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I keep getting this message: “Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page.” and also I can’t assign products to categories in a level more than the second level. :(


http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewthread/71679/ http://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/7478/invalid-form-key-please-refresh-the-page-error-on-product-save

Assigning products to categories isn’t our feature but default magento one. So probably your magento isn’t configured correctly.

HI, two problems 1º The theme does not appear in this product page http://www.obanovidades.com.br/urbana/teste-2.html

2º This error appears on the page of this product http://www.obanovidades.com.br/urbana/teste-9.html

Can anyone help me??


  1. The theme does not appear in this product page Seems that custom design is applied to specific product.Go to the product edit page and flush field with custom design.
  2. This error appears on the page of this product You use magento since base theme files should be use on magento You have to to upload files from patch for magento 1.7.x.x. to get rid of such error

With best regards, Dylan

I just wanted say that this is the best checkout page I’ve ever seen in my life. It makes so much sense to have it on across 3 panels so you can see the whole process at once; and the discount box AFTER entering the address.


I have bought this theme a long time ago and I have been setting up for quite some time now. I have read so many forums and countless comments to try and find a solution to REMOVE the HOME BUTTON from the TOP NAVIGATION. I tried to do it from within the back end admin and also through top.phtml and topmenu.phtml with no luck. Please guide me in the right direction to remove the HOME link from the top. Thanks so much!!

Thank you for the theme’s purchasing. The solution of your issue is pretty easy: if you are runnnig megamenu, home button should be disabled in that extension’s options. No need to edit any phtm file, just go to System -> Configuration -> Custom menu -> General. You will see Show the link “Home” dropdown list. Set no in that dropdown and the home page button will disappear. If you use default menu, go to Meigee -> Theme options -> General options -> Menu and set Disable in Home button dropdown list. By the way if you trying to edit phtml file the best way to know from where html code is generated is to use such default magento feature as Template path hints. More detailed how to activate it you can read in our online FAQ, in particular here

With best regards, Dylan


Is it possible to have the New Mega Menu from your new Indigo template on Flatshop template? The current mega menu is a bit poor in terms of customisation.


Hello, unfortunately it’s not possible.

Not even if I buy the Indigo Template?

Definitely you can move that extension from indigo to flatshop but you may do that be yourself since our support doesn’t cover it.

We always try doing our best so decided to launch support ticket system to be closer to every buyer we got! Feel free to create a ticket if you have any troubles related to our themes Create a ticket

Please post in comments only presale questions


How can i remove numbers of top level menu items?

No need to ask your question twice. Please check your ticket.


Wonderful theme! :) I edited one of the header blocks on the home page and the small arrow that indicates the banner flips over has disappeared.. How do I re-enable it?

Thank you!!!

hi guys your theme is amazing! but are you able to customize and add “shopping cart” button for floating menu? it will be great!

Hello, Unfortunately we do not offer any customisation work but you can contact to our partner http://www.advancedlogic.eu

Beautiful theme and really easy to set up.

I’m having one issue though, when I go to the product, and try to submit a review, mine doesn’t look like the demo. And also, I can’t submit a review.

Help please!

From now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your request through that form https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com

Don’t forget to provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png

I’m having trouble with the onestepcheckout plugin included with the design, it keeps giving the following message: Can not open /home/users/lavivftp/lavivienda.nl/lib/MaxMind/GeoIP/data/GeoIP.dat Could you please help me resolve this error?

Such bug is usually appeared if country or city location are activated while GeoIP data files are not loaded or loaded to the wrong folder. Please download and unzip file under the ‘your_magento_root/lib/MaxMind/GeoIP/data’ folder if you don’t have it. The download link is available in admin (System-> Configuration-> One Page Checkout -> GeoIP)

Thank you for the reply, that resolved my issue!

is it possible to remove the “add to cart button” and “quick view on the products. The 2nd window that pops up does not work properly. 1st issue after i select the color option and hit add to cart it does not update the cart unless i refresh the page. 2nd issue when i do hit add to cart the 2nd window does not allow me to expand the view to complete the checkout. I would have to x out of that window and hit my cart on the main page.

I tired to update to 1.5 hoping the issue would be fix but running into the same issue with 1.5. can the issue be fix or can it be removed.

thanks you for you help and great service.

sample product page


Hi, For some reason whole website is showing in quick view pop-up on your store, but not just product description and options and this doesn’t allow to use that buttons (quick view and add to cart) normally . Please create a ticket in support system and provide us access to admin and FTP, so we can help you. You can try to investigate this issue by yourself, by disabling modules that are installed in your store. Probably they broke default theme behaviour.

With best regards, Dylan

Dylan, thank again for the quick reply. I found out the issue was with the module ” Cearre SEO ” I had to disable the Canonical Product Redirecting in the settings. Great service one again.

Hi there, Just wondering when you’ll be ready with the “flatshop theme demo 3”

Also… would I be able to turn off the shadow on the floating header and the product photos?

Thank you!

Demo 3 is available for now. As to shadow, you can do that in css files of the theme.


I was trying to creat two filters on the left column in the product listing page, that would allow me to search by color and size. But since the sidebar is not on a Static Block and the “Sidebar Blocks” section is limited (in “System” > “Configuration”) I don’t know how I should do it or if it is possible to do it in this theme. I would really appreciate some help in the matter.

To display filters in leyered navigation please go to Catalog -> Manage Categories -> Category edit page -> Display settings and set Yes in “Is Anchor” dropdown list. More detailed information about anchoring categories you can read in magento knowledge base.
Sorry for the long silence.

With best regards, Dylan

Is your theme fully customisable and open source?

Sure you can customise any part of this theme but you can’t use code used in this theme in any other projects/themes/applications…

Thanks. Can I still use the multi step checkout instead of one page checkout in this theme?

Sure you can

This theme is missing the styling for /template/catalog/layer/state.phtml this also happens in the demo, are you planning to fix this or do I have to code my own fix?

I have coded my own state.phtml according to the template style. If you are interested please contact me.

That file was already sent to you via ticket system – please check your ticket. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

With best regards, Dylan


Thanks for your quick response. I have sent you an email back.

Kind Regards, Rik

Hi again,

I have been having some problems with filters (attributes) color and size. I can create them perfectly, but when I click on them I always get an error. At first I thought it was a bug from magento or that I had made something wrong, but then I reinstalled magento and did it all over again and still got the error. I read in a magento forum that it could be an extension problem, but since I didn’t install any extensions I deleted the theme (restore defaults) and I realised it was working! From what I read there seems to be some kind of conflict between the theme and the attributes. I would appreciate if you could solve this problem or tell me how to solve it. I haven been dealing with this issue for almost 2 weeks now and my deadlines are coming near.

Thank you beforehand.

Hello, Please create new ticket here http://www.barberry.temashdesignlab.com/shop/ so we could try to help you.

Do not forget to provide access to your magento admin panel and purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png

anapinhoabe, I am experiencing the same problem. If you know a fix please tell me.

I have found a fix for this, override catalog.xml and remove line 111-113 with the catalog_layerview block.

Hello guys. I have problem with the slider. After i edit slider (changing text) and saving it the image shows much smaller on the frontage slider. Why? I didn’t change the image just updated the slider text. Can you help?

Hello, Unfortunately magento default WYSIWYG editor breaks any HTML tags so you need to disable it if you want to use html tags.

Hello, Is it possible to make a “Quick View” working on product page for Recommended and Related Products? http://meigeeteam.com/templates/flatshop/index.php/women/fache-large-tote.html

Hello, Yes it’s possible but may take some code changes.