Discussion on Flatible - Single Page WordPress Theme

Discussion on Flatible - Single Page WordPress Theme

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I’m a sufferer. They lied to me and behaved nonsense. Do whatever they want. They blackmail and steal money. I start legal action against them if there are any other victims email me to this email info@designstudiokm.com

You lost the design I paid for and just mock me. I can not believe you’re doing what you want. There are laws to protect the consumer, besides, I’m not the only one who is not happy. And you’re trying to blackmail me to raise your rating !!! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS, THIS IS CRIME. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK !!! OR I ALREADY LEAVE IN THE POLICE AND IN ALL INSTITUTIONS I’m a sufferer. Premium Layers They lied to me and behaved nonsense. Do whatever they want. They blackmail and steal money. I start legal action against them if there are any other victims email me to this email info@designstudiokm.com

One error I have found out till now on demo. I was actually investigating before purchase. Please see the scrshot with the defect area marked. When I am scrolling the page manually and the top active menu getting change the order, previous menu text color getting dark, please see circle area on linked attachment. Looking forward for a statement on that issue. Thanks! Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f48z2ckgt4w8vtd/flatible-error.jpg?dl=0

Hi, all you need to do to fix it is adding this line in Flatible => Styling section’s Global CSS field:

.item-title{color: #fff;}

Pre-sales Question: Theme Looks nice. So many option provided like infographics,etc. Is it a tool you provide are it is a place where people can upload it? Can you show any site which is live so I can get an idea?

Hi, thanks for your interest in Flatible. The infographics provided are just regular images for demo purposes, there are no tools provided to create infographics yourself, just some options are provided to display these images (Like in a featured block, as a portfolio item, etc…)

Dear sir

I leave a ticket #454472 about “Contact Page Translation” any solution please:

How can i translate “Contact page” Labels I have two languages (Arabic and English) I use “Polylang” plugin for WordPress multilingual


Hi Okba, sorry about the delay, we are on vacation currently. Please check the answer on support forum. Thanks.

Wonderful theme and awesome documentation, thank you for your work ! However, I have a little problem with Zebra coloring which doesn’t work at all … (no way to have a background color, whatever I do). I tried my best to fix it, and I am sure I install it the right way… but nothing work. I also posted a ticket for help but still no answer. Could you help me ?

Hi and thanks for the purchase. Your ticket is on the queue, please hold on, I’ll make sure to get to you shortly.

Hi there, I was just wondering if it is possible to have a modal box pop up when clicking a feature box. I tried placing the fblock inside the reveal but it just displays underneath it.

Hi, the theme does not provide such functionality, so you might want to integrate a third party plugin for that. Here’s an article on the topic – http://www.designsrazzi.com/2014/wordpress-popup-plugins/

I am having a problem with my blog layout, for some reason it’s displaying in a 12 width, not 8. The pictures don’t look right and even when I’m telling it to use a sidebar it isn’t. See my problem here: http://revelstokehospicesociety.com/quilters-donate-to-hospice/

hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here: http://wpbox.ticksy.com/


Pre-sale question: Does it support custom color or I can only use the color defined with the theme? Any chance of choosing a different color by re-generate the bootstrap css file?


Hi, there’s a main color picker provided in theme’s admin panel with help of which you can change the color scheme with 1 click. There are also many other styling options coming with the theme.

Pre purchased item:

1) i want to add some product to shop: waht about compatibility woth woocommerce?

2) what about translation?

Hi Paulocd,

  1. Woocommerce is not tested so it’s not officially supported (you can try to install it but no gurarantee that it will work out of the box, without any customization needed
  2. Flatible comes with .po / .mo translation files.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi is it possible to use a static image with variable height instead of a slider on the home page?

cheers CK

Hi CK, yes, you can set an image of the preferred height instead of the slider.


On the full portfolio page (stand alone page) I click on one of the portfolio item (image) it gives me next previous buttons, but when I click on next it reloads the same image. I am using portfolio with animation.

