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Hi MeigeeTeam, can you send me the fixes you did so far? Can`t wait longer because the Store App will go live in the android/ios stores and for that i need the fixes with add to cart etc.

Hello. Sure, just send us an email through the contact form on our profile page to get the fix.

Hi MeigeeTeam, can you send me the fixes you did so far? I need to live my Site.

Hi. Just sent, please check your inbox.

Hi, version 1.1: http://meigeeteam.com/templates/flatshop/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=tote

Search restuls:

1) Quick view doesn’t work

2) There’s no “shop by” module ( ex. price or categories ).

Hi, Thank you for reporting bug. We already updated our theme so now everything works correctly. Be aware that shop by block is not foreseen on result page of advanced search even by default.

Could you please send me fixes that you did?

Sent. Please check your inbox.

Hello, am very interested in this template.

Is this template is multi-store? (create a different designe by shop)

Are there a limited number of domains in use of your template (in multi-store configuration)?

Last question, do you think your template is compatible with this plugin: color-swatch-with-zoom

Thank you very much for your response.


Hello. Yes, it’s multi-store theme.

You can use this theme for any domains you have related to one project. But you have to buy different licences for different projects.

Our theme is compatible with any magento extensions witch are compatible with default magento theme, but be aware that we have overridden many default template files so you will need to adapt the logic of that extension into our files by yourself.

Does this theme work with magento 1.8? i’m having problems with the sliders, they only show like half of the size: http://awesomescreenshot.com/01a1waxk9e Also getting this error when trying to navigate to Maigee>Theme options ver 1.1>General options: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08d1waxx97 I’m guessing that’s where i can change the logo… Also i have added some demo products and can’t get them to show on the homepage: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0021wayfc9

We did nothing with cache in our theme so that is not a bug caused by our theme. Magento (How to fix): One or more of the Cache Types are invalidated: Blocks HTML output.

Hi thank you, how can i change/manage the footer’s social links and copyright? http://awesomescreenshot.com/0321wj4a24 Doesn’t seem to work with this: http://awesomescreenshot.com/00d1wj454d Thanks

Nevermind i’m sorry wasnt being changed because of the cache…

Hi. Where is the instruction tu upgrade from version 1.0 to 1.1 ?

There is Changes/1.0 – 1.1.diff file in the package where we described all changes we made.

is it any way that we just can download the diff files needed for update?

can we access to your svn?

I notice this theme doesn’t include a mega-menu. Do you recommend another mega-menu that would be compatible with this theme?

Hello. Yes, mega menu isn’t included. Our theme is compatible with any extensions which are working on default theme.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am thinking of buying your Theme, but I am quite new to Magento and all its functionalities.

With this in mind, could you tell me if a beginner will be able to install and use this theme quite easily?

I mean, is there be a detailed manual included with this theme?

Will there be any coding necessary for using this theme or not at all?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks in advance!



Hello. Well, I must say that magento isn’t quite simple for beginners at all. So I recommend you playing around magento installation on your local mashine to learn how to install and configure magento. As for our theme, there is ability to install our theme in just a few clicks, anyway we can install it without any fees on your installed and configured magento.

Magento is coded the way so you will need to modify its code, but in our theme there are lot’s of things which you can do just from the admin panel.

Hello, i have the last version but the “Shop By” navigation do not show. It only shows the categories.

Do you have a fix for that? I was going crazy trying to find the problem until i see the comments of other people here having the same issue..

Thank you.

i found the problem. Is due the Ajax Price Slider on magento 1.8. I disabled it and shop by block show up…

Hi, We are checking out problem with Ajax price slider, but disappearing of shop by block may be caused by other reason. Try to update your theme with files that we already sent you today and problem with Shop By block possibly will be fixed. If not please notify us via email.

Live preview on this theme, does not show any “currency switching” ... is it built in? where does it show-up on this theme?

I really like this theme.

cheers… looks good. did you see my message about discount codes on the “Colorstorm” theme? any chance you will address that in future versions?

Yes, I saw that. We will check it tomorrow

Sure, if we find this bug we will fix that in the next update.

