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All was great until your update for the product appeared. For some reason your theme automatically updated on my website and my page Reser to the flatsome original setting! I had to backup my Wordpress couple of times now. How can I update this page without loosing all my setting I’ve got already. I’m confused..


Can you submit a support ticket here?

hello sir, I have purchased two licenses. both support are expired. can you please help me to tell me how toshort the long products title. only product page need full name.


Did you try this plugin?

Why is it that when I update my old php to the latest php, the theme goes down?


Every PHP version uses different configuration files so has different settings. You may need to configure again. Also web server cache may cause that.

what does “configure again” mean? How do I do that?

Please contact your host about that. The php.ini file of the current PHP version may need to be re-configured.


Genphiz Purchased

Hi, I know your theme offer a visibility option.

But I was wondering, does the invisible part are still loaded? Let’s say the banner is supposed to be hidden in mobile version, does the mobile version will still load the content despite not being displayed?

Best regard, Christophe


Yes, all elements are loaded. But they’re displayed based on the screen size. This makes the current page responsive. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to display elements correctly on browser screen size changes.


Genphiz Purchased

Hi, so that mean if I have 2 different app, both 5MB, intended one for mobile and one for desktop, the page will load both app, right?

Got it. Thanks for your answer =)

If you use the same images on both elements, it won’t be a problem.


rattar Purchased

Hi guys, I have problem… I tried to set up layout width (container width)... I worked with 1920 width (it was my firs setting)... Than I chenged to differnt values… I also tried settings with boxed layouts… And now I am stacked on 1600 px… And I cant go more… I already reseted all settings… But it is the same… I cant set up more than 1600 px… I also tried delete browser cash… But situation is the same… Thank you.

I just wanted to add that untill I jump out from customisation, width of the layout is equal to my settings… For example if I set up 1920 px and I am in customisation mode, layout is 1920… I push the button publish, then I jump out from customisation and layout is shrinked on 1600 px… If I return to layout settings there is also value 1600 px…

If I am trying to push the plus button in customisation, to add (just for trial) a few pixel over 1600 px, it is not possible… I can go less… But not more then 1600 px…


The maximum container width is limited to 1600px. You can change it by manually editing the flatsome/inc/admin/options/layout/options-layout.php file line #59.

Hi, thank you for your reply… But I meant setting with full-width layout (not boxed layout)... Because with this setting I used for example 1920px width… But now with seting full-width I am limited to 1600px… Maybe I am crazy… But I am shure that I tried to use with setting full-width even more than 1920… It seems to me like like I have some mess in these settings for full-width and boxed layoud… Because untill I did not try setting boxed layout I worked only with setting full-width… And after I tried some changes with boxed layout, full-width setting start to have limit 1600px…

I have also problem with font settings… If I set up for H1, H2, H3, etc… REGULAR weight, they are still bold, they have concretely weight 700…

I tried many time this setting and if I set up regular or weight 700 font looks the same… No change…

Thank you.

In fl-icons, is it possible with CSS to change font-weight from normal to lighter? I see the outline icons very thick.Thanks.


Please submit a support ticket here from the account where you purchased Flatsome.

When I am doing the main configuration, in the Install content section, I see Submissions.

Could you tell me what this kind of content is about?

or what part of the configuration is concerned, if it is the checkout or the products


We see that your support period is still active. Can you please submit a support ticket here?

Our support team will be happy to assist.

Great Job with the last update. Many Thanks. May I suggest for a future upgrade a function that directly/auto copy Product Categories to Wordpress menu. So who use Product Categories as wordpress menu (for example as main menu) does not have to create Categories menu twice…first as taxonomy and second has to copy to WP Menu.

Hope I have explained well the issue :-)


You can vote on an existing feature request or submit a request here for a new feature you want to see on Flatsome.

Top rated features will be included in our developer’s to-do list.

Hi, I am trying to change google fonts but it doesn’t work. I can’t choose any other font rather than the “browser’s default”.


Can you submit a support ticket here?

This is a great theme and I will definitely be using it for more projects. Please would you consider making the UX Builder “Pages” element show only direct children by default, rather than showing all grandchildren. I think it is far more likely that people will want to only display direct children.

I have changed this myself by editing /wp-content/themes/flatsome/inc/shortcodes and adding ‘parent’ => $post_id to the array of arguments in the get_pages function, but it would be nice to have it in the official code!

Even better would be to have this as a settings option.

Hi guys, I would like to use Flatsome on multisite wordpress with subdirectories for languages. So: example.com, example.com/nl, example.com/de. Can I do this with 1 license or do I need more?

How to connect an Instagram business account if the business has no Facebook page? The Instagram account is connected to a Facebook business manager account and ad account. But a Facebook page doesn’t exist in one of my projects (on purpose, of course).

I am trying to insert my facebook pixel code in the website but when I click on the ”Save all changes” button in the Flatsome -> Advanced section, nothing is saved. What could be the problem?

After i purge my cache, my purchase code became invalid. How is that possible, i have bought it via themeforest and now my purchase code is not usable? I tried to write an e-mail, but support has expired.

Fixed! But Advance settings cant save!

Hello, your theme is great but there is still one thing that needs to be fixed. The files:

- wp-content/themes/flatsome/assets/css/fl-icons.css and - wp-content/themes/flatsome/assets/css/icons/fl-icons.woff2

can’t be preloaded. I tried preloading both the css and the font files in wp-rocket and/or Perfmatters but still not able to preload them. Google Page Speed keep saying preloading these files would save 1.08 seconds in speed performance.

I know other buyers are having the same issue. Could you please teach us how to preload those 2 files using functions.php or another approach?

Thank you


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