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supamailz Purchased

the themes option page is not working. all i get is a blank page when i click on the options page

Hi there, try the latest version. 3.2.1 :)


Incepta Purchased

Same problem as supamailz after the update. Themes option page no longer works

Can I set a product to have a simple enquiry for purchase as opposed to payment gateway?


vinc1402 Purchased

I need to combine a website for information and a webshop into 1 site. I really like the main page http://flatsome3.uxthemes.com, if I buy this theme will this page be included for demo setup?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi there, that page is currently not included, but we’re working on more landing page demos :)


zhifi Purchased

Just a quick question.. How do I anchor the footer to the bottom of the page?

Hi there. Please click the item support tab or go to WP-Admin > Flatsome > Help & Guides. That’s the correct way to get support :) Include a link to your site if possible.

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How do I remove the bold from the pricing on this theme? Thanks

Try add this to Custom CSS: span.amount{font-weight:normal} :)

Awesome thanks !! I have one last question, do you have a list of folders to block in robots.txt within this theme? I’m worried about going live and it indexing hundreds of pages..Thanks Guys !!!

Hey. I love the theme. About to buy a third license…

Ran into a problem recently.

I am using the Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin. I give discounts based on user roles. The issue is this… Then when I add products to the cart, the subtotal of cart beneath the header cart icon (dropdown and sidebar both have the issue) is different than the subtotal on cart page. The PAGE has the correct totals. Also, after you go to the CART PAGE, the cart dropdown total corrects itself.


Also, I am running the latest versions of Woocommerce and the Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin. I also updated to 3.1.6 to see if it would correct the issue, but it persists.

I am interested with this theme for my woocommerce shop. Do you think I can use this theme for candle shop (Beeswax candles)??

Hi there, yes it should be perfect for that :)

The slideshow “cut” laterally the image. Infact, Varing the width of viewport, for a wide range, the slideshow don’t change the heigth and the result it’s that the image overflow laterally. This it’s a problem especially for images with subject positioned laterally . So how it’s possible to fix that ?

Hi there, try set a % height on the banner, or use a Image element instead of a Banner element :)

what you mean “instead of a Banner element “

i would like to purchase this theme, is this theme has option for adding shipping values and payment via paypal

Amazing theme, I appreciate it more and more each day I work with it. When do you think will you have a solution for adding custom fonts to Flatsome?

in the footer of the post the words appear : per installare il plugin %s . . . . . . .http://www.maskeras.it/bresca-dorada-bio/

Hi there, I think we replied to you in a support ticket? :)

ok i have upgrade to 3.0 T.Y.

Not sure if your read my previous comments as i did not get an answer but i just uploaded the latest files and am still missing all the setting for the top newsletter popup. I’ll send a support ticket.