Let me know if I am missing something or i should create a ticket on support.

Thank you.

hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here: http://wpbox.ticksy.com/


I couldn’t find any instruction on setting up the logo. What size is preferred also what things should I keep in mind while setting the logo?

Hi, Please check your ticket on the forum, answered there.

Thank you

Hi, Can I use a video in place of the main slider? Same as how Paypal.com has one.

Hi, you can use the slider with video as it’s the Revolution slider WP plugin which supports any content, including videos.

This is one of the finest wordpress templates I ever used. I would like the developer to create an option on next update to add a feature to show only partial portfolio items on the homepage and a link to the full portfolio. I had to create a gallery post to show only 12 items on the home page from portfolio.

Hi Mabid and thanks, please check our answer in the forum.

Another problem on home page I set a contact page(area) and using google map.

In the theme settings contact area I put the google map imbed code https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d3613.968463501629!2d55.142928!3d25.069057999999995!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x3e5f6cade31e04bb%3A0x7938f10af134a321!2sPlatinum+Tower+-+Dubayy+-+United+Arab+Emirates!5e0!3m2!1sen!2s!4v1409485448754 and it is showing newyork’s map.

You don’t have to paste any code, just put the map address in a plain text format like Platinum Tower Dubai,United Arab Emirates

To the developer of this theme:

1st Thing: I have customize the theme a bit… I have uploaded 12 portfolio items and selected to show only 10 on the homepage. but It is showing all 12 items on home. I have more than 75+ portfolio items which I have unpublished because all 75+ were showing on the home page.

2nd Thing: If I choose the portfolio page to be “standalone” it is then showing 10 items on first page but there is no PAGINATION to go to the second page.

This theme is useless for me if this problem is not resolved. you know how important a portfolio is.

Let me know.

I can’t see any ticket from you. Could you please send a direct link of your ticket? Thanks.

Answer sent!

OK, love the theme from the start but having a couple issues with it. TESTIMONIALS, the text is cut off on the right side, I can only have 2 that work, after that it displays that there are 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever but when you click on anything in between 1 and last one it immediately changes and goes to the last one. Also there is no scrolling of the testimonials. Any ideas?

Hi, that was because of a bug in Testimonial slider’s script. Please open a private ticket with the same request in our support forum, I’ll send you the updated version to replace. Thanks.

Awesome, thank you :-)

No problem! Archive sent! :)

@subbit I wouldn’t have thought to check that. Thank you, Subbit.

Subbit, how do you mean by ‘menu shortcut’? The URL stubs, page titles and menu tab titles all agree with one and other. Are you thinking of standalone pages or sections within the homepage?

@blancastella I’ve just been messing around with this theme myself, and I have found that if the menu shortcut is renamed the highlight does not function. The shortcut and the page name must match for highlighting to occur.

Hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here: http://wpbox.ticksy.com/ to get help from our developer.

Thanks you so much.

My client has purchased a license to use this theme. Nice theme but spotted two issues. Maybe we are doing something wrong.

1) Menu tabs only highlight when they are internal anchors used within the homepage.

2) Permalinks for the portfolio thumbs open their lightbox content when the portfolio is used on the homepage only.

For item 1, the active class (class=’active’) is not being inserted into the menu tabs for standalone pages. I can see in /library/functions/helper-functions.php that the active class is being inserted into the HTML via the list_taxonomy() function. The function appears to be none functional for standalone pages. Have we missed something? I need to know before I jump in and write a replacement function.

For item 2, not looked too deeply into the cause of this one. Do you have any suggestions for how I can get the portfolio lightboxes to work on standalone pages?

I spent a day working out why the tabs were not highlighting and why the lightboxes were not functioning. Checking whether standalone pages were at fault was my last off-chance check; came as a complete surprise.


Hello and thanks for purchasing our work.

plz open a support ticket here: http://wpbox.ticksy.com/ to get help from our developer.

Thanks you so much.


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