Discussion on FlatLove - Flat Onepage Wedding WordPress Theme

Discussion on FlatLove - Flat Onepage Wedding WordPress Theme

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You’re theme is great! But I can’t get the contact form to display any response when the form was submitted, either successfully or any error message. The form is sending and email being received, but I need the response to show. Website: thebayards.com

Please help! Thank you! – Stephanie

The theme doesn’t add any alt tags to the images which you choose for the couple, sponsors etc.? Even if they have been set in the Wordpress media library.

Right, I think the most rapid way to add your desired alt tags is using a seo plugin, for example SEO Friendly Images.

Cheers, Erik


I have constantly been emailing about support and so has Themeforest and neither of us have heard back for months.

Have you been receiving these?

Can I get some help with the above please? I have contacted WordPress and have been advised I’m still entitled to support as these questions, when raised, have not been answered for over 2 months?


Sorry for the late reply, we have been extremely busy nowdays.

A theme update was published recently, please download update your site to the latest release, what contains a couple of theme bug fixes. To catch up with your questions:

1.) This has been fixed in the update, thanks for the notice. 2.) Can you explain this? On the demo site it looks ok for me. 3.) To change the :focus state of the main buttons, add this to your css:
.btn-primary:focus, .btn-primary.focus {
  background-color: #yourColor;

Hope this helps. Cheers, Erik

Thanks for your reply.

For the outstanding question with 2. It’s when you add this to the CSS .home-header { background-attachment: fixed !important; }.

With regards to point 3. That seems to work, but the blog post titles and links are still red?

Dear Eric,

a while agao, I asked: – Is it possbile to make the quotes “auto-rotate”?

Your answer was: Sure, open up your widget-quotes.php file from the ../includes/widgets/ folder and insert this snippet after line 81:

, autoplay: true

I did add it at line 82 (wite notepad ++), however, it still does not auto rotate. Did I miss something there? Thanks.

Hello! Can you send me over your site link and your modified widget-quotes.php file in email ? I need to check after this directly on your site. Cheers, Erik

Hi Eric, thanks for the update. Love the option to have a “read all”-Button included. However, how do I change the language of the button? I searched in the de_DE File with PoEdit, but found nothing. Also I searched all editor files. Nothing. Would really like to have this button in German. Thx.

Nevermind. Found it in the Widget and changed it there.

Great than! :) Let me know if you need further assistance. Cheers, Erik

When I trying to import demo content, it occur error like Warning: Illegal string offset ‘file’ in C:\Tools\wamp\www\websites\Fabic n Flowers\wp-content\themes\flatlove\includes\functions\theme-setup.php on line 172

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\Tools\wamp\www\websites\Fabic n Flowers\wp-content\themes\flatlove\includes\functions\theme-setup.php on line 173

How can I fix this issue….

Replied. Cheers, Erik

Hi I am still waiting for the response to my last emails. As per our conversation I have already hosted the web online and mailed you with URL and username, password to access the wordpress admin.

Looking for a prompt reply as it is already more than a week and we are not able to get the web as shown in the template previews.

Replied. Next time please read the theme documentation carefully, as the answer you were seeking for, was already there.

Anyway, I have just done it for you. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Cheers, Erik

Hey there, I submitted a comment through the contact me box. Just wanted to confirm you received it. Thanks and thanks for any help with my inquiries. -Jason

Hi Jason, I just replied to your email. Cheers, Erik

Header image behaving strange,

I did change the header image (with your extra code concerning parallax effect) to the size as it is mentioned in the faq. “Home Header Background 2000×800px “

Now, when I open the page, the image is just fine using Firefox. With Safari (windows) and Microsoft IE (I don’t like it, but a lot of people still use it…) the image is cropped in a way I do not like. Is it possible to set it up, so that it always shows the image on top and only cuts further down?

will email you the link and password. thx.

edit used the wrong format, however, it still cuts (even with 2000×800) from top instead from button.

Just checked your site again upon this comment, and found that the background-position css attribute of your header background image is set to “center center”, what forces the image to align center both in horizontal and vertical aspects.

This rule works fine usually, but In your case, I would suggest to add the following snippet to your css, to prevent the image from being cutted from it’s upper part:

#header.home-header {
  background-position: center 50px !important;

Let me know how it worked out! Cheers, Erik

Works fine. Thanks!

Your welcome! ;) Cheers, Erik


Sorry me again, so the issue with the spacing at the bottom is when you have the menu in the footer, if you turn this off the spacing disappears. I’ve On another note, I’ve installed your child theme but the CSS I’ve entered into the style.css file doesn’t seem to be overriding flatlove.css?

Hi, I just replied to your email. Let’s continue there! Cheers, Erik

Hi, I have another question regarding the “blog” section.

is it possible to use it twice? We would like to have one “wedding blog” and one “gift blog” in our wedding homepage. Therefore, It would be really cool, if it would be possible to use categories to filter the two blog sections. (like “show only “wedding” blog entries”)

Furthermore, is there a read all-button? Or can I change the number of blog entries shown on the one-page-layout?


