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A few things I noticed: The map page has a problem with reloading after resizing in Browsers like Chrome, Opera Next (Chromium Engine), Opera, and Internet Explorer. The only browser where it seems to run perfectly is FireFox.

There is a problem with all kinds of “Page under Construction” plugins. They only hide usual pages but not the map and others.

Some additional color change option would be nice in the future.

It would be great if you and your team could fix some of these issues in the next updates. ;-)

Greets Hendrik

Hello, Hendrik.
Please provide us an information about the order of actions that causes the problem with reloading.

Please try this plugin:

Please provide us an information about the color, which you want to change.

Couple comments…

How does the theme pick the location? It seems arbitrary, and even in the demo some are city/state and some are full address, not the greatest end user experience.

In a future update would be great if the location can be more refined? And most importantly if someone selects a location can the map not move to that location? otherwise the end user has to zoom out to find the pins, move and zoom in. Or even worse figure there are no listings and simply not do anything

Hello, bigwoofer.
Theme pick the location, which was set up in the Dashboard (Admin panel) for this property.

Please provide us more detailed information about moving map to location:
1. On what page is this map placed? 2. What end user (user, agent, admin) has to zoom out and zoom in it?

Hi there! Just bought and installed the theme but I dont see options for enabling the map or different home page layouts. What am I doing wrong? Also, do you have any documentation or guide related to this theme and how to enable all the different options. On the original buy page it said that this theme is “Well Documented” but I can’t find any documentation whatsoever.

@ jessagill, the documentation is in the files also a plugin you have to install to show the map and stuff. (I hope its okay when I help out – answers are taking some time here…) Best Regards

@Jakowlew-Medien. Thank you so much for your answer. It is very much appreciated. I will check out the files.

Hey @infostlyle. Looks like you have done a great looking theme.

I have some presale questions and the same time going to provide some feedback critic: Why? Because I am hoping that @envato will raise the bar on submissions to Marketplace: 1. Increase Theme Developer Requirements & 2. Promote Awareness to THEME BUYERS so they do not waste time/money like I have here by asking important questions & critics.

I hope to give Presceptive to both Theme Developers and Buyers in order to Best Bridge The Gap between the too.

YES YOU MY FIRST GUINUE PIG because Yours has been the only one that has grabbed & intrigued my attention in the past TWO Month’s (Nov/Dec) in the MarketPlace. SO GREAT JOB!!!

- To be Continued… Comment Got to Long will break it up in several others.

Hello, julianprice.
We appreciate your feedback and critic.
Your opinion is very important for us.


1. Great Job A+ on: Style, Minimal Function without Bulky Features and HUGE PLUS: USING REAL SAMPLE CONTENT not Lorum Espm (other theme developer take note)

2. Feedback Improvement: a) No admin Screenshots – I wanted to know how easy it going to be on the back end. b) No link to theme document ion. I HAVE LEARNED I WANT TO SEE THESE THING IN THE PRESALE PHASE

@infostyle hope you are doing great. How’s it going with this theme. I am surprised not more purchaes.

Hello Please help me resolve this. After installation i get this message and i cant do anything else: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/help2buy/wp-content/themes/flatroom/inc/shortcodes/features.php on line 18

Please help, i need the above resolved. After uploading theme, once i click activate that is what i get.- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/help2buy/wp-content/themes/flatroom/inc/shortcodes/features.php on line 18

Hello, forspring.
You should install PHP 5.3.27 version at least for correct work of the theme.

@ forspring – you have to change your php version to a higher one. I had the same problem… its a one minute thing. ;-) (I changed from 5.2.17 to 5.4.9) Best Regards Hendrik

Yes, you are right.
We appreciate for your feedback.
Thank you.

@Jakowlew-Median, Thank you for at least giving me a clue on this I am very glad.I have contacted my host and they cant provide me with any other version of php.

I am hoping this theme can be tweeked for me now to work with 5.2.17 as I have other wordpress sites working fine on my hosting accounts.

Any HELP???

Please can you give me information on how to setup Homepage styles 1-4. I am having difficulty with it.

It is not on the documentation!

Hello forspring,
please contact us on http://support.itembridge.com/ for quick reply.

I try to install it in a 3.8 version of wordpress… it doesnt work, will you update the compatibility of the theme, or do i reverse to the old wordpress?

I try again and in the version 3.7 of wordpress it still doesnt work. I get a white screen.. Any idea? Thx a lot!

Hello jorgealbertoarroyavemanco, sorry for inconveniences but all support provides on http://support.itembridge.com/ but not in comment section. Thank you for understanding.


Can we do this following outline using your theme? http://oi39.tinypic.com/2ahzgw7.jpg

Waiting for your response. Thank you.

Hello msswebso,
there is different navigation in this theme that you are showing in screenshot, so you can’t change it and do what you are askin about.

Can we put this advanced search sidebar on a homepage 2 or 3?

Hello skyrocketMY,
No, this feature is not available.

Hi, I have PHP Ver. 5.2.17, I was wondering if this theme would work with my version?

Hello Dougielove,
You should install PHP 5.3.27 version at least for correct work of the theme.
This question has been raised above.

Hi. I would like to create website with accommodations for rent (maybe for sellings too). Can your “Flatroom” template be use by other people to insert their flats or houses offers? I want to be just admin of this site. Im not the agent.

Hello logojepa, sorry for inconvenience but all support questions would be answered from the 8-th of January due to holidays.

Im still waiting :)

Hello, logojepa.
You can create a user in your Dashboard (Admin panel) and set him a role of “Agent”. This user will be able to create properties himself.

Is their a way on the map page to simply add a marker? Right now you have to use the interface, enter address and ping Google to see if they recognize the address, however for a real estate site, there are new subdivisions that Google doesn’t yet recognize and would be great if we could simply drop a pin, and ideally drag it to the correct location.

Add that feature and this theme would pretty much be everything I need

Thank you for comment, but visit the http://support.itembridge.com/, and our support team try to help you.

Hello, can this theme be used easily for just property rentals?

Hello, nubirthmedia.
For now there are some elements related with the sale of properties.
We have some plans to make our theme more cutomizable in future.

Hi Filter widget not shown on properties page

Hello, omarkhatib.
We already answered your ticket on our support site. Please check it.

How do I add the contact us in the footer….. in the widgets!

Hello, crgo.
You should fill the values in your Dashboard (Admin panel):
Appearance -> Customize -> Footer Settings

Has this theme been updated and all bugs fixed? Or just avoid?

Hello, theisaacsteam.
You can find update history at the bottom of this page:


Can I get a screenshot of what the end user will see when submitting a property? Thanks!