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Good job!Good luck! :)


First customer of this fresh new theme :) It looks nice, thanks for your work.

Thanks for your support.

Hello, I am interested in this template, but first I would like to know if it supports the arabic Language ( Chars go from right to left )

nevermind it should work :p purchased

I seem to get this error ’ [object Object] On the contact form, could you please tell me how to fix this

please contact me via my profile contact form.

I built my current website using GoDaddy’s website builder, how would I use your site design with that? Sorry, newbie when it comes to web stuff!

I’ve never used GoDaddy’s website builder, but if you have FTP access to the web host you just upload the files. Sorry I can’t provider more information.

Nice work Good luck with sale;

Nice work, :D

FYI your demo page is 404.

Thank you. My Hosting provider is having an outage.

First of all thanks for this awesome theme! I used it to replace my bloated wordpress installation :). I recently added SSL support to my online resume site, and I saw that the Google map, the dots and bars don’t fill with color and the contact script does not work anymore. I guess it has something to do how the JS files are referenced, but I am not sure. Could you help me out here? Thanks!

Make sure that the reference JS files are being referenced on your server over SSL if you’re access the site over SSL.

Or reference the files as a relative path and not absolute.

I love this template so much and really happy to have such a wonderful template.

Thank you for your support. Feel free to check out one of my other projects. http://www.trudesk.io