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I’m having a problem getting the blog element to display properly. It won’t stay as 1/2 width alongside another element.

here’s a couple screencaps to show what I’m talking about. The top image is how it’s set in the admin, the bottom image is how it displays on the page.


We noticed that and will fix that soon.


Thanks for the reply.

I’m also having a problem getting something other than the default sidebar to display on my posts. I’ve tried a few tests, but no success.


Can i see it online? Please email us credentials to our profile page then we will see it an action.


Hey guys,

The button shortcode option isn’t available in my page builder. Any idea as to why that is?

But I do have it as an option in the main editor.. so nevermind i guess

I am having an issue when making any changes in the Theme Preferences panel. Is this normal? It is becoming very difficult to work with.

Help would be appreciated.


It’s not a normal. Affecting slow speed reasons=>

1: ISP speed
2: Hosting
3: Maybe Plugins (If you had installed lot)
4: Check the console(Firebug console) while slowing
5: Switch the Browser and try again

If you have checked all those things and those are tested and still slow please leave us credentials to our Profile section. Please try to use some speed up tips.

1: Install W3 total cache and fully configure it.



How can I change the color of the Service title? I’ve tried everything and keeps gray #2f2f2f!!

Thanks Thanks :D


In that your inspected section you have writed css to the above the DIV and you need to point it to the h3 tag.

.color-changing .tw-service-box .tw-service-content h3{

Try this. Thanks man ;)


Thanks to you it working!

I have a question, it is possible to create a private client page with buddypress? With information etc..? Do you have a different solution or something else.



I actually don’t have experience for Buddypress. But I only know the finding some decision.

I have searching like this.


I am having a freezing issue as well, I am using wordpress 3.7.1 and I want to edit a page, I go to add element (say add video) then I go to edit the box and then it freezes, is there something I can do to update the them as I cant do anything with any pages etc using elements. I can add a page and write text though and it will update


Your themes are all up to date.

i think I am v2.5

Ok let’s email us your credentials, I think it’s maybe some plugin conflict.

Our email=> themewaves at gmail dot com



I have pre sale questions,

1 – Can I use Flatco Theme to create a membership website and included a paypal solution? 2 – This theme included .mo and .po langage files? 3 – This theme is wpml compatible?

Thank you for your answer and apologize because my English is not perfect cause i’m french. Best,


1: Yes you can if you are using popular well coded plugin.
2: Of course included.
3: Compatible.

Your english is good enough for understand your request! Thanks.

thanks for your answer


I am having a problem with “our team” not centering on mobile devices.


Save this on your Custom CSS.

@media (max-width: 767px) {
.tw-our-team .span3{
width:100% !important;

Try this and let me know. Thanks.

that has worked 100%. i’ve been wrecking my brain for hours trying to figure that out. Thank you

Glad to work it ;)

I have focused only Mobile Portrait and Mobile Landscape.

Learn More =>

Thanks and please rate our theme if you like it!

I just got to say that 1) I love this theme, awesome theme and 2) The support has been fantastic.

Thank you!


Thanks Ron.

We really appreciate for you and being our customer.

We will do our Best as we can.

Cheers ;) Thanks again!

Im using FlatCo to build a website for a painting company, and i have to say that the before/after pagebuilder item is (if i had even known about it before purchasing) worth the cost of the theme in itself. This theme is perfect for my client’s industry. Do you have a repository of completed websites using this theme? I would like to add it, if such a thing exists (when we finish the website).

Thank you for building a great theme at a great price!


First of all, thank you very much for this great theme. It is a real 5 star!

However, I could really appreciate if you could help me out with the following:

I created a WooCommerce site where the homepage (index) is in One-Page style. I used the TopBar to put #links to the specific parts of the homepage. It works well, while you are on the homepage. However, when you navigate to any subpages (eg. products) it only throws you back to the homepage but not to the specific part.

I tried different versions of linking, but none of them worked (url is /#contact http://url/#contact http://url/index.php#contact http://url/index.php/#contact

On very-very rare occasion, it seems to work with the first version.

Any idea? :-)

Thanks very much! Max


This is different situation on using the One Page method and it seems you have inserted Top Bar widget on the Homepage and other pages. But if you are familiar with the Widget Logic plugin (this plugin will helps you controlling the widget displaying in specific pages) then create with the One Page menu on all of your current Pages URL.

This is little bit complicated method but i actually don’t know better solution for that.

If wordpress menu section has inserting dynamic menu for detecting current menu then it’s really easy to do this. But in this case this is too complicated i think.


Hello again.

