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v1.2 – February 07th, 2014

  • FIXED – Responsive Issues

@laurenlund How did you managed to set-up the opt-in form with MailChimp ? Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your support. It was quite easy to set-up :)

Twitter feed is not working properly most of the time. In some cases, tweets eventually load but after a very long time. In most cases, I get a “no tweet available” message. And sometimes it works… I have tested using the downloaded template with no changes from my end (except the username line in the index file as per instructions from the documentation page) : I still have the issue.

Can you please help ? Do you plan to publish an update on this topic ?

Thank you for your support.

Any news ? This type of feature do work on other websites so there should be a way to fix the issue… Anyone can help ?

Seems that the API from getmytweets.co.uk used in this template js files is no longer available. Do you still provide support on this template ?

I have been able to solve the flaw using the following script+API : http://www.jasonmayes.com/projects/twitterApi/ Works perfectly. Tweet loads instantly.

When launching the site from my iPhone the Mobile view to link to the Home page Navigation will not work, how do I configure the Mobile Navigation?

<!- Mobile Navigation -> <select class=”responsive-nav show-for-small” onFocus=”moveTo(this.value)” onChange=”moveTo(this.value)”> <option value=””>Main Navigation</option> <option value=”http://m.oneaccorddjs.com/html2/index.html” selected>Home</option> <option value=”#”>Membership</option> <option value=”#”>Purchase</option> <option value=”#”>Facebook</option> <option value=”#”>Twitter</option> <option value=”https://m.soundcloud.com/gwizprdco316/sets/flavaradio316-presents-new”>Listen Live</option> </select>

I would like to buy this theme. When will it be finished?

I am having a hard time changing the background for the Mobile version. I have tried to change to a solid black ground and I have also tried changing it to have a video background and neither have been successful. It continues to show a purple background that reads “Homepage background 1680×900px”. How do I change that?

Hi there,

Thank you for purchasing our theme! Could you please send us this message alongside with your website link and FTP details to: support@avathemes.com and our developers will have a solution for you in no time.



I am new to this. I love the template, instructions seem pretty simple too. I purchased it and was wondering how to set this up through Go daddy? Are there any other web applications we can set this up under besides HTML5? php anything?

Thanks for responding so quickly! I did that and opened up some of the folders such as the index.html file and it was not allowing me to go in and edit the code.

Only half of the index.html file is appearing

Can you please send us an email at support@avathemes.com with the following info and we’ll help you out:

  • FTP Login details
  • Link to your website


I bought this theme and everything was working perfectly, I uploaded to the ftp, my background video will not play. It’s a mp4 won;t work on safari or firefox

This is becoming very frustrating… your support site keeps telling me to properly fill out the form just to register :(

Just figured out by trial and error If you leave majority of fields empty it registers… but now I’m trying to contact support for this theme FlatR and there is no support for this theme???

Hi .. just 2 Q: How to stop looping video? Twitter tells me just “No tweets available” .. DEBUG: http://api.getmytweets.co.uk/?screenname=ZOONG_TV&limit=1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Thanks in advance

From my point of view this must be rewritten because “getmytweets” isnt longer working as a free service. PHP Code with own api can be found on github

whats going on here? please leave a little statement so i can make plan B or so