Sure, open the same file widget-recent-posts.php like before, and insert the following code after line 101:

 <div class="row text-center mg-t-lg">
     <a href="<?php echo get_permalink( get_option('page_for_posts' ) ); ?>" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg"><?php _e('Read All Posts','flatlove')?></a>

Cheers, Erik

Awesome, works great! Thx.

Your welcome! ;) Cheers, Erik

Hello Erik,

I would like to centre the main menu on top of the page. How can do I do this?

Thank you, Tiago

To center the menu, add the following snippet to your css:

@media (min-width: 780px) {
    #menu-flatlove-menu {
      display: table;
      float: none !important;
      margin: 0 auto !important;

You can easily recolor the backgrounds of each section via css, for example:

.section-wedding-events {
  background-color: red;

Regarding your map, it seems that you need to generate a custom google maps API key to get your map displayed (currently you are having a js error in the console, what prevents your map script from being loaded properly). Please check this article to learn more.

Let me know if you need further assistance! Cheers, Erik

That’s great, Thanks Erik.

I have another question:

How can add a sections? Need a simple one of text, hyperlinks and images, and another with a selection of pages – 3 to be more precise.

Thank you again, Tiago

You can add a default Text Widget (coming with WordPress) to your Homepage Widgets widget area, than you are free to insert any specific html code you need for the new section. Cheers, Erik

Hi Eric, I have one more question: is it possible to have the countdown count up? eg. count the days, we are already married? (since Sat. 6/25, btw :-) ) That would be really cool. The count up widget does not feature such an automated count up, if I did see it right? thanks.

Hello, i’m afraid it’s not possible without custom development. If you need it, please contact me in email with this request, and i’ll think over and give you a quote for this customization. Cheers, Erik

Ah, Ok. In this case, I think we skip the option.

Ok, no problem. Cheers, Erik

Hello. I just purchased your theme and it looks great. I got a few questions though:

1. Is it possible to change the dark-red active-link color? It doesn’t exactly match the blue theme I have.

2. Is it possible to add more people in the “Bride and Grooms” section? Don’t get me wrong, I use it for another purpose than marriage – it’s for a small business with 3 employees!!

3. In the quote section. Is it possible to add a line-break and/or images?

4. How to I make a scroll-effect to the “home”-section. Whatever I try, it just seems to go back to the loading-screen. I just want it to scroll back to the top of the site.

Hope to hear from you soon. Kristoffer

Hi Kristoffer, thanks for your purchase!

1.) Sorry, it’s a known css bug, it will be fixed in the next theme update. Until than, you can fix it by adding this to your css:
.navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a, .navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a:hover, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a:hover, .navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a:focus, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a:focus {
    background-color: #yourColor;

2.) I’m afraid not. FlatLove is particularly a wedding theme, so the bride & groom detail input fields in the Couple widget are specific.

3.) Connect to your site via FTP, and locate your widget-quotes.php file at the includes/widgets folder (within your theme folder) and replace the original file with this modified version.

After saving, you will be able to add plain html code in the quote fields.

4.) Go to Appearance > Menus and replace the existing “Home” menu item with a Scroll Menu Item type “Home” link, and the url would be http://www.yoursite.com/#header – so when it’s clicked – it scrolls to the top of your page.

Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik

Wow, thanks for your quick reply!

1) That will do! In which .css-file should I paste it? Wether I paste it into style.css or flatlove.css does not seem to have an effect. Can I change the font-color to white as well?

2) Ah, should perhaps have known that. That’s what you get for searching in the wedding-category :-)

3) Cool. Is it possible to add .html to the couple description as well?

4) Works perfect!

Thanks, Kristoffer

Your welcome! ;)

1.) The very bottom of your style.css to let it overwrite the inherited styling for that element. If it still doesn’t seem to take effect, try like this:
.navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a, .navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a:hover, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a:hover, .navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a:focus, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a:focus {
    background-color: #yourColor !important;

2.) Sorry for that..

3.) Sure, here you go: widget-couple.php

4.) Great!

Cheers, Erik

How can I install the Upgrade from April 2016? When I try to upload the ZIP I only get en error, saying that the folder already exists.

Also, the parallax thing seemed to stop working… why? Was that due to your HTML extra code to make the first image parallaxed?`

Hello, thanks for your purchase!

Please refer to the Manual Update part of the documentation.

As far as i know, the parallax effect of the slider background didn’t stop working, as you can see in the initial demo.. If yours doesn’t seem to work, maybe you have a js error on your site, what prevents the parallax script from being loaded properly. If you share your site link, i can check this for you.

Cheers, Erik

Hello, I am currently trying to customize your wordpress template. Everything seems to be working great, however everytime I try to add a customize image background for the parallax effect, it doesn’t show up, the colors do (and they change with opacity as well), but the images dont at all. Ive tried numerous things, even the present images (for example the “&” image you have behind the couples page) dont show up, have you seen this issue? If so, any way to fix it?

