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Product page is not opening after upgrading to ver 1.2.. seems some php error

v1.2 is running on the demo store and everything looks correct. Can you send some screenshots of that error?

Hello, we are about to use this theme with our custom CMS. Is HTML version of template also provided with magento ready theme? As i see you are adding PSD’s, what about HTML’s for different views?

Hello. No, html version isn’t provided. You can psd files witch come with the theme to make html version by yourself.

Hi, excellent theme.

I am having issues with the slider though. I have uploaded small slider image at 1679×560px and large slider image at 3360×1120px and yet the slider on the homepage on desktop view is displaying at 1055.438×352 which only takes up a small portion of the screen. I cannot find any admin settings for changing this size.

Ok thanks, I was hoping there would be a way I could of inserted any image on the contact us page but apparently that page was strictly constructed from code

A image above the contact us form

After upgrading to ver 1.2.. Home Page is not showing new products.

Just Send email please check.

Meigee Team have you check my problem? Please check as soon as possible.

Yes, please check your inbox

hi, after install the “configuration” menu give me blank page, also template pages are blank…. can you help me?

Magento 1.8 version installed

Hello. Seems you have uploaded not all files correctly. You should upload all folders from folder “Theme_vX.X” into the root directory of magento.

All files uploaded correctly, 2 times. Frontend is blank and “Configure” and “Meigge” menu give also blank page…..

Send us an email through the contact form on our profile page with access to your server + magento admin panel so we could check it by ourselves

Hello, I just purchased this theme for my Magento 1.7 site, however we are planning an upgrade to Magento 1.8 and I wanted to know if the theme is compatible with 1.8 since you documentation does not mention 1.8. Are there any known issues we need to be made aware of with regards to this theme for the 1.8 upgrade?

Hello. Yes, our theme is compatible both with magento 1.7 and 1.8. There is a file in the package you have donwloaded called Read it first!.txt where we described all steps should be done if you want to use this theme on magento 1.7 by default it’s created for magento 1.8

Hello, In Top Menu Can you please tell me how to get drop down menu instead of MegaMenu.

Like Flatshop v1.0 was having earlier.

Hello, You can disable it there “System->Configuration->Custom Menu->General Tab”

Thank You


Can you please answer the support requests that I’ve sent?

Thank you.

Check your inbox please.

Dear MeigeeTeam,

I have installed your theme and followed instructions step by step and so far everything seems operation except for the wide slider. The resolution of each slider picture is oddly 1903px X 1903px making it huge in height. The width is correct but I am not sure why the height is 1903px. I have used the Demo Media files that you supplied and I checked the slider_img.jpg and it seems like the slider_img.jpg is not being loaded on to the site at all because I cannot see the “Sample Image” logo in the middle of the sample picture which leads me to believe that the blocks are not working correctly, or somewhere in some code it is not guiding the blocks to load the sample picture slider_img.jpg with proper resolution.

If I can make the slider load the picture files correctly I think the height will be adjusted automatically. Please help!

Also, I am not sure if this is related but I am also not getting the header-toolbar-wrapper which goes on top of the slider displaying the Language and Currency options

Hi again! I figured it out!! Seems like I had to rename .htaccess file to .htaccess-old located in the /media/ folder that gave access to the pictures for the slider.

Now that the slider is working, can someone now explain me how to add the Language and Currency box hovering on top of the slider pictures?

IT would be a great appreciation if you can.

Thank you

Beautiful theme! When I am in quickview mode and click on the reviews link nothing happens..?

Hi, We checked demo version on mobile devices several times and quick view is working. Probably some of your installed extension blocks quick view. Please send us email through our profile with access to your admin and FTP and we try to help you. Quick view can be turned off only for all devices.

It is definitely nothing to do with my installed extensions as the quick view was not working on the demo site on my android device!

Can you please provide some more details what does “not working” mean? You cannot add a product to cart or layout is broken or…?

Hi MeigeeTeam, I have a problem after copying the theme files on Magento’s root, i get the following message: ‘Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_ThemeOptionsFlatshop_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/codefuel/git_proyectos/undosxtres-web/app/Mage.php on line 546’

I look forward to your help asap best regards

Hi, It seems that not all files were copied to your server. Try again to upload all theme files to you server, if nothing changes then provide us access to your admin and FTP and we will install theme for free.