I would like to be able to use dropcap shortcode but not have all the words in capital letters, Is this possible?

thank you


Add this styles on your custom CSS section on your theme options.
text-transform: capitalize;}

But if you want to insert lot’s of words then use the Label Shortcode instead of Dropcap, that is only good for one letter :)


I am trying to change the color of #header .tw-logo and #header .tw-logo-bg without changing the accent color, but every time I change it in the code it either does not change at all or it changes the accent color as well. How can I just change the logo background color without changing the accent color?


Write this styles to your theme options.

#header .tw-logo-bg,#header .tw-logo{
background: red !important;


Thank You! That worked perfectly!

One last question: Is there a way to make the team member section display five across instead of four?


Sry for that and this is not possible.



One question, I adapted my colors menu and when I scroll down the font color is white. ‘ve Tried in theme options! But did not succeed..

I am happy with the theme (Y)



Add this styles to your CUSTOM CSS section on your theme options.

background: #2a303c}


Oke thanks,

My last question, I’ve copied the code

text * text-809 placeholder “Your Name” [textarea * textarea-363 placeholder “Your Message”]

[submit “Send Message”]

If the client an e-mail sent, I get a blank e-mail in my inbox..

This is what I get:

From: [your-name] <[your-email]> Subject: [your-subject]

Message Body: [your-message]

— This e-mail was sent from a contact form.

Thanks for all your help, you’re a hero!!!


There are ton’s of Tutorials on this plugin CF7 Check those sites=>



3: Official Tutorial =>


Great theme, very pleased with everything so far.

How do I setup animations to not start until the user scrolls down to that section?



This is actually not possible and you need to set the No Animation.


Isn’t this how it works in the Live Demo?

The animations do not start until I begin to scroll…


If you inserted the Animations on the Page Builder any Element that all animation will trigger right you have scrolled. Previuos post i have understood wrong and gives you wrong?

Can you please give us that not working animation Live URL?



After installing last wordpress version and flatco theme, I’m trying to instal plugins required (contact 7 and layer slider) but I get always this error:

Warning: touch() [function.touch]: Unable to create file /tmp/contact-form-7.tmp because No such file or directory in /bewebside/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 155

Warning: unlink(/tmp/contact-form-7.tmp) [function.unlink]: Operation not permitted in bewebside/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 479 Descarga fallida. No se pudo utilizar la función fopen() para /tmp/contact-form-7.tmp.

Is it maybe a problem of compatibility with this version of wordpress? I tried to reinstall all wordpress, data base and theme (last version) a few times but always same result :(

Any advice? thank you!


This is actually Hosting issue and i have googled and have some search result and you need to see this and it may helpful for solving this kind of problems.

Link 1=>

Link 2=>

In our side this kind of problem had never occured and this is the first time and i hope above links are help you.



You are right, no relation with Flatco theme, I got same problem with other theme trying to install Contact Form 7 from my wordpress control panel. I asked my hosting support but they have no idea.

Anyway, if someone else get this issue, I resolved it by downloading both Contact Form 7 and Layer Slider (15$) from the plugins directory and Codecanyon.

Thanks for your interest! )

Is it possible to add a column width smaller than “1/4”?

I need a column width that uses the “span2” class…


I downloaded the new files and replaced the current versions with the new ones, however, I still cannot get a column that is smaller then 1/4 from the Page Builder.



It’s available on only Shortcode. Because the PageBuilder layout is so complicated on this. This is actually requires so much customizing. I hope you understand me.

Please insert the Full Column Element and Insert the Column Shortcode and then insert your information. This will works perfect.


Ah, ok—that’ll work.


Feature request:

A normal text block in the page composer.

I can’t have more than 1 text block on a page right now because I used the content block and that’s it. Why not use the same method as the Visual Composer from WP bakery? And use text blocks.


Did you checked our Column element this will gives additional editor and you can insert all of your content easy!


I just did ;) thanks!

How can I unlink the title on the portfolio page. Please see link below. The titles highlighted in red are the ones I want to unlink. My main goal is to just use lightbox so the viewer doesn’t navigate away from the portfolio page.


Please contact us your purchased account then we will answer for your question. This is rule you know ;)



Where can i find the documentation for this theme? Id like to review it before purchasing to make sure it will function as i need it!


All of our theme documentation is Video and located in our Knowledge Base center =>


Great, thanks. Also Where can i locate the demo content for this theme?

All dummy datas are included on Downloaded Theme File.



When “testimonials is viewed on a mobile device it is very narrow and hard to read. (there is alot of dead space a the left). is there any way to fix this?


I have checked your site but it has displayed no Testimonials? Any chance to see it online action?

Then we will give you fix code.


Hi thanks for the quick response.

Actually got it working myself. (that css tricks sheet you sent me came in handy) thanks