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Great template! We :inlove: flat style.

Thank you! I’m really enjoying it too! :)

Loved your work!

Found that one. A login modal here would be perfect – ! Any chance that could be in an update?

Maybe in the future if time prevails!

LOL, time always prevails; rarely within grasp though. Just putting this together for now. Thanks.

Flat =Flati :D Awesome ;)

Cheers Metrothemes!

hey awesome work. are you using design modo flat ui in this temp .. ??

Yes for some of it.

Good style josweb!!!... Nice work.. Luck!.

Thank you

Love the clean, awesome design. I want to sell products…can I integrate the theme with WooCommerce?

I’m not sure, sorry.

Awesome & Nice. Best of luck.


Great theme, I wish you all the best and many, many sales! :)

Many thanks :)

I love it too ;-)
Good luck with the sales!

Thanks very much

Great theme! Very nice like it :)

Thank you :)

Are all the colors customizable? For example I like the blue theme but I want the header to have a dark grey background.

Yes,all colours can easily be changed via css.

Bought it. Love it. Way too low of a price.

Thanks very much.

Very very nice indeed…

A few suggestions and questions if I could…

1) Can you make a WP version? 2) As well as pin interest masonry could you add, dribbble, instragram and flickr? 3) Could you perhaps add a like/heart system and a views to the posts & portfolio items? 4) Potentially add captcha to the contact form 5) Make the dropdown in responsive mode a little more modern looking

Think that’s it for now, very excited to see what you do with this theme, I will certainly definitely buy if you make a WP version :-)


awesome template. i observed that the map on the contact form does not resize is there a reason for it?

Services page : upon resizing i see all the icons!!!! any fix for it bud?

That’s how the plugin works on small devices.

services page – can i replace the png with paragraph? next can i make our wonderful partners ( company logos) scrollable side ways?

Hi, First of all beautiful site design!

My question is, can i add a Phone Number on top. So it shows up nicely on desktops and mobile version.

I have a towing company. I would like to make the site for that. So having a number pretty visible is very crucial.



Yes, you could add it alongside the logo.

Or on the banner strips….

Excellent theme. Very easy to work with and modify. (work in progress at

Looking good! Nice colour choice too :) It’s nice to see how my themes are used.

looking great – are you planning a Wordpress theme version?

Yes we are! :)


Can you tell me does this work on the blackberry? Have had no end of trouble with blackberries, especially when it comes to video as well as js generated responsive navigation.

I do not have a blackberry and probably that is partly the cause as I cannot test very easily.

Does this work on blackberries? Thank you in advance…

Best wishes,


It’s been tested on all apple devices, not on a blackberry. But it’s been created using Bootstrap which was created for all, so I can’t see that there should be an issue.

Thanks for that honest reply. I will have to find someone with a blackberry or bite the bullet and get one. Unfortunately I have experienced Bootstrap not working on Blackberry previously. I will find some solution and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the quick reply.

Great work once again. Luck…!

Thank you


Is there a twitter feed included?

I havent included Twitter as most plugins will stop working once Twitter API has been integrated. You can easily add your own with their plugin.