Will this work on 1.6 version?

Hello. No, it’s compatible with magento community edition starting from version 1.7

I have captcha enabled in the admin panel but can not get me to appear in the ajax login form. However, in the form without ajax if I get. What should I do?

Hello. The point is that the ajax contact form in our theme isn’t magento default one so you need to implement logic from captha module into app\design\frontend\flatshop\default\template\contacts\form_footer.phtml by yourself or hire someone to help you get it done.

are you sure? it’s weird because I speak the ajax login form, not the contact form, does not appear to be related. In my humble opinion, I think the issue is where to place the block “form.additional.info” in Flatshop as captcha.phtml, in magento default theme, contemplates for 1column only. Thanks and regards

My fault, sorry. You need to integrate your captcha in files over there:


hi, great theme. - can I add a video in the homepage slider (youtube or vimeo)? - can I add an “about” tab in the menu (next to the product categories)? thanks :)

Hello, Concerning video: yes, you can add video. Be aware that the touch capabilities for the slider will not apply to the video iframe or swf embed. The responsive behavior would work the same as any other responsive video element in a web page so long as your HTML/CSS is set to behave that way. ie. video width/height 100%.

Regarding the top menu: you can add subcategory of root catalog, set desirable displaying content in tab Custom Design and add static block to that page. The more detailed instructions are described over here: http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/adding-page-links-in-the-navigation-bar

how do i set up the “new products” for the home page. I would like to know how i can choose a product or if possible list a category.

Hi, To display new products on homepage mark several products as new (Catalog-> Manage Products tab General of any product Field “Set Product as New from Date”). Next step is to go to home page (CMS-> Pages) and add following code to the tab Content:

New Products

{{widget type=”meigeewidgetsflatshop/newproducts” template=”meigee/meigeewidgetsflatshop/slider.phtml” products_amount=”10” visible_products=”3” autoSlide=”1” autoSlideTimer=”7000” autoSlideTransTimer=”800” widget_id=”7497”}}

or instead of input code you can insert our widget Meigee New products Extended. To show products from specific category on home page you have to insert our widget Meigee Featured Category Extended on home page in tab content. Information about our widgets you can find in section “Ui widgets” of this theme’s documentation (Package-> Documentation-> index.html)

HI there,

we are thinking about switching our system from some small fuzzy hika shop to magento as we now need multishop features and several other features that no other e-commerce system seems to provide.

Talking about this theme (flatshop): this really really seems to suit us well! But unfortunately the german law (as all german webdesiogners will confirm) suckz big time! We have to modify each single system that is offered out of the box. For example: in ANY view of the shop, if you get the chance to actually put something in your cart, the price has to be following format:

123,45€ inkl. MehrWertsteuer, zzgl. Versand

“inkl. Mehrwertsteuer” means including taxes “zzgl Versand” means actual prize PLUS shipping fees. The word “Versand” has to be linked directly to the shipping conditions.

Haha, wellcome to german law.

Is there any version of the flatshop that will follow german law? Please tell me so – i really want our websiute to “wear” this theme!

Regards, David

Hi MeigeeTeam,

Just wanted to know that can you provide full Demo with product as i am new to Magento it is taking to much of my time.

You can use default magento sample data to get your store configured right way and then just activate our theme from the admin panel to get all blocks/pages installed.

Hello MeigeeTeam !! thanks for the great theme. I have some trouble getting the fullwidth slider. ( www.tbls.nl )

What ever I try, can’t get it full width. I’m I doing something wrong?

Best Regards, Perry

Hello. We need to get into your admin panel and ftp server to investigate the problem. Send us an email through the contact form on our profile page.

hi, when is the next update? i would like to buy it. thank you, great template

Version 1.2 is already released.

Hi! Do you have more social media icons in the theme? We’d also want to add Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr.

Hi. It’s not a problem to add any. Just send us an email to get new links you want

Layered navigation seems very borked when a item is selected.

Aware of this, there is no remove X and green/blue bar with clear options is wider than the sideblock bar.

Hello. What do you mean? Can you send us some screenshots through the contact form on our profile page?