Discussion on Flatrica | Material CV/Resume

Discussion on Flatrica | Material CV/Resume

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hjs2k9 Purchased

Hi, I have just purchased your amazing template. There is just one thing I cannot figure out, I hope you can help me: I want to add a logo image right on top of the vcard box on the left, which fades in with the vcard and is only display on bigger screens. When the picutre of the vcard box turns into the circle the logo image should disappear. Here is a screenshot of what I mean: https://ibb.co/3rZP8nb

Can you help me?

sure, did you hosted the template? If you hosted the template, give us the link we can help you on that.

Hello! Wanted to ask if I can host it on AWS S3 bucket – is it static web site or it has dynamic content?

Hi okholodov, Yes, It is a static site no dynamic content included. You can host it on Amazon S3 bucket

hi, i download the theme-Flatrica | Material CV/Resume, and i try to upload the documents into wordpress, but The package could not be installed. it saids The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

could you help

Hi, it’a an HTML theme, not wordpress. You can follow instruction here to change & customize https://business.tutsplus.com/id/articles/how-to-use-an-html-resume-template-to-make-your-personal-site--cms-28197

Hi, does the theme support rtl ?

Sorry, Currently we don’t have RTL support.


Good morning, can you send me a step on how to upload my template on Blogger or Wordpress?

It’s an HTML template. You’ve to convert it for those platform then you can upload.


I am trying to add bullets points inside timeline-blocks, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you help with that.

I think .scss files are not referenced in html page. Don’t know why though.

We’ve send you a mail on behalf of that.

Hi, where can i download logo for letter ‘N’ ?

Hi there,

I’ve built a page using you template (which I love, btw), but I’m having a small issue. If you go to the experience section of www.drpaulfarrow.com, you can see that the line does not extend all the way through the final section. Do you know why that is? I can’t work it out from the html or css.

Best, Paul

Fixed it. :)


I was curious, if purchased, if the top area / header can be used in conjunction with divi builder or would this template need to be solely used with the program / plugins / theme that it was created? Thank you for your time.

Best Regards

I think I see in above comments that this is not supported with WordPress. Thank you anyway.

Hi !

I have a little problem on the portfolio’s buttons :


appears but I don’t know from where because in my html I have nothing !

and an image of maps is in http and kill my full SLL encryption :/

My customer’s name is Dockwiller on Theme forest.

hi im interesting with ur themes , but my problem is ur themes is not support with wordpress

This is a HTML theme, you can host it like a static sites. We’ll let you know when we released the WordPress version of that. Thanks

yes please let me know soon, i really want to make my own website with this themes but i want to use it in wordpress version

We’re not interested to make wordpress version near future. Thanks

Hi i’m from Brazil

First of all, sorry for bad english I work for a company that will buy the theme. but I need a note or proof of purchase, something I can throw into the management system of the company.

Without that I can not make the purchase. Also, will I have access to the html, css and javascript from the project? I am a developer and must have access to the code to make changes that the company requests.

This theme will only streamline my development process. I thank the attention.

When you buy the theme envato will give you a purchase receipt. And you will also get an purchase code. Thanks


I just purchased your Flatrica cv/resume- looks beautiful!

I have never built one of these projects before, is there a FAQ or other documentation you could point me to that could teach me how to build my page? I’d love to build something that looks like the demo you have!

Does this purchase cover only the page? Not the hosting of the page as well?

Thanks a lot! Aki


Thanks for wonderful words about the products. About making your own CV from this template – we included a detailed instruction in our documentation, if that bit difficult to understand, there is guide on tutsplus based on our template – link (https://business.tutsplus.com/articles/how-to-use-an-html-resume-template-to-make-your-personal-site--cms-28197). And yes this purchase only cover the page – you need to purchase hosting+domain to make you CV live.

Regards Trimatrixlab Support-Mail: trimatrixlab[at]gmail.com

Why I can’t install on flywheel? report the style.css missing. I already extract and compress only materialCV file as zip. But does not work

it’s an HTML template.

map is not loading it says”Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. please help me!

Did you provide google map API key correctly? See the documentation for the steps. If you’re still facing that problem, give us a live URL for help. Thanks


I’d like to use custom colors for the Primary and Accent. I see I can edit the variables in sass for that, but I’ve never worked with sass before.

Can you provide me a step by step list of what exactly I need to do, to utilize custom colors?

Just open style.css in text editor n bulk replace two colors with your own color code.

Or you can go through some YouTube videos on sass.

Hey guys first of all: great template!! Now my questions is: How can I change the the left & right arrangement of the timeline blocks …the first block appears always on the left side. Which files/lines do I have to edit to have the education timeline blocks start on the right side? Thank you in advance

Hi, It’s hard to tell about the exact line number without live URL. Please give us a live URL for help you with this problem. Thanks

I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure what you mean by “live URL” ? the URL of my website?

Yes, where you have hosted the template.

I have some coding and web design experience. I have never worked with sass before. what would you suggest as being the best piece of software to use to edit and make changes to this template?

Hey Author,

This template is awesome. Loved it. I am working on web development after like good 7 years and still, can figure out where things are coz of how well structured the code is. However, I have a couple of questions. In the study section, I have only three items and timeline’s line is extended beyond last div “timeline-dot”. Wish I could attach a screenshot here. I also want to increase the initial loading time but I am not able to figure that out. I tried to increase the seconds in animation in CSS, but that doesn’t seem to be working. And last, by any chance do you have a png with N for the menu? Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for the wonderful message – there is a section on documentation about timeline line fix. Anyway mail us at trimatrixlab[at]gmail.com – we will definitely help you out with rest of the things. Best regards.

Hi From were I can change google maps LatLng , to my current location


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