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hi. i bought your item and tried to install it through my wordpress-backend. it says that the style.css is missing. therefore im not able to install it on my server. whats the matter? dan

hi. i’m not familiar with wordpress but if you export as html from muse you will see that there is no style.css, muse themes are not blog friendly. you can maybe link your blog to the theme.

CPU Limit Reached

000webhost seriously dude? seriously?

what do you mean?

Good Work! GLWS :)

hi tornadador, nice and clean template, I seek a few helps please, I have made a parallax onepage template too, just give me all the details one needs to do before sumitting it to themeforest.

how does one hosts a HTML template?

Hi, well after you finish it you should do the demo first for the preview, I exported as HTML and than I uploaded the files to the hosting website. After the preview is uploaded and the demo website works you have to replace all images you don’t own and put placeholders instead Make a documentation file and some previews and you can upload it. Good luck!

i used 000webhost because it’s free, you make an account and choose a domain name and then you can use filezilla to upload the HTML files to that domain.

Hi how do i make the top header slideshow that shows in the background to work? and how do i make the second pic that comes in the background to work the one that you have a table and a computer that shows

and how do i make the portfolio pic show propertly, now the thumbs shows up but when i click on them then it dont show up.

visit to se what i mean!

thanks! and thanks for a great theme! have a great evening

first of all did you remove the placeholders? and also when you exported the HTML files do you have your photos in the images folder? In the porfolio, click on the small blue arrow to pop the small menu and at the bottom check the show lightbox parts while editing to see if its ok

hi again! well i am a totally newbe at this! the photos are in the image folder and all the placeholders are gone. but i can not follow you on the small blue arrow? where? witch small menu at the bottom? in the homepage? in the editing? i use dreamweaver and i am on a mac. please be more specific! it would be great if you wrote a tutorial to your themes cuz they are great but for us that buy them are not professionals like you thats why we buy them!

The small blue arrow is in Muse when you click on the slideshow it appears on the top right. The only step-by-step I can give you is for Muse since I don’t use Dreamweaver.