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I just updated woocommerce to the latest version and installed a layered navigation plugin and I’m getting his error Cannot redeclare woocommerce_version_check() (previously declared in /home/artdefia/public_html/wp-content/themes/flatsome/inc/functions/function-global.php:30) in /home/artdefia/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-ajax-layered-nav/ajax_layered_nav-widget.php on line 30

Any feedback on my issue?

Hi there, sorry for the delay.

Seems like an issue with the plugin. Please shoot an email via support and we’ll look into it.

Hey, where can i find the option to minify CSS and JS? Can’t find it .. Thanks!

Hi there,

You will need to use a caching plugin. We use W3 https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/


cgelici Purchased

I think theres a small bug in the customizer. In Customizer>Header, you have the header builder below. I have some code in HTML1, but I have not placed the HTML1 block in the header. The code in the block is still inserted in the page though. When I remove the code it’s fine again.

hi there,

I am unable to replicate the issue here.


vaviv Purchased

Hello In my wordpress dashboard i get this: ~~~~~~~~~ Your theme (Flatsome) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. ~~~~~~~~~

I use: wordpress 4.7.4 woocommerce 3.0.4 flatsome 2.9.6

Why i get this error? What can i do for this

Hi there,

Please update to the latest version 2.9.9 http://docs.uxthemes.com/article/77-how-do-i-update-the-theme


1704media Purchased


I love the theme and everything is working just fine.

I got one issue with the theme i can’t solve. How do i change the text: “Select Options” under mine products. I want the text to be “Add to cart” :

http://prntscr.com/ez53qh – Here is a printscreen which text i want to change.

Could you provide me with some information on how to fix this?

Hi there,

You can change the translation of the string in Loco Translate


1704media Purchased


I dont want to translate the string, but i want to change it in English. From Select Option to Add To Cart.

Hi there,

Loco Translate allows you to achieve that. Alternatively, you can add the following code to your functions.php file

function my_custom_text( $translated_text, $text, $domain ){ switch ($translated_text) { case ‘Select options’: $translated_text = __(‘Add to cart’, ‘woocommerce’); break; } return $translated_text; } add_filter( ‘gettext’, ‘my_custom_text’, 20, 3 );


Pakito85 Purchased

Hello Please, could you tell me how I can move the description down on the categories page?

capture: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2421418/54b581078ada9ca695b1df68940787cc


Hi there,

You will need to change the order of elements in the category.php file in flatsome/woocommerce/layouts

You HAVE TO make this theme available in the other platform like Shopify. Please tell me when will this be available on Shopify?

Thank you for your amazing work.

HI there, thank you for the kind words.

Maybe in the future :) Right now we’re only focusing on WooCommerce.


emmaclub Purchased

Hello, With this theme I have created comments on my own website. https://www.elektroniksigaralikit.tv

Awesome :) Thank you for choosing Flatsome


iannmb Purchased

I just purchased this theme and I would like to achieve the best results with Google Page Speed in my website. Testing demos in Google Page Speed it is not even close. How to achieve 98% like you advertise?

Hello Ian,

To increase page speed see our guide http://docs.uxthemes.com/article/232-how-to-increase-page-speed


iannmb Purchased

Thank you for your fast response. I tried W3 Cache Plugin but it slows down my website! With no plugin I got Desktop = 78/100 Mobile = 74/100. After installing W3 Cache plugin and configure it using woocommeerce docs I got Desktop 62/100 and Mobile 54/100. Do you have some configuration you recommend?

Hello there, Do I need to install WP Retina 2x in order to serve retina images to compatible devices? or is it enough to have the original uploaded image 2x the resolution of the single product image and flatsome will handle displaying retina images on supported devices? thx

Hi there,

Flatsome is retina ready by default. You need to set the images 2x the size described here: http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/docs/#1.3.1

Excuse me, but I don’t use those sizes. I use square images: 125, 250 and 500px for thumbnails, catalog and single product. If I set the size 2x these, wouldn’t that make my site serve the 2x images to all devices, even non retina ones? thx for clarifying

There is a bug in the google sturctured data review in the latest update.i checked the demo http://flatsome3.uxthemes.com/shop/shoes/all-star-canvas-hi-converse/ in google structured data testing tool and found the error “The review has no reviewed item specified.” I love this theme.Will there be a fix soon?

Hi there, this is controlled by WooCommerce now and not the theme :) It should been fixed in latest WooCommerce version.


aguawebs Purchased

Hey – is v2.9.6 going to support WC 3.0?

Is it safe to upgrade to WC 3.0?

Hi there, we have a 2.9.9 version that works with WC3.0 :)

Ah cool – thanks – I was checking change log and it wasn’t updated there


Babakbyatt Purchased

Hello, on my single product pages, on the top of the “Related products” there is another style of related products called “Related text”!!!! it’s not nice and I dont want it there. How can I remove it? Many thanks in advance


””Solved”” it’s all about jetpack plugin. I past: div#jp-relatedposts{display: none !important;} in Flatsome>Advanced>Custom CSS and it fiexd.

Awesome :) Good luck with your site

Thank you


Drawlyzer Purchased

Hi there, if I try to edit the blog page, it shows: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/49-2-2-homepage-blog-setup, but there’s nothing. Where can I find this “how to”? Thanks :-)

Hi there,

The guide has been removed. You can play around with the blog settings in Theme Options > Blog

If you are unsure about anything, shoot an email via support and we’ll look into it.


rivburg Purchased

When I’m going to customize the theme the screen goes blank. Please help. OK is my PHP Version sorry.

Hi there, sorry for the trouble.

Check this out http://docs.uxthemes.com/article/202-missing-customizer-or-ux-builder

When I try to update my frontpage with UX builder no changes are saved and no error message. Is there going to be a fix for this soon?

Hi there, sorry for the trouble.

The UX Builder works well over here. Please shoot an email via support and we’ll look into it.

Hi there. Is there backlog of issues caused by the easter or something? I sent a support request on Wednesday and still waiting a reply. Usually you have answered within 48 hours :). My issue number was 44914. Thanks.

how can i show number of reviews and stars under all products is there a way to do that please help?