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Best template i have seen so far… great job

Thank you!

Excellent Job !! I like it :D Again GLWS

Thank you :)

Hi, I want to change the look of the navigation when viewed in mobile to a toggle style. Something like Flexnav. Where would I find the responsible lines of code? Thanks

Thank you, have you written an alternative one up? Can it be purchased?

No sorry not for this theme. You would have to add your own, it may be something that I will add in future updates but I’m absolutely swamped at the moment!

Thanks for the quick responses! Totally understand.

Hi – I was just wondering if it is (easily) possible to make the main menu horizontal header remain present when you scroll down the page? Please let me know, thanks.

If you want to have the header/menu present whilst scrolling you could add: position:fixed to the header and then alter the padding of the inner-content to bring it down under the header.

just to add support for a previous comment, I would also love to have the mobile toggle style navigation.

Hi, hopefully I will look into this for the next update. I’m still deciding what’s the best to do. I’ve just checked Flati’s nav on ios7 and with new new ‘scroll wheel’ effect it looks great!

hello, I can not embed a youtube video. thank you for your help

answered by email.

Beautiful work! Very easy to edit. Clean and modern. Thanks so much. BTW – It was tough choosing between this and some of your other great templates.

Thank you very much indeed. :)

Any chance you will be moving it from bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3.0.0??

I’m not sure at the moment. I’m going to design a new template using Bootstrap 3 to see how I go with it. I will then look to see if there will be any major issues upgrading Flati.

Beautiful theme! But unfortunately two images are missing in the theme-package: assets/large_left.png assets/large_right.png

Can you help? Thanks in advance!

Looks like it´s a leftover in the settings.css at 638 – 671. Instead theme.css says .tp-leftarrow.default:before { content: ’\f060’; } .tp-rightarrow.default:before { content: ’\f061’; } Thank you anyway ;)

Yes sorry they’re left over from the default Slider Revolution settings. They’re not needed in settings.css so you can remove the code. I will try to make an update as soon as I can.

hi! i love this template, it is really wonderful. i decided to use “full slider” for the startpage and the “full slider” template for most of the other content.

now i want to change the transition – it is a little to fast and i want to slow it down a bit. i searched through the CSSes and found lots of places with 0.2s or 350ms information. i changed some of them, but without any effect. so please help me: where can i change the speed (time) of the full slider effect?

thanks for the great work !

best wishes, lorenz

You can find the settings for the slider at the foot of the page, e.g slideTransitionSpeed: 500

thanks a lot :-) much easier than i thought it would be! best wishes, lorenz

Awesome Template, do wordpress version available?

Not quite, we’ve nearly finished it. :)


How can I add/edit input fields in the contact form?


Have you tried adding them to contact_process.php in the contact form folder?

Yes, and when I submit the form I get “Warning: mail() expects at most 5 parameters, 12 given in /home/killorn3/public_html/franks/v2/contact_form/contact_process.php on line 59”

Below is my modified contact_process.php (viewable here:


include dirname(dirname(FILE)).’/mail.php’;

error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

$post = (!empty($_POST)) ? true : false;

if($post) { include ‘email_validation.php’;

$name = stripslashes($_POST[‘name’]); $company = stripslashes($_POST[‘company’]); $email = trim($_POST[‘email’]); $phone = stripslashes($_POST[‘phone’]); $city = stripslashes($_POST[‘city’]); $date = stripslashes($_POST[‘date’]); $type = stripslashes($_POST[‘type’]); $guests = stripslashes($_POST[‘guests’]); $subject = stripslashes($_POST[‘subject’]); $message = stripslashes($_POST[‘message’]);

$error = ’’;

// Check name

if(!$name) { $error .= ‘Please enter your name.
’; }

// Check email

if(!$email) { $error .= ‘Please enter an e-mail address.
’; }

if($email && !ValidateEmail($email)) { $error .= ‘Please enter a valid e-mail address.
’; }

// Check message (length)

if(!$message || strlen($message) < 10) { $error .= “Please enter your message. It should have at least 10 characters.
”; }

if(!$error) { $mail = mail(CONTACT_FORM, $subject, $name, $company, $message, $email, $phone, $city, $date, $type, $guests, “From: ”.$name.” <”.$email.”>\r\n” .”Reply-To: ”.$email.”\r\n” .”X-Mailer: PHP/” . phpversion());

if($mail) { echo ‘OK’; }

} else { echo ‘ ’.$error.’ ’; }

} ?>

I would also like to Include the subject line “Event Inquiry” to each email that comes through the contact form. I appreciate you taking a look at this for me, you are a lifesaver.

I’ll try and take a look for you but forms aren’t my forte. What fields do you want adding? Also it will probably be best to contact me through my profile page so that we can chat better.


Is there a psd for ribbon.png?

I think you can download it here:

Hello, I am trying to create different modal boxes on the same page but the formatting and text seem to stay the same for all modal boxes after the first. Is there a way to have different modal boxes on the same page?

nvm, i figured it out. If anyone else is trying to put multiple modals on their website, you need to change the diveid from “myModal” to something else and then change the href (href=”#myModal”) to the same name.

Yes they need different ids :)

Two quick questions: 1. Can the menu be adjusted so that it doesn’t switch to a drop down when I shrink the screen size only a little bit? Right now the drop down menu turns on too early. 2. I am having great difficulty embedded using javascript or iframe. I am trying to embed a wufoo form; however, the website only shows the first 50 or so pixels and then cuts off the rest. Any thoughts on fixing this?

Figured out the iframe issue, but still trying to figure out how to adjust when the drop down menu appears. Any help would be appreciated.

Bootstrap 2.3.2 sets the menu to drop at 768px. I’m not sure how you alter it.

Great theme! Any ETA on the WP version of this theme? Looking to make the blog section live for our site from this template.

We’re almost done, just finishing colour options and then the read me file…

Looking forward to the WP version of this theme.. There’s nothing else like this style on WP themes. Once this is a WP version, I’ll take it right away!

Nearly, there just fine tuning it as it has lots of cool features. :) Many thanks for your interest.

Hi! Is it possible to remove the “All” option under the portfolio filter? If not, is there a way to set another category as the default portfolio landing page?

When the user lands on our portfolio page there are so many takes a long time to load everything and we don’t want to slow down the user experience. We’d like to either get rid of “All” or have the page land on another category (filter). Can you help?

Thank you and don’t forget to give it a star rating :)

Done! 5 stars! Thank you again!

Very nice work, only one question – Why the images are looking pixelated in nerve and nivo slider ?

?? I am saying the images are looking blurred in nerve and nivo slider, i am using a 22” monitor with full HD resolution. here is a snapshot :

It maybe due to the pics only being 1280px wide in the demo. You would have to make them wider to avoid pixelation.

Hi, i’m using this for a client, but he wants the default bootstrap navbar. So I changed it to that, but now the slider is making a bit of negative space under the navbar. How can I fix this?

Thanks, Taylor

Do you have it online as it’s easier for me to fix.