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One Page checkout says: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name() in /XXXXXXX/lib/MaxMind/GeoIP/geoip.inc on line 384

On the Product Page on the “We Also Recommend” Tab. If a product has a Review. It says X Review | Add Review. Those links don’t work. Those should just be excluded i would think and just be the stars….

The Contact Us and Order and Returns Pages on a iPhone Mobile device, the text boxes go way off of the screen…

how can i disable or remove the mobile template feature. My pages does not look right due to large pictures and upgraded plugins on cell phones.

Hi, To disable responsive layout go to Meigee-> Theme Options-> General Options-> Layout and disable Responsive layout.

thank you for the great service.

I notice if a product has custom options. Add to Compare and Add to Wishlist appear twice. Once up above the social icons, and once below the add to cart button. Any ideas? Thank you

i notice the ” add to cart ” button only shows when a product does not have a custom option. is it possible to have the add to cart button for the custom option as well? most of my other template has this and when you click on the button it goes to the product page. thanks

Hi, This bug was fixed long ago. Please update theme to the latest version or send us email through our profile and we provide you update.

thank you! i updated the the “add to cart” worked perfectly. Now on the product page can we move the add to cart button above the main description and below the facebook likes. this only happens when the product has a custom option like Choose a color or size. thanks


How to add Custom Tab beside Product Description in Product details page. I need to add different text in every product.

Hi, To add additional tab for a product just create a static block called ‘custom_product_tab_XX’ where XX – product id, and fill it with your own additional content. More information about product tabs you can find in theme documentation (Package-> Documentation-> open index.html file and find tab Static Block)

hi there, awesome work! can I make the header sticky too? and can I make the background slider different for every page or category? and is a mega menu with category images / or custom cms possible? best regards

  1. Ability to make header sticky will be added in the next update.
  2. No, background slider cannot be different for every page or category
  3. You can use static html in the mega menu
  4. You can put in the sticky header whatever you want by yourself
  5. What do you mean by normal cms page?

Hi there thx for your answer. Concerning Point 5: shortcodes for normal content pages?

This page isn’t available on the demo at the moment but I’m about to ad it in a few days.

is it possible to replace the newsletter block with a static block. I would like to disable the newsletter and replace it with a image. is there a static block identifier? thank you for your time.

Hi, Concerning product page layout: this is standard magento behaviour, to display this block on the right of the product image navigate to a product edit page -> “Design” vertical tab and set “Product Info Column” in “Display Product Options In” field.By the way, we recommend all our customers to take a look at our online FAQ: most of questions and answers for them are already described in it. In particular the answer for the question above is here: http://meigeeteam.com/faq/#toggle-id-26

Concerning newsletter: unfortunately, there is no predefined static block that will replace newsletter block but you can add it by yourself. To disable newsletter go to System-> Configuration-> Advanced-> Advanced set Disable in Mage_Newsletter dropdown list and then add your own static block. How to add static block is described in many articles; you can try to follow these steps: http://jeremyhixon.com/adding-static-block-phtml-files-magento/.

With best regards, Dylan. MeigeeTeam

Hi, I can’t disable the Home button. When I disable it on backend nothing happens.

Send us an email thorugh the contact form to get the fix.

I’ve sent that twice already. Will be waiting for the fix. Thanks

Check your inbox please.


My site (www.JGrantCo.com) seems to be very buggy a lot of features aren’t working and I’m curious as of why. It seems everyday a different feature stops working and now my cart is working at all. May you look into this. It was working perfectly fine a few days and I haven’t changed non of the coding and was wondering if you can look into it or if it is just recommended to reinstall the entire theme all over.

Hello, What do you mean? I’ve just checked and shopping cart seems to be working correctly.

Support has emailed me and said they have taken care of it. Thanks


In the mobile versions the slide shows as a white block, is this supposed to be normal!?


Hello. Send us some screenshots of blocks you think are displayed not correctly using a form on our profile page.


Love the very clean look of the theme. I was wondering if it’s possible to decrease the size of the product pictures in homepage and add more products? Currently, i see only three products on homepage.

Hi, The product pictures will decrease when you add more products: there is feature in widget options: amount of visible products.

With best regards, Dylan


Is there a way to add a event tracking from GA on the product buttons without affecting the Ajax to Cart plugin? What would be the most suitable way to track all products separately on the theme?

Hi, Probably yes, but we didn’t tested it. You can try to turn off Ajax for add to cart button (System-> Ajax For Catalog-> Ajax for add to cart button) and then apply Google Analytics event tracking. You can try to follow the steps described below: http://inchoo.net/ecommerce/magento/tracking-magento-add-product-to-cart-action-for-analytic-software-purpose/.

With best regards, Dylan.

Hey guys,

I really like your theme but when I try to open a product page I get the Magento Service unavailable error page. I would like to purchase this but I really need to see all sections of the theme working. Can you please let me know when this is fixed so I can have a good look?

Hello. Fixed.

Awesome theme, I had this one in mind for a long while! :) Please be prepared for a few questions in the next few days! ;)

When I add an item to my cart I have to navigate to a new page before the cart shows my product… is this a known issue?

Seems even if I set the store not to be in Magento Demo mode and change the text it still says “© 2012 Magento Demo Store. All Rights Reserved.” in the bottom right… Sorry for all the posts, just posting as I find these issues. All minor but needs fixing! ;)

All the above is working now… MANY THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME THEME! :) 100% thumbs up!

Hello, the Search Bar seems to float around the site and sometimes overlaps the product images or other text – for example when I am on a product on my iPhone the Search Bar is half way over the product image… other times it is hidden behind the first image block under the main page banner and in various other places. Can this be fixed?

Hi, We appreciate that you’ve shared your experiences with us. Displaying of search bar on mobile devices will be fixed in our next theme version, that will be released soon.

With best regards, Dylan


Do you have any links to sites from customers who have bought your theme? Thanks.

Hello, Unfortunately, at the moment I have nothing to show you


I need to display sub-categories in a page that links from a category from the main nav.

I.e. My main category is Sports and I have >>Football, Rugby, Baseball and Tennis as sub-categories. I need to display the subcategories on the Sports page. Right now, the only option I have is to display all of the products listed in Sports.

This is HORRIBLE for SEO.

I’ve tried to email support regarding this issue and it’s been 3 days without any answer.


Hello, Seems you have added your products to two categories: Sports and one of subcategories. Just unchecked sport categories for this products. This is default magento feature anyway.

The content from CMS pages doesn’t show up! http://tjwillems.nl/magento/ What could be the problem?

It looks like this <?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘content’) ?> doesn’t work!

Hello, in order to help you we need ftp access to your server and magento admin credentials. Send it through the contact form http://themeforest.net/user/MeigeeTeam#contact using account you bought the theme from.