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Awesome design! Could you help me on the PrettyPhoto? I tried putting a youtube link as a pretty photo in the RELATED PROJECTS in the single_video.html page. The video appears in the modal but does not appear proportional. I tried to us the width and height parameters in the URL string but it still appears distorted. Is there anything I am missing?

Hi, try changing:
iframe { border:0; width:100%; height:100%; } to
iframe { border:0; }

Oh Thanks! Yes changed that on the CSS and it worked!

Jolly good :)

Hey, I am loving the template, thanks for making it! I am using the masonry gallery for my photography portfolio and am having some trouble with the page load times. I was wondering if there is a way to add a lazy image loader to the page or something that won’t make all the images load at once? I would like them to load as the page scrolls if possible.

You beat me to it! :)

One last question, I promise. Check out my test page here: If you resize the window down a bit, you’ll notice that when you hover the blue hover color extends out past the image. Any way to fix that? I can provide a screen shot if you need it.

Not at present as the pic will take up a full column width when scaled down. I’m hopefully going to upgrade to Bootstrap3 which allows for more columns on smaller devices.

Excellent theme! It’s been a huge timesaver for a project I’m working on.

However, I am having a problem with creating custom page templates from the portfolio pages. I created a template by copying and renaming page-portfolio3.php, but when I create a page with this template, the category filter does not seem to work. Any idea why? The new template is exactly identical to the page I copied it from.

If you have copied the page and the scripts correctly then I can’t see why it isn’t working.


On this page possible to increase size of thumbnails, reduce to 3 columns and have video embeds?

Possible to replace header text on pages with full width image or video embed?

Hi, I suppose you could do all of the above with knowledge of html. Columns can be easily reduced, you could add video embeds and add full width images. For the full width video slider you could use Slider Revolution.

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with the footer div moving up as I’m editing and removing unwanted sections. It moves up and no longer displays as a footer. Is there a way to configure to keep the footer at the bottom no matter what divs are removed? Thanks

Hi, you may like to try a sticky footer. Here’s an example:

Hi josweb, So i’m finally working on getting the updated menu together. I’ve been using the theme since last May. Really nice updates, thanks for putting them together. I’m having some trouble with the class dropdown-menu sub-menu. I’m testing in Chrome and coding in Brackets. What’s happening is when i mouse over to the sub menu it disappears before I can click or get to the the sub-menu item. I apologize if this has been addressed already. Thanks, :jonah

I’m really sorry, but I also haven’t heard from my developer since he’s moved. I’m getting worried myself now!

I got an answer on Stackoverflow, It’s a little hack to the menu code in scripts.js I hope it’s alright that I reached out to the community. You can see it here on jsfiddle

Wow, well done! Thanks so much, it’s a real help. 5 star rating for you :)

I would like to ask , does html version ($15) included all the plugins ?

Hi, you can see all the features included in the item description. Many thanks, Jo

Hi – question about the “Slides” homepage version (index4.html). How would I decrease the height of the container? Also, is there a way to add text on top of the slide (caption of sorts)? Thanks!

Hi to alter the height, you change change it in the css: .fullwidthbanner-container ..
To add text: you can do so as it shows you index.html and also by adding text effects as shown in the documentation or Slider Revolution demo (link’s in documentation).


Question about the tabs (horizontal) class=”nav nav-tabs”

When there are many tabs where it wraps to a second row, how do I increase the spacing between rows in CSS?

Thanks for the help.

theme.css > tabs > .nav-tabs > li > a .

thanks. can you tell me what attribute i need to add / remove / modify to accomplish this?

Nevermind – I figured it out by adding: margin-top: 5px;


I have a slide with youtube player, like in the example vimeo player, but the vimeo player when the video is running is stoping the slides auto playing and youtube doesn’t.

i uploaded all new js and the settings.css and not working.

It’s definitely working, as I’ve tested it. I’ll put it online for you to see

Hi – a few questions:

1) Revolution slider: is it possible to randomize the order of the images for each page load 2) Revolution slider: is it possible to remove the progress bar on bottom of each image 3) What is the max width for the logo (without CSS changes)?

Thank you!

Please could you ask your questions in the same thread so as not to cause lots of comments.

Okay – so where do you want me to respond? I wasn’t sure if comments on old threads would be picked up.

Yes if you keep them all in one I will get them, many thanks. :)

Hi, I just want to know which version of bootstrap are you using?



Hi, will there be a version for bootstrap 3 in near future? Thanks! marcel

Hi, i am planning to do this soon(ish)... :)

Template is great, very flexible. I have a client who wants the Excerpt to show up on the main blog posts page for each of his blog posts. I see there is code in the page-blog.php file to show it.

<?php if($post->post_excerpt){ the_excerpt(); } ?>

However there is no excerpt box in the actual add post section. Can you please tell me how I can get it show back up. I don’t know which PHP or settings file you have set this in.

Hi I think you need to ask this on the Wordpress version.

Is it possible to ‘hide’ posts or a specific category? Using this on WP and a membership plug in so do not want all posts coming up on the blog page. How do I hide them?

Please ask this question on the WP comments this is html, thanks.

Please ask this question on the WP comments this is html, thanks.

Quick question….

My Layer Slider keeps defaulting to: [layerslider id=”1”]. I am trying to use this slider instead: [layerslider id=”2”].

Where in the code do I need to change that so it connects to [layerslider id=”2”]?

Thanks :)

I even switched the Layer Slider Settings on [layerslider id=”1”] to “Hidden” (hide from home page), and switched [layerslider id=”2”] to not be “Hidden” and still had no luck.

I think you may have purchased the Wordpress version, this is the html version.

You’re right! Sorry about that—just posted over there :)

Too bad about the sass and less files not being provided. NOT, the end of the world, but it is much easier when you want to modify a theme.

I did notice one issue in the preview. The filter and paging links are spanning two lines and breaking the link outline, see here:

I was curious, so I removed the letter-spacing property and it seems to have fixed the issue. I am using Chrome on Windows 8, did not check if this is an issue on any other browsers.

Pretty sure I’ll buy this regardless, very nice looking theme. Well done. Cheers.

It seems that the Chrome browser seems to work strangely with the “letter-spacing” property and breaks if the property value is a fractional number. The letter-spacing for portfolio filters in the Flati template is set to be 1.5px and the filter tags break, if set to 2px it’s fine. An update to the template will be made shortly.

Yeah, I thought it was strange. At least you found a fix :)

It will be great if you upgrade this template to Bootstrap 3, is out off date. Thanks! By the way, you did a wonderful job.

I know.. it’s time but I do plan to try and fit it in. There’s only one of me and i’m flat out at present.

Great theme!

How can I make the prettyphoto gallery lightbox transition fade from image to image rather than to white or black?


I’m not sure this is possible with the Prettyphoto script sorry.

Hi there – love the theme so far, but I can’t see to access the mobile menu on portrait position on my iphone5. it hides behind the logo. any suggestions? I tried separating the logo div from the manu div but it still stayed behind the logo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link:

Thanks so much!

Cynthia Jane

Is you logo too big?