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Meritorious theme…. Admin I’m facing a little problem that you can easily understand in Image Section I have linked my all images with their respective link tabs. But On Page Load it shows all Images that takes more time to load my first index page.

I just want to show first Link Tab Images rather than all. Only on click it shows respective tabs image. Please guide to me to solve this problem. Thanks

Hello, already send you email with the solution. Thanks

Skills section is eye catchy and good. Can we add a 2 Seconds delay in skills animation section.

Yes sure, open jquery.easypiechart.js file, line no:210, there you find animation speed “animate: 1000,” here you need to adjust your time


How can I add video to the portfolio section, such as You Tube etc so that it appears in the lightbox?

We have use this lightbox http://ryrych.github.io/rlightbox2 you can check this for youtube video option

Hi, is there a way to add video to a portfolio section? I have couple videos i want to showcase but i don’t see a way to add those. thnx

..I have issue with form. When was testing , filled all fields and after Submit nothing was sent. What is the issue? B/c it has to be run on the server ?

Yes, you need to upload the site in server to get the email, can not check it from local machine.

We have use this lightbox http://ryrych.github.io/rlightbox2 you can check this for video option there


thank but i am not very computer savvy . How I “use” http://ryrych.github.io/rlightbox2 ?

Hi, Im interested on buying this theme.. does it have a template for the external blog?

how do i change the color of the skill c

skill chart sorry

never mind, found it

hi there

I have one problem, I need to add a group of images in the portfolio section when the modal pops up. so instead of these images cycling through they should show only the grouped section.


can anybody answer me please

Hello, This is a custom request, this template has not support this function.


I’m looking for a html template like this. What software is recomendable for edition and customize your options, sections, text, etc? Thanks

Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++

It is possible to replace the red circles with the date from EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION with circular images like in ABOUT? Thanks :)

Nevermind, problem solved :D

Admin, Can you please tell me how I can upload the background slider images? Please specify in which file you have put its related source code? Also, I am facing another problem is, in portfolio section when I upload my own images, its not showing when you open the website but if you click on it to see the image with zoom than only I can see it, Please help. Thanks


Can you please share your link to understand whats wrong? You can send me PM


How to pm you?

Everything looks good until you the portfolio in mobile. The light box image that pops up distorts it. I’ve tried using image responsive and the height and width, however, it doesn’t resolve the problem. Do you know how I can resolve this issue? Thank you.

Hello. Sent email to support on this question but I have not received any answer. In each section, we have option to change the colour of the title but we have only two colours: RED and WHITE. Where can we change to a colour that is other than these two options?

Support ticket #1823 has been updated with MP4 file


I’ve purchased your template while ago and I wanted to change thumbnails size on portfolio page also adjust text underneath examples as two lines are not fitting in. Would you kindly direct me how to do it please? I can’t seem to find slideshow.css file within the folder, is it externally connected to this template? thank you

Could you share your website link with PM

Thanks a lot for that great template! love it a lot! one thing, where do I set up the email and smtp server for the message box? Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find it.. Thanks a lot for a short message, I also searched here but no luck.

I actually found it in the settings, but no option to set SMTP server, that’s why it cannot send the e-mail. Do I have to do something different? I’m hosting the wordpress on my own hosting, that’s why I would assume I need to fill in SMTP server, no?

How can I translate the PORTFOLIO section (“ALL” text button)

Hi just want to ask how to make the pictures under gallery smaller. It seems like even if I change the gallery settings, from thumbnail size to full size, the settings doesn’t save even after I update. Nothing happens to the pictures as well. Please message me if I’m missing something here. The pictures are too big :(

Plz PM me with the purchase code.

I pm-ed you the code :) message me if you get it thanks!

can you share your website link to better understand. Thanks