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This is really cool! I love how it switches from PhoneNumber, Email and Search, very cool! Also on the smartphone navigation how the background tuns to a light shade of blue, never seen that done before. Very nice! I am going to buy this when I get t3h funds.


Thank’s, it’s very nice to hear such comments ))

Good Job, I Like it ;)

Wow! Guys, it’s really amazing theme. :)

Awesome! You should definitely make custom search with custom filters and properties with grid\list view. Overall template is very very great! Wish you a lot of sales!

Nice Theme! Pre-Sale Questions: 1) Any plans to incorporate a front-end submission page where users can manage their own listings to update, edit, delete, add images, add video, maps, amenities or features, etc. and see statistics, reply to inquiries and respond to questions about their listings and also be able to charge them to submit their listings on a recurring monthly payment service like paypal or any other payment gateway? 2) Could the “featured properties” be shown on the main slider of the homepage using “featured image” of the properties with corresponding address, price? 3) Does support for facebook, google or yahoo login to register? 4) Can you customize the search fields? 5) Is it WPML compatible? 6) When you do a search with the text field, can you use address, price, zip code, state, city, neighborhood, etc. ? 7) Can you compare properties side-by-side? Thanks!

Any news on above features to be integrated into the theme?

Dear revizine,
2,3 features will be available in the next release of the theme. Estimated time up to 2 weeks.
1,4,7 features will be available later.
We’ll take a look at “MemberMouse” membership plugin and provide you our decision as soon as possible.

Amazing work! Best of luck with sales :)

Thank’s )

Good concept.

*One thing ill never understand is why 90% of this themes never include faceted/hierarchical search. Which would allow users to filter by state then by city and then by area. It would be great if you added it

  • The theme looks good, it would also be great if you added an “static” search box option in the home page 1, below the map, im not liking the current floating one.

Good luck, you’ll have my money when you have faceted search.

Hello RicardoRL,
We have planned to add this feature in the next versions of the theme as a short code.
Thank’s )

Looks wonderful , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Nice Theme!Love it :) Good luck with sales :)

Is PayPal payment for new entries possible?

Hello schnappi717,
We have planned to add a payment service in the next versions of the theme. For now you need to control it manually: if user has paid you — you’ll turn it on, otherwise you’ll turn it off.

Excellent theme! Just a question; on the properties page, can I separate these into ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Rent’ as a dropdown?


Can I have map and image on the homepage rather than map and filter?

Hello jongrafton,
1) The check-boxes on the properties page are available for this purpose. If you’ll leave ‘Sale’ check-box inactive, then you will be available to see only properties for rent.
2) Please provide us more details about this feature. How it should look in your opinion?

Beautiful theme! Great job!

How do users submit properties? I’ve tried to, but couldn’t.

Isn’t it confusing for regular users to be sent to the Wordpress Dashboard?

I’d consider buying your theme if you had some kind of “Review, Rating” system

see Spotfinder here on themeforest

@revizine If this theme does everything you asked for, it would be awesome and probably will be selling a lot… Cuz, I’ve seen this kind of themes selling more than 1000s…

What does the “Add your property” section look like?

Great theme but there´s a lot what Iam missing. I really want to buy your theme. Can you kind of ensure me, that the planned features are done in about the next 3 Month like:

- custom filter on Frontpage (I need it for filtering training spots without prices and stuff)

- Payment system like paypal and bank transfers - Real front end submissions - Facebook Google logins

- and all other features that “revizine” asked you about?

wpml would not be that urgent now but later important too!

What are the first features coming in the next update?

Best regards Hendrik

Just buy it and install it! But got this error and nothing work! Can’t go back and I’m stuck! Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home**.....**.com/wp-content/themes/flatroom/inc/shortcodes/features.php on line 18

Hi InfoStyle, very nice work.

Do you have plan for html ?

I,m ready to buy only for your email, phone search switcher but i’m not ready to spend 55$ for it.

So if you have plan for html please let me know or if you want to sell only this widget, i’m ready to buy.



Hello claudeabandonato,
yes we have plan for html version. May be it would be available in the next week.

Hello, Is the dsIDXpress plugin integrated with the home page map and search form??



Hello jncreative ,
yes the dsIDXpress plugin integrated with the home page map and search form.

Hi InfoStyle, when do you wanna add customize search fields? Without it it´s just for real estate purposes.

I need your theme for other things like listing different training spots.

Is this feature in the next update and when is it planed to be published?

Without it I have no use for your theme and I have to by another one – but I would prefer to buy yours…

Best regards Hendrik

Hello Jakowlew-Medien
Sorry, but we can not give you a specific time frame. We’ll try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Okay thx for answering! I just needed to know if it`s gonna be done because its determining to me if I can use the Theme or not. And I think a lot of customers which want to use your theme for other purposes next to real estate would be happy too. Ill buy your theme and hope that the feature comes in the next update. Keep up the good work. ;-) Best Regards Hendrik