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Very nice work! :) Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! :)

Will you create also a WordPress version please? :) I Would love it for my work showcase…

It’s our plan.. time will tell ;)

Very nice! GLWS!


I love the images you are using as placeholders can you recommend a good site where I can download similar images for my own projects?

Those images are made by my designer and they are not allowed to be used on other projects.

I really love the design, but the functionality has got major issues. The images don’t open for larger view, there are no page anchors so you have to scroll for miles to get back up to the nav menu…it just seems that there was no thought at all put into usability to make it a smooth experience. It’s frustrating because I really do like the design style, but function is my number one priority as it should be for most people. A pretty site isn’t worth much if it doesn’t work well.

I will definitely keep an eye on this though in case you update it. I would still love to buy it if the page structure and functionality start making sense.

It’s very odd that you say it’s not a one page template when that’s exactly how it’s laid out… there is no separate page template for About, Services, Contact or any of the usual pages except blog and portfolio. Why would you put everything into the home page if you don’t want it to be a one-page template? That really doesn’t make sense…

Regardless, if you just added prettyPhoto or another lightbox function to the images (which is pretty standard for templates these days – not sure why you would skip it) I would probably buy it and just fix the functionality myself.


You can purchase the template and contact me on and I will make the modifications you require (lightbox/prettyphoto + smoothscroll navigation).

Thanks for your support!

Great Item! Just what I need! :)

Thanks! :) Glad you like it!

I would like to have a separate contact page, too…

I will make the update tomorrow.


You can download the update.

Portfolio doesn’t work, when you click on an image it just takes you back to the top. I would like to see how the portfolio functions.

You have example of single portfolio in main menu. But I have fixed that issue also and added the link to portfolio items.

Very nice template and easy to modify. And if you have problems, Brickr helps you out very quick and nice!

Thanks! Glad to help you out ;)

Really like this one. Simple, clean and nice!

Thanks! ;)

Hi, nice theme!
I have some questions:
1. is it possible to show slider thumbnails with the portfolio item?
2. is it possible to show a fullscreen image gallery with thumbnails and a description box as a portfolio item?
3. May be I want to add a woocommerce shop for less than 10 products later, does the theme work with woocommerce?
Thanks, Ole


This is a HTML Template which means you need to know HTML/CSS to do the modifications you require. All modifications can be done but you need to know HTML/CSS to do them or you need to hire someone to do it for you.

You can contact us on and we can see how much work is required.

Also soon WP version of this theme will be released.


Thanks for the fast reply! What do you think when “soon” for WP will be?

About 14-18 days :) we have a lot of work to do..

Nice looking theme, I echo some of the comments on here around functionality. My biggest problem is the parralax slider is very jumpy and was wondering what the code is to make the background fixed?


Thanks for your support!

Please mail me at and we will sort out the problems!


ipad chrome issue: when the page loads on Chrome, (ios7) the page somehow triggers the default google maps open behavior. whenever it gets to the point of loading the address, chrome open london in Maps.

If it loads London in maps you probably have cache issues… Chrome is known to do that.. you need to clear your cache in Chrome on your device. That’s a common problem on all devices because once your page is in memory,cache always loads that page from memory… until you clear it.

Just a little heads up.. In some cases the contact form doesn’t work(for example the index-video.html).

Check if jquery.form.js is included in your .html file!

Thanks! Will inspect

Hi guys! I really like your theme, and have a couple question: When WP version will be released? How does SEO work with it?



Official WP version will not be released. We can create it only for you, but that will cost you too much probably.. :/

Is it possible to post the vimeo or youtube video in the portfolio page?

It’s not a wordpress theme :) it’s HTML template


Is there a Wordpress version ? How much ?


Sorry there is no WP version.