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Hi i am using popular product options “UNI CPO 4” and i cannot edit the product page, the options do not appear for cpo page builder, how can i fix it?

When im already edit the page of Home Page, there is an error with Button. At UX Builder the button at Slider in a Banner is not error at have a great button. But, when im update the page and view the page, The button is so small and not have the same size like ata UX Builder. Can u help me whats going on?

And 1 more question. At Checkout page i can’t edit with UX Builder , cause its to long to wait the UX Builder come out. What happen with this? At the other page UX Builder is come out.

Waiting for your reply, Thanks

Is there any way to include content inside a tab in the live search results? I have a table of data inside a tab (part numbers, SKU etc) and would like for the product to show if somebody starts typing a specific part number or SKU?


I was wondering, if I can do with flatsome out of the box the following:

Element (e.g. box, banner etc) with very little content. Once the user clicks on link/banner, the whole content shows and the box/banner/element is extended.

In Bootstrap, that would be “collapse” https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/components/collapse/

Any answer is appreciated!


Hi, How can we arrange the title field under the product picture on the shop page? We want to keep the pictures at the same level, but if one title takes 3 lines and another takes 1, the pictures don’t align in order. It will be better if we fix it to 2 lines. 3 lines can be cropped by triple dots and 1 line can be placed in the middle, if possible. Can you help us with the issue? Thanks in advance, Ozgur https://www.justouts.com/product-category/jewelry/

On small screens there is a serious bug. One image is loaded in several sizes, which makes the weight of the mobile version page 2! times more than the desktop. Please correct this bug as soon as possible or reply to this message with the corrective instruction. P.S. – this bug is not individual, duplicates can be seen on your website ( https://flatsome3.uxthemes.com/ ) DevTools -> Network https://i.imgur.com/OIHUDVP.png

Hi there,

Some questions need your suggestions!

1) Google map color can not be changed, no matter I changed any color, always displays pink or blue.

2) Is it possible to add follow icon? how? (EX: LINE, popular in Asia)

Thanks for your support.

I purchased this theme and I want to add text/images BELOW the product thumbnails on the single product page. (i.e. sales banner), I’ve tried function hooks I found online but they don’t seem to be working. Where can I edit to do this?

Hi, any posibility of hiding the UX Builder tab in WooCommerce Product Editor from non-Admin users? We do not want non-Admin users to access the UX Builder. I believe this can be easily done by way of snippet code placed in theme’s functions.php.

Hi, i see request since the last 4 years to move the Woocommerce Store Wide Notice to the top (silly that they put it at the bottom). Just wondering if that will ever be implemented? I tried a css suggestion from the web but that just plays havoc with the theme overlapping the top bar etc. And in the meantime any solutions? Thanks