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Very nice template! Good luck with sales!

Thanks Anacoda :-)

Does this come with the full Flat UI Pro Kit?

Yes, the Flat UI Pro kit is included in the files – but you are not allowed to extract it and use it for other projects. Whith this licence, The kit is to be used on this template only.

But yes, you will have access to all the Flat UI Pro kit styles, SVG icons etc.

Thank you Simon, much appreciated :)

No worries, let me know if you need anything else :)

Excellent always !!;

Thanks, appreciate the feedback :-)

You mentioned that this kit comes with the Count Everest Countdown | Responsive jQuery Plugin. Is it the full plugin, at latest version?

And second, is the included Count Everest Countdown | Responsive jQuery Plugin edible for all future updates for the count down plugin?



Yes it includes the full Count Everest plugin. I will try update the files when major updates are released so the version of the plugin included is always the latest.

You have yourself a sale. Thank you!

I just purchased this package hoping as promised it would come with the Full Everest Countdown Plugin. It did, but I am not seeing the countdown themes. Does this package not come with the themes & styles seen here?


Just replied to your next comment.

Sorry, I tried to edit this one and it posted another, thanks!

I just purchased this package hoping as promised it would come with the Full Everest Countdown Plugin. It did, but I am not seeing the countdown themes. Does this package not come with the themes & styles seen here? I did not purchase this plugin for the web page, I purchased it mainly for those things and the countdown. The way you had it worded, seemed that it came with the pages at the cost of only $1 more.


Okay, I understand. The template is wonderful :) It would be nice to have the additional styles so that they may be traded out on the template as well. That, or change the text here so that users don’t think they are getting the full version of the styles and countdowns, but instead the included engine only. I appreciate it. Thanks! Loving the pages :)

Thanks for your nice comments. I will include the additional styles so users can try implement them in the template if they wish.

I will let you know when the update is available!

Update in the review queue – it will be available soon!

I have added the countdown plugin files in the assets folder, and added a clarification on the fact that this plugin cannot be used by itself outside this template, unless an individual licence for the plugin is purchased.

You will now have access to all the JS/CSS styles demos you can see in the plugin demo. Support to integrate these styles is not provided, but it should be pretty straightforward if you know what you’re doing! :-)


Just trying to install the theme but getting this error:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


This is happening because you are trying to install this HTML template on WordPress.

Flatdown is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme, and that’s why you get the error when trying to install as a WP theme.


Hi !

how can i edit the countdown i didn’t see it …

Step 1. Purchase a valid licence of the template (i can’t see any items purchased on your account).

Step 2. I’d be happy to provide more help once you show me your purchase code.

I am saying this in regards to your other request for another template on facebook, where you mention:

2 October 21:01
but i didn’t purchase it in themeforest i have bought it from someone and i payed with credit card

I am an exclusive author on ThemeForest and my templates / themes are only available for purchase here.

I’d love to see a copy of your credit card transaction receipt on the purchase “from someone”..

i can’t give you the copy this is personal , plus i will contact the one that bought me this template so i can figure out where he bought it from

If you can track down a valid purchase code for each (you have at least 2) of my templates, i will happily provide you with great support.

Until then, allow me to be a little suspicious..

Hi, great theme. I have one question, where can I find emails which where put to website by visitors? Or how can I set it up?

Thank you


Thanks for the purchase! :)

The e-mails get sent to the e-mail address you are setting up in the config file, as per the documentation.

They are not centralised in a place out of the box – but it can be done using a service like MailChimp or writing some PHP (using the file_put_contents() function – http://au2.php.net/file_put_contents ) to create a text file on your server and add the e-mail addresses to the file as they get sent.

If you do that, be sure that your text file is located outside of your website root folder, to be sure that no one can access the e-mail list! :)

Hope it helps!

How can I integrate MailChimp to your design, because I tried but it always show me their design form and not yours. Can you pls help me with that because I’m not programmer.

You can follow the step by step turorial here: http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/can-i-host-my-own-sign-up-forms.

This will take the user to the mailchimp signup confirmation page on submit.

Hope it helps!