Probably it’s a theme bug, coming from a javascript error, what conflicts with the parallax plugin script and prevents it from being loaded properly.

Open up your scripts.js file from the ../assets/javascripts folder (within your theme files) and replace the content of line 60 to this:

$('.navbar a[href*="#"]:not([href="#"])').click(function() {

Let me know if it solved the issue, so i can push a theme update including this bugfix. Cheers, Erik

Thanks EriktTailor! That worked great! Appreciate your help!

No problem! ;) Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik

Hi, Is it possible to add a link for images in photo widged, powered by jquery owlcarousel?

Hello, thanks for your purchase! It’s currently powered by owlcarousel, you might be thinking of a lightbox style (once you click an image, it opens bigger) right? Cheers, Erik

Hi – lovely theme. Would like to know if you can add pages to the WP version. Looks like there are 2+ post styles, so is that it? Thanks

Hello! Thanks, i’m glad you like it! ;) As FlatLove is a onepage theme basically, you can only use the full-width sample page template in case you would like to have separate pages besides the onepage front page template.

You can learn more about the available post and page templates in the Contents part of the theme documentation.

Cheers, Erik

Hi, I would like to add some formatting to the text inside the Event box on the homepage, in particular to the Event details / Event place.

It would be nice to add some line-breaks for instance but if I type
, the cose is automatically deleted upon saving.

Is it possible to activate HTML, at least some tags?

Thank you,


Sorry, I forgot to mention that I edited the includes/widgets/widget-events.php adding the line:

<?php $place = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), ‘event-place’, true ); echo esc_attr( $place ); ?>

to show the event place.

Hi Paolo, thanks for your purchase!

1.) To add extra line breaks, just add this where you prefer to have more spacing (instead of using <br> tag or enter):

Let me know if you need further assistance. Happy customizing! Cheers, Erik

Please the menu buttons are not clicking on the mobile view.. thank you

i need assistant on it to no why the menu can not via on the mobile view

Hello, thanks for your purchase. For me it works as expected… Can you tell me more details and send me your site link where you noticed this? Cheers, Erik

Awesome template, however, having a few minor glitches:

- If I change the colors, it does NOT change the colors of the “active” section (see: www.diehochze.it )

- also, the “hover” color and the headline on a blog single page is still in red. How can I change that?

- can I change the text under the count-down? Would love to have it in German.

- how can I change the colorscheme of the single blog page? would love to have it available in different colors, like at volkerbeck.eu

Hello! See my replies below:

..I’d like to have the active section to be marked in another color

Please be more specific, i’m not able to check your site any more (it asks for password) and i’m not sure what are you trying to achieve.

..the image with “the bride and groom are getting married” in parallax style. Would love to have it in wordpress as well. How can I do that?

Add this to your css:

.home-header { background-attachment: fixed !important; }
I guess, I’d have to CSS-code the footer section, if I wanted to have another color for the text?

If it’s unique – yes. Let me know which footer are you pointing at, and what color modification do you prefer – and i’m gonna give you the proper css code to insert.

How can I change the “events” to show all 3 in a row? or is that impossible?

You can’t do that from the WordPress admin, it requires some additional php and css modifications in the source code. I can do that for you, but it’s considered as a customization. Please contact me in email if you still need it and i’ll give you a quote.

How can I change the order of the events? What should I do, to have them sorted in the correct section?

You can get the wished order if you play around with the event posts date. Please check this article by wpbeginner for more.

can I change the footer? Would like to move the copyright to the imprint

What’s the “imprint”? Please be more specific.

- Is it possbile to make the quotes “auto-rotate”?

Sure, open up your widget-quotes.php file from the ../includes/widgets/ folder and insert this snippet after line 81:

, autoplay: true 

Cheers, Erik

Which Line is Line 81? On my machine, there are no line numbers (using MS editor).

Imprint -> the page, where the “official” stuff is placed, like Name, Contact information (German law requires such a page)

the extra CSS did work. Thank you!

What I mean with “active” section: If you click on “couple” (on the HTML5-demo), the word “couple” in the top menue is highlighted by a different, darker color red. How can I achieve that?

I will e-mail you the password for the site.

..On my machine, there are no line numbers (using MS editor).

Get rid of it as soon as possible! :D I mean it’s not capable for code editing purposes, use Sublime Text or NotePad++ instead.

Imprint -> the page, where the “official” stuff is placed

I’m sorry, but still don’t understand.. Can you send me a screenshot of this element?

the extra CSS did work. Thank you!

Your welcome.

What I mean with “active” section: If you click on “couple” (on the HTML5-demo), the word “couple” in the top menue is highlighted by a different, darker color red. How can I achieve that?

Ok I understand now, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately the navigation menu in the html version – altough it looks same in visual – technically it’s quite different. I’m afraid there’s no quick solution for that, as it would require javascript modifications.

I will e-mail you the password for the site.

Ok, i’m replying to my emails, will get to yours soon.

Cheers, Erik


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