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Nice theme. Welcome to ThemeForest and good luck with sales! :)

Very very very cool!

Great start, good luck :)

Hi nice theme but it is not responsive on my ipad.

Thanks:) We’ll fix that asap and uplad a new version.

Awesome. Thank you! I love it!

Good Work! Welcome to TF! :)

Very nice work!!

Do you have permission from Nelly.com to use their product photography?

Amazing design! Love the features so far!

Any chance for a portfolio page/module? Show-off items not for sale but that have been created? Something like: http://pexetothemes.com/demos/mineral_wp/masonry-layout-three-columns/ or http://www.thunderbuddies4life.com/webpaint/?page_id=1087?

Looking to use this for art/jewelry and I was hoping to be able to showcase a portfolio along with items for sale.

Other than that, excellent job!

edit: you have some horizontal scrolling problems on ~800px width I think. ~tablet size.

Thanks for the feedback! Portfolio post type is something we want to add if its reqested alot… Some others is also experiencing responsive bugs with tablets. We’ll look into that and upload a new version asap:)

If you do add portfolio type, please reply here as I’ll love to buy when they are added.

Very nice!
Good luck with the sales :-)

It says: Wishlist / like feature included (optional plugin) What plugin are you using? How much does it cost? Thanks!

Wishlist / like feature is included for free as a plugin:) Plugin is inculded in the theme folder.

Awesome theme. thanks

I’ve been waiting for a store theme like this. excellent!

All I'd like to see my friend is a gallery integration (for events and such where our gear is being promo'd), and an extra cherry would be a Look-book (Flip book plugin). This would then be perfect in my opinion.

...ahaha @ Bandthemer, I’m sure Nelly gives a crap. Dear lord.

wow! Very nice theme bro! Congrats!

Great Theme! If u add a portfolio please write it here, i will also buy this theme!!


Very nice theme! Good luck with sales!

good and simple theme, good for the buying selling website

Very cool! Good luck!

Some questions before buying:

- Does the theme show up on the Frontend the product category descriptions and pictures you can add at the Woocommerce Backend? - Is an Icon Font included? - Do you offer support?

Portfolio would be great! :-)

Thank you! It is possible to do various stuff with the [ux_banner] shortcode. Example: http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/product-category/men/

Ah ok! and how can I create just a colored background with the ux_banner?

Email how you want it to support@uxthemes.com and I will