configure able. But don’t have custom skin create option.


Great theme, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks mate.

Thanks tadDiv :)

Great work ! :)

Thanks emrknr.

Great work , Good luck with Sales

Thanks Lio.

Good stuff :)

Thanks mate :)

Thanks themeloy.

Great theme dude, good luck with sales!

Thanks Man.

Nice theme, can you say to me whats plugin used for fadeInUp elements? thanks

Thanks, i know is css3, but i mean what jquery used for load elements one after another?

We have used waypoint js to configure it animations.


Thanks a lot, good luck with big sales

Thanks Ugurkan.

Good job done.

Thanks mate.

Hehe, worked on a similar Logo header for my future WordPress theme:

Great minds think alike, don’t they? :D

Haha that’s good to know this same. Btw this is different our theme.

No worries mate :) Good work you’ve done here :)

very beautiful work.. good luck!

Thanks mabuc!

This is cool! Great job

Thanks man

WPML compatible?

Yeah of course it has compatible.

Great ;)

What about the layout blog? It seems to be poor. It should have more options. It looks like a little left out, no offense :) Will wait for more options if they gonna be. The rest – Great!!!

Thanks for your feedback. We will re think about this feature to improve it near future.

Thanks for your feedback. We will re think about this feature to improve it near future.


Beautiful theme!

I too would like to request different blog formats so this could be used for a blog/news type theme.

As well is there any way you would consider creating customized social links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so they match the beauty of your work on this theme and that could be used on posts and portfolio items?

If yes to the two questions above I will be buying this!

Thank you and good luck, Derek

Oh and forgot to mention you might want to take a look at your Coming Soon page on smartphone as the layout gets a bit messed up on smaller screens!

Hello Derek,

Can you please give us live example or similar site to your wishes in blog styles?

Also please give us some example shot. In our Blog single there has Sharing Options available.

Thanks for reporting bug we will fix coming soon and 404 error Pages Responsive today.

Have a Great Day!


For blog formats take a look and themes Radiance and/or Blossom at

For social sharing how about something like themes Bloggap or Novelti at

Thanks for taking the time to respond and good luck.

Kind regards, Derek

This should get you an elite status pretty soon, good job!


Thanks for kind of word.

Regards, ThemeWaves.

Awesome theme themewaves.

Is a bug in Portfolio + Infinite Scroll. The last items are overlapped after you load more items. And do not forget the copyright text .. there’s a mistake, flacto instead of flatco :).


Thanks for report our Bug, We will fix this and release new version soon. Also fixed the footer wrong name :)