Is it possible for me to hide the left menu and show 3 columns of products in the product listing page?



Hello, Yes, you can hide left menu just from the admin panel. 3 columns of products are shown by default on the product listing page

Hi Can anyone help me? I am having troubles uploading my Retina Logo Image. I uploaded first the logo.jpg (regular resolution file) as the main logo and then I uploaded the double resolution logo@x2.jpg file for Retina and it seems like it is not working and always displaying the 2x bigger resolution picture instead of the actual logo.jpg. I have tried clearing cache both on magento system and browser and also tried on different devices and still the Retina functionality doesn’t work for the logo upload.

I really don’t mean to be a pain but I just noticed that the Shop By Price sidebar box is not coming up when I enter a category page. On your demo, when you enter a category you are able to shop by price and adjust the lever to your preferred price range. I have checked Theme Options > SideBar Blocks > Shop by settings and they are as follow: Status: Enable – Display as accordion: Accordion – Closed by Default: Yes.

I tried playing around with the settings from Yes to No and clearing Cache system and still no luck. I really liked to have that feature. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Hi, We checked retina functionality on demo version and everything works. Could you please provide us access to your admin and FTP so we can check it directly on your online store. Concerning price slider: please check if your categories are anchored (Catalog-> Manage Categories-> Diplay Settings-> Is Anchor should be set as Yes).

I am thinking of buying this theme. I use Bundle Products on my website so i would really recommend if i see a bundle product with this theme to have a better idea of how it would look. Let me know if you can help.

I like the idea of the floating header but it takes up to much real estate on mobile devices

Something like this would work better I think http://m.urbanoutfitters.com/mobile/index.jsp

As well as the icons for account, checkout, etc

..also my cart doesn’t float, only the menu button does :)

Hi, Thank you for reporting about issue with search. We already fixed it on demo version. Regarding my-cart icon: you can add my cart icon to the floating header by yourself just by changing styles of that block. Go to skin\frontend\flatshop\default\css\styles.css find value “body.floating-header header#header.active .quick-access” in styles.css remove style “display: none” and add your own. Search form you also can hide using styles.css file.

With best regards, Dylan.

Whatever I search for in the search box it always shows no results..? http://meigeeteam.com/templates/flatshop/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=Pouch

Hi, Thank you for reporting about issue with search. We already fixed it on demo version.

With best regards, Dylan.

Installed your theme on www.allmytech.pk.

Some Problems.

- Category Pages are not opening - Bundle Products on Site http://www.allmytech.pk/test-bundle.html are not as same as Bundle Product on the Demo Site - Related Products is always without the slider, no matter how many products there are - Cant find options to modify Menu in any way

Hi, We had a look at your website and it seems that Flatshop theme is not used on your website. Since we support only our themes we can not exactly say what is the reason of issues with third-party theme. Anyway the bundle product seems almost the same as on demo version. Some styles are required to apply to the page, but in general it looks ok. Concerning the related products we see that there are several mistakes in code, but again we can not give you right solution cause we didn’t develop that code.

hi there your theme looks awesome!! two questions: can I make the header sticky? and is a mega menu with images possible? best regards!

Hello, Mega menu is available, floating header will be available in the next version which we’re going to release next week.

I just downloaded this theme and installed it. I installed the 1.7 Patch because im running 1.7. On the Product Page, Simple Product with Custom options, the custom option box is below the description. It should be above it like in the demo by the sharing icons. Also on a Bundle Product the Bundle Items are missing on the Product Page. No where to be found. Any ideas?

Hi, To remove links underneath the add to cart button go to app\design\frontend\flatshop\default\template\ajax\catalog\product\ open view.phtml find and remove the code below:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('addto') ?>

With best regards, Dylan.

No i sent an email with 3 questions. They were never responded to, I asked them on here and i was told to stop “SPAMMING” and email them. I will send an email again. Please let me know the answers

On the My Account section, The left menu that lets customers pick order history, newsletter, address…. is missing… Any Ideas?

Please do no spam in comments. Use the contact form on our profile page to ask your questions. We will send you answers as soon as possible.

I did, please respond to my email, i sent it twice

Seems you got all answers except duplicating links on a product page, please read our reply above. You’ll get the answer regarding links tomorrow.