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Please, i need to know which typography you used for the logo.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you josweb!

My pleasure:) Don’t forget to give it a star rating if you enjoy working with it…

Love it! Done!! Thank you!

Hi. Asking about your plans to upgrade to bootstrap 3. Really digging the theme. thx.

Hi, it will all depend on time I’m afraid. It may be something I will look into in the new year.

Sorry to be so simple but how do I update?

Hi, re-download the theme, there are mainly changes to the menu and Font Awesome icons.

great, i see the updates.txt instructions.

Hey Love the theme, but is there a way to adjust the speed settings or add text to the Nivo or Nerve slider? Thank you!

and how to I get it to show I purchased it….because i did :-/

To show you purchased it you will need to comment with the account you purchased it with.

Just a thought… did you buy the Wordpress version? If so please comment here:

Is there a way to change the mobile menu? Thanks,

To this new one? Or the old superfish one?

Oh, the new menu is the mobile style. I will have to update before keep asking silly questions.

Great design! I love it.

I do have one question. Is there a way to disable the sliding functionality of the “slideright” section of the index page? I only have one image that I want to use in the “Hero” section of the homepage. I love the way the captions transition onto the webpage, but I only want it to happen with my one image. If you reduce that “Slide 1” section down to just one image you are still able to slide to the next image. (Resulting in it reload the same image and captions.) This also happens if the browser window is resized.

Any help on disabling the sliding while keeping the way the captions load onto the page, would be great! Thank you,

Sorry but I am away from my desk until Jan 14th.


I need help on menu of index2 when i change menu name more than 10 letter it overlays other menu on his right side how can i solve it?

Best Regards

Hi, are you talking about the menu or the sub menu drop downs?

Hi, I’m talking about menu

Do you have it online? If so please send me the link through my profile page. Many thanks, Jo

Hi, any idea when bootstrap 3 might be implemented. Great theme !

I’m not sure yet.

This is a great design!

I have a question about customizing the marker on the google map (on the contact page.) It looks great, except for on retina displays where it appears blurry. I made a new marker twice the size, but I’m not sure how to edit the code so that the image resizes for standard screens, but also renders sharp for Retina. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You would really need to add retina.js to the template so that you can have a 2x image.

Hello! We love your template!

We would like to have a social media/sharing bar (facebook/twitter/pinterest) on our portfolio. Specifically when the lightbox pops up and shows the larger image. example:

Do you have a ready-to-use code for that?

Thank you!

Do you mean within the Prettyphoto image? If so you can by changing the script > scripts.js > prettyphoto > change to social_tools: true

I put an input box inside the revolution slider but it wont let me click in it or type anything in it at all. Any clue why and how to fix?

Is there a way to make the robot/rocket animation (sliding in) happen from a normal div instead of the slider.

No, it’s part of the slider plugin’s animation. Sorry again!

No problem, i’ll see if I can figure it out. Thanks anyways

Hi, nice design! Just a question: why the google map is not draggable?

It’s disabled in scripts.js. You can add it to true if you want it on.


Hi Josweb!

Recently I’ve sent you private message with question regarding Flati HTML extended license and copyrights via themeforest interface. Do I have a chance to receive an answer from there or should I direct message to some other place (some direct email address or support ticket)?

Best regards, Tony.

I have replied.

Using multiple “accordians” to create different sections for a FAQ/Support page. Trouble is, only the first accordian will collapse the inner content when you click on a different element on the page. Elements in the following accordians will not collapse. Any idea what the fix would be?

You need to have a new id for each accordion.

Awesome. Thanks so much for your help :)

Subject: Flati – Responsive Flat Mobile Menu not working…

When you size the browser down to be more mobile, the navigation button does not work.

I’m working within child theme of Flati that was provided. What is strange is that I have not altered any of the child pages but if I change the theme to the root Flati and not the child and keep all the same settings the mobile navigation will work but only for the root theme.

Any reason why this might happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

? This is the html version, not Wordpress.

Hi – I would like to change the height of the slider from 550px to 350px. Can you tell me what changes I need to make in order to support this? Thank you.

You can change the height in the slider settings at the foot of the page.


Hi – my logo is 320 pixels wide. It works fine on a desktop / tablet but on a smartphone / when the browser is very narrow, the logo overlaps with the menu icon. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

Do you have it online?

No…I’m running on my local machine. Just wondering what the default out of the box max width for the logo is.

Also, two new questions regarding the Revolution slider: 1) Is it possible to randomize the order of the images for each page load 2) Is it possible to remove the progress bar on bottom of each image

I’m pretty sure you can’t randomize the slides.

To remove the progress bar: delete >
<div class="tp-bannertimer tp-bottom" />
For your logo it will depend on how many menu tabs you have. It’s probably easier to resize your browser to keep testing your logo and if it fits.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing either the html or the wordpress version.

Does the wordpress version allow you to publish into the revolution slider, or just alter content under the ‘blog’ tab. (I’m new to wordpress).

Also, Is there an alternate mobile dropdown menu? The current one appears at awkward times when I’m scrolling, is a bit too big, seems to cover over too much content, and glitches some devices (scrolling becomes less responsive). Is there a way to disable the overlay and have it appear only at the top? Maybe a side menu instead of the accordian?

Love the desktop design, just some of my hopes for the mobile.


For WP questions it’s best to ask on the Wordpress version’s comments. There isn’t an alternative drop down for the html but there is for Wordpress.

Thanks! And my apologies. Also, does either or both templates use slider revolution v.4? Or is it an earlier one? Thanks for your quick response!

Both are on 4

Hi, Great theme! One question, how do you set the border radius on the drop-down menu background, I cannot find it in theme.css?

Add it to:
and give !important; i.e

Perfect! Thanks.


How can I put a logo bigger than you have in demo without sending below the entire menu? like image or flash with 200 px width

yes I saw it, but when the data is from DB how can insert the “class” in every list?

like ckeditor ul li list

Sorry you’ve lost me!