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snaskit Purchased

When I´m trying to use the UX Builder is always just get stuck on the loading screen with “Loading UX Builder” I have tried to reinstall the theme. Any tips?


JH_1978 Purchased

Good morning, the template has interesting options, though I’m having enough problems (and not only me) with loading the site from mobile devices from Microsoft as Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia), customization that given the template does not contain objects multimedia (video, slider) to do so heavy and just go charging. the window is closed, any indication or recommendation?

I also wanted to consult on the “element” of Google Maps, I can not configure it as I get a JavaScript error ¿?, And this leaves me working from any browser, I never had errors of this kind, it could be due? .

Thank you

Hi there, take a look here on how to fix the Google map error: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/200-google-maps-api

Good afternoon, I’ll try. Thought it would be easy to add a simple map of “google maps” with this template and not use Google API key. On the other side and going to my first appointment, what may be caused errors loading the template on mobile devices Microsoft, may be the operating system?


RisingHigh Purchased

+1 for the UX builder now in an eternal loop with the update

I purchased at version 3 and everything was good until the update. No problems at all up until that point, only issue was my banner didn’t display correctly on safari. But the builder was good.

Ah, ok. Do you get any error in the console? Could be because of a plugin that has been installed.

hey and thanks, no error in the console, it just hangs when trying to load – I can see the page behind, just never completes. It could be a plugin, but as I mentioned before – Prior to the update everything was working great and no additional plugins have been installed after the update was run.

So, everything was working as expected, update, UX builder not functional. Hope that helps – I’d be happy to roll back, just I didn’t back up as I figured it could only be a small update as it was a day or so after purchase.

thanks again for all your help, super appreciated.


knubbz82 Purchased

Awesone theme, must say..

One thing though… With youtube vid in a banner. The video never fills the complete banner. Leaves a black frame on the sides. Fix for this? Thanks.


knubbz82 Purchased

Got it to work by adjusting Banner height under layout section. Nice :)

Awesome :) Thanks for letting us know!

The same problem: When I´m trying to use the UX Builder is always just get stuck on the loading screen with “Loading UX Builder” I have tried to reinstall the theme. What should I do? I’ve already set memory_limit to 1024

The plugin causes error is Woocomerce, may it add-on shortcode make UX Builder couldn’t load. I tried on another server with php max_input_var set to 5000 ( instead of 1000 as default ) and the trouble is gone. You should do more to make sure everyone could run the new UX Builder well without asking the server Admin editing php.ini file. Thanks

Not able to see variation images in 3.1 Was working perfectly fine before v3 Can you please check and let me know http://bit.ly/2dc7noN

The image is seen after adding product to cart but not on the product page

Hi there, dosen’t look like any images are set.

It should work like this: http://flatsome3.uxthemes.com/shop/clothing/ship-your-idea/

Hi, created this site a year ago, www.hollywoodnailssupply.co.uk

Interested in upgrading to 3.0 but have read that there are some incompatibility issues. My main worry is that it will mess up the woocommerce side of the website. Are these isolated issues or do you feel that everything can be resolved with a bit of work. Should I wait a bit longer for a later version before jeopardising the running of my site?

The main reason I want to upgrade Flatsome is for speed. I don’t really see any difference to the version I am currently running that cant be done with some custom CSS. Will 3.0 run faster? My current website hangs a lot.

Is there a proper changelog which describes the differences between 3.0 and version 2.0?

Just upgraded but my top menu bar with pulldown are not visible anymore. Reset the options op the bar and in the real preview it’s visible but on the real page not anymore. Anyone idea how to solve this? Www.purecable.nl

Hi there, have you purchased the theme?

Try downgrade to 2.9 if you have problems with the V3 version: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/189-downgrade-to-flatsome-2-9

Yes from different account. I’ve upgrade from 2.9.5

Hi, thanks for this great update.

