Flatshop - Responsive Magento Theme

Flatshop - Responsive Magento Theme

Compatible with:
Magento CE1.7.0.0, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE 1.9

Full Features List

Retina ready
Responsive design
Unlimited colors
Mega Menu
Ajax add to cart
Ajax toolbar
Ajax quick view
Ajax price slider
Ajax login and register
Ajax contact form
Onepage checkout
Theme options module
Integrated Google fonts
Changeable layout. Ability to change sidebar position (left or right)
Two kind of my cart page. Standard and accordion view
Currency switcher as select box and flags bar
“Sale” label for products with special price
“New” label for products
“More views” block can be displayed as slider
“Related products” block can be displayed as slider
“Categories” block in the sidebar can be displayed as accordion
“Wishlist” block in the sidebar can be displayed as slider
Home page button in the menu
Fully customizable home page
Integration with Cloud Zoom
Social bookmarks for products
Compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
Lots of paterns + ability to upload custom patern
Dropdown cart in header
Ability to upload custom logo image
Language switcher as select box and flags bar
Fancybox on the home and listing pages
“To Top” Button
“Collateral” block can be displayed as tabs or accordion
Two positions of newsletter
Ability to disable any sidebar blocks through the admin panel
“Shop by” block in the sidebar can be displayed as accordion
Previous & Next functionality for the product view page
Fully customizable header slider
Custom widgets: New Products, Featured Category products, Tabs, Social Links.
Adjustable Images
Optimized & well-structured code
.Psd files included


We use SVN in our work to control version of templates. What does it mean? It means you can always update your copy of theme very easy even after a ton of custom changes because we provide .diff files with theme files. Just compare your files with changed ones after new version will be realeased.


Images from preview are not included in the pakage due to licensing restrictions

Ver. 1.7 (05.12.16)

New. Patch to v. added
New. Quickstart based on magento added
New. Patch v added
New. Configurable swatches added
New. IWD Checkout updated to v.4.3.6

Fixed. Ajax links hided from search engines
Fixed. Top cart total block appearance on mobile
Fixed. Checkout prefix
Fixed. Swatches images size and aspect ratio
Fixed. Listing, product and quick view pages: image size
Fixed. Swatches with ajax compability: vs ajax, price slider
Fixed. RSS link icon removed from footer links
Fixed. Custom menu in quick view js error
Fixed. Listing labels with swatches appearance
Fixed. Print page appearance
Fixed. Reorder in sidebar
Fixed. Listing ajax - to top position after pager navigation
Fixed. Availability position
Fixed. Product Image Watermarks
Fixed. Cart sidebar actions block position
Fixed. Cart sidebar
Fixed. VS ajax on products with file upload
Fixed. Https bugs with ajax login, ajax wishlist and google fonts
Fixed. Top cart content disappear
Fixed. Product page empty sidebar
Fixed. Log errors
Fixed. Tablet menu

Ver. 1.6.1 (14.05.14)

New. Patch for Magento Community Edition 1.9

v1.6 (5 May 14)

New. Ajax Login and Register
New. IWD OnePageCheckout Updated to v.2.2.21
Fixed. Quick view for product with options
Fixed. Contact form on mobile
Fixed. Skin colors
Fixed. Sticky header wide menu
Fixed. Mobile menu button
Fixed. Android slider bug
Fixed. Shop By accordion removed
Fixed. Shop by block filter error
Fixed. IE11 home banners animation
Fixed. IE8 sticky header and header slider bug
Fixed. Retina option
Fixed. Retina more views
Fixed. Mobile widget slider
Fixed. patch to 1.7
Fixed. First product img
Fixed. Quick view scroll
Fixed. iwd all added for one page checkout
Fixed. ajax compare and wishlist links doesn't work on search page
Fixed. mobile search
Fixed. mobile header buttons
Fixed. mobile floating header menu
Fixed. Downloadable product add to cart with ajax error
Fixed. Downloadable product in shopping cart bug
Fixed. Crossell Products
Fixed. custom mobile menu numbers bug

v1.5 (31.01.14)

New. Floating header
New. Boxed layout
New. Background Slider
New. Added ability to display static block instead of header slider
Fixed. Ratings on listing and quick view
Fixed. prices, cart items in patch to 1.7, product page links (compare, wishlist), listing quick view button
Fixed. Alignment for bundle product's prices
Fixed. Retina Logo
Fixed. Search isn't working
Fixed. VS Ajax wrapper doesn't disappear
Fixed. More views block isn't working
Fixed. Ajax Contact Form
Fixed. local.xml bug
Fixed. Product Image disappears when extra large product page layout is set
Fixed. Quick access overlays megamenu and usual menu in mobile version
Fixed. prev/next buttons on product page
Fixed. Static Blocks In Header Navigation don't appear if megamenu enabled
Fixed. Menu cannot be expanded on mobile and Tablet devices
Fixed. mobile menu position
Fixed. More views block in quickview
Fixed. Mega menu colors
Fixed. menu z-index
Fixed. top menu divider skin color
Fixed. Quick view button hover bug

Ver. 1.4 (17.12.13)

New. Ability to set aspect ratio for product images
New. Added custom.css to make customisation/update theme process more easiest
New. Added instagram link to the social links widget
Fixed. Z-index added for facebook popup window
Fixed. Product collateral block's position changes depends on block related products
Fixed. Awesome fonts updated in patch for magento 1.7
Fixed. Added background for reviews block if related block is placed in sidebar
Fixed. Twitter share block on product page
Fixed. Moved related position options to the correct place
Fixed. Removed unused code
Fixed. All theme options moved into local.xml

v1.3 (12.12.13)

New. Patch for update to Magento Community Edition
Fixed. Removed unnecessary files in Patch to Magento 1.7.X.X
Fixed. Colors of labels and new
Fixed. Some table css bugs + icon removed in multycheckout table
Fixed. Activation error

v1.2 (05.12.13)

New. Mega Menu Added
New. Converted Font Awesome to v 4.0.3
New. Added Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr icons
Fixed. Added note on activation page
Fixed. Patch bug
Fixed. Update cart button 
Fixed. Image's size doesn't change when choose different category layout
Fixed. iPhone css bugs
Fixed. Added ratings to quick view
Fixed. ajax price slider doesn't turn off
Fixed. Add to cart button for configurable products on product listing
Fixed. Undefined index: isAjax
Fixed. Search page bug (idle "Add to cart" and "quick view" buttons, missed "Shop-by" block)
Fixed. One page checkout bug

v1.1 (29 October 13)

New. Redesign of checkout one page
New. Redesign of sidebar blocks (Categories, Shop By)
Fixed. "We also recommend" reaplced with "Upsell products" in translate.csv
Fixed. Review 404 error
Fixed. Ajax contact form
Fixed. No space after header slider. IE Fixed. 
Fixed. Register pop-up window doesn't appear
Fixed. Bug with blocks after slider
Fixed. Big product page layout
Fixed. Shopping cart bug
Fixed. Amount of items in header my cart
Fixed. JS conflict with jQuery
Fixed. Home widgets pop-up message
Fixed. Some css bugs

v1.0 (15 October 13)

Magento Community Edition 1.8.X.X, 1.7.x.x (,,