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Definitely the best template I have used in years, fine, neat and yet simple. Well done!

Thank you so much.

It’s possible to translate to spanish everything in the theme? I found several difficult to translate all the Display Theme…

Did you purchase the theme?

As its a plain html template, If you write the content in Spanish (I guess in unicode) it would work, and may be with proper settings in the meta. Thanks.

This theme is great and very clean, just what I wanted!

Is there something I need to do to my CSS to get the transparency working on mobile safari? I don’t see the images on iPads.

Hi, can you please mail me from my profile page with site url/access…will check the issue. Thanks.

I just bought the theme and looks great on my computer. However, on iPhone, iPad, my images don’t look great because it shows only the center of the images. Would it be possible to have the bg images resized depending on the device instead of cropped? Thanks!

Thanks. Please mail me from my profile page with the site url etc. Will check the issue.


awesome design! Best luck to you!!!

Thank you.

hi, i´m very upset with this theme, i can´t install even, lost hours and hours try to moving style.css in several folders and wordpress give me the same error “stylish missing” “template missing” or “header missing” or “index.php” missing.

It´s a big problem put the file in the right location just for download and install on wordpress or transfer via FTP ???

Hi, I am sorry but it seems you just bought the plain css/html version. If you want to use it with wordpress you need to buy the wordpress version.

Here is the wp version:


Hi! Thanks for nice clean design – I use your theme – but have a simple problem – on Ipad Page opens in the top and bottom, and the center is empty of my site on your theme

hope for your support,sincerely, Elena


Please message me from my profile page with the require access, will check and try to fix the issue.


Hi there,

I just ought your theme a couple of days ago and it looks great. I love it. However, to customize my sale page, I need to insert some “buy now” button shortcodes within the template. Problem is the shortcodes don’t display what they are suppose to, they just appear as texts. Weird thing is, in the footer shortcodes work perfectly.

Could you please advise ? Thanks.

Hi, Did you mean the Flatone WP? You posted comment unde r Flatone HTML. And hence its showing you didn’t purchase the item!

There is no short code for “buy now” button by default for Flatone. Only have one in the header area. However, you can use 3rd party plugin which may require some tweaking for styling/positioning the buttons.

What is the site url, let me have a look.

For any support request please message me from my profile page.


Argh ! Yeah I’m using Wordpress. I’ll send you an the same message over there so you can check I bought the theme. Sorry about that. I’ll see you on the WP page ;)

No problem. Just message me from my profile page…so that we can discuss more in details in mail. Regards.

Hi, i just purchased this template and it has problem trying to upload into weebly. A message “Error: Zip archive missing main_style.css” keeping appearing. Need help. Thanks!

Hi, This is not a weebly theme/template. Its a plain css/html template. I assume you need to create a weebly template from it first. Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately the installation on WP 3.9.1 german doesn´t work (“no style.css”. I´ve purchased the theme and also wrote on your support page. Best regards, Andreas

Hi, I am sorry, but it seems you bought the plain css/html version. You need to purchase the wordpress version to use it with wordpress.


Hello, The theme looks great. Can we edit the timing of the changing headlines? Also, is it possible to modify the contact form/required fields etc? Finally, is there any module in the theme that can harden the job of web crawlers?

Yes, will assist. And I think you will need my help as theme files will need to be edited to add this new section.

Yes, so far I remember at least two of theme support shortcode. Please check the plugin.

Thank you.

Ok, thx for your reply. gonna buy the theme :) Probably it will take some time for me till I get the page working after buying. I hope you will still remember me and help by then :P

I want to integrate this with my actual WP theme… Can i insert the HTML inside the PHP ? or is more difficult?


Hi, Thank you very much for your message. Flatone already have its WP version. You can check that.

Otherwise, you can insert the html into PHP…but you need to edit the path for the jQuery plugins, images etc. And also need to check it its css conflicts with your wp theme css…if so those need to be adjusted. Regards.

I have a question… when i open my website on Laptop or Ipad, they look good. But when i open my iphone, i look my website is bad…no beautiful like laptop or ipad..

We have been using the flatone theme but there are some problems occurring:

1. The menu could not be linked to the desired page link 2. It is the same with the Section Blog menu although we have already followed the instructions in the faq / documentation from the Flatone theme 3. How can we change the margins of each page so the website looks nice and the distance is not too wide 4. How can we add a new page / section page?

Please provide us the solutions of the problems mentioned above as soon as possible because we need this site for our business traffic. Our website address is

Thank you in advanced for your consideration and a quick response

Hi, The record shows you didn’t purchase Flatone. Did you purchase the wp version? Thanks.

Hi, The record shows you didn’t purchase Flatone. Did you purchase the wp version? Thanks.

Please find attached the puchase and payment confirmation of Flatone Theme. Purchase code: 5281454e-002b-429d-8d39-c3bb024c5342

Therefore we awaiting for your soonest reply for our problem.

Thank you.

Can you help me set up an outside link from the nav menu. I would like to link to a blog page, but I can’t get it work for some reason. website

Hi, Thank you very much for purchasing Flatone. Add a class “external” in the menu li.

And this js code:

<script type="text/javascript">
            filter: ':not(.external)'

If you need me to make the changes…please message me from my profile page with the ftp access, will do.

Regards, Enayet

HI thank you for the quick response. I added the code but it is still not working? any ideas?

never mind, I seamed to resolve this issue. thank you

I am having a hard time with the background video. It does not play in safari? is there an update for this?

Sorry, so far no update on it. Background video might not play in IOS and Mac, as well as in Safari. You can try a call back to show a still image. Thank you.

can you give me an example of what a ‘call back’ would look like to show a still image

Hi, I used this plugin :

You can check if there is any available solution :

Thank you.