At the moment I have only a problem with thumbnails: New images have been uploaded. In portfolio galeries the thumbnails of these images aren’t displayed, only invisible links to its large images. The thumbnails are available in the source code and are accessible by direct links but won’t presented onto the front end.

I could reproduce this phenomenon by a rollback and new upgrade from 2.9.6 to 3.1.5. In 2.9.6 everything works – in 3.1.5 I have this issue again.


We want to change the layout of the my-account page… At the moment the page display the text
 Hello trinitech (not trinitech? Sign out)

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your password and account details.
Then followed by the woocommerce button that we also find on the left column…

Could you please tell us what file we need to edit in order to be able to remove the woo buttons and replace them with a block?

I can customise but not sure which files I need to dive in as flasome as customise a lot of woocommerce files template https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7elN-HlNClLR2p0MV9XQ1JyQUE/view?usp=sharing Thank you Fred

I try to share my product to facebook timeline, but something wrong. Didn’t show featured image. featured image changed with website logo. how to fix it? thx

Any way to have diferent logo brand in header depending the page? or even better: diferent Sticky Logo depending the page?

no answer?...

no answer?...

After installing the latest theme version (3.1.5), I went through the install steps (etc). However, I noticed that the homepage slides werent loading. Also had issues with the UX Builder. I then read someone else’s comment and he said that it worked fine after deactivating the woocommerce plugin. I did the same, and it loaded fine. What could be causing this. Woocommerce is definitely needed here. Does the newer theme not work with Woocommerce?

Here is a screenshot of the homepage. Slides not loading while woocommerce active: https://s22.postimg.org/5e81yhnn5/Capture.png

Do you get any errors in the console?

We’ve been using Visual Composer with your theme for several years. Visual Composer does not seem to work well with the latest version of your theme? We tried to upgrade your theme and did not see an option to NOT use your Front End Page Builder.

I’m sorry that your update did not went as good as you hoped.

I think you have made too many customizations to to the V2 version, so you should probably just continue to use it.

Flatsome 2.x was three years old and it was time for a new start to make it ready for the future. You can always continue to use V2, we’re going to support it for the next WooCommerce versions.

You can always downgrade to V2 by using this method: http://uxthemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/189-downgrade-to-flatsome-2-9

Cheers, Tommy

Okay, understood. Yes I did roll back to the earlier version. We have really liked this theme and have enjoyed using it and will hang on as long as we can with this older version. Thank you again for your great support.

One more question. So are you saying we can not disable your Front End Page Builder and use Visual Composer with 3.0? Some themes give you the option to not to use their proprietary page builders.

Afternoon. We are running into a problem where the text editor is not working correctly. Basically, when we go to edit a text (by double-clicking a box for example, or by hitting the Open Text Editor button), the resulting edit box is a white space with no cursor. You CAN actually write into it, but nothing there is ever saved and no formatting features pop up. Currently, the only space that can be written into is the box below the blue Open Text Editor button. However, this tiny box is in code, so it’s not the easiest way to write or format texts.

Any ideas?

Here are two images of what it looks like:




I also have problem with UX Builder. In shop pages (not on other pages), It displays the “Loading UX Builder” message forever. My site is hosted on wp engine with business plan. So I think I have enough memory for to make it work. According to http://phpinfo55.wpengine.com/info.php this page from wpengine, default memory_limit is 512mb which is more than enough. I also have no errors in console. This is a fresh install and no additional plugins are installed.

Hi there, our demo page is also hosted on WP Engine, so not sure what’s happening. Could you try reset an cache? Also the object cache that WP Engine uses?

Hi, When custom font option will fix in version 3?

Hi! I am working on a site using Flatsome, and the reset password is not working properly. It sends the email to reset the password, but when I click on it, it takes me back to the lost password screen asking me to fill in my email address to have a reset password sent.

Pretty much of all the searches I’ve done suggest that it is either a plugin conflict (not the Google or FB Connect, because I deactivated both of those and still had the problem), most of which I believe are required for this theme, or else a theme problem. Can you tell me where the conflict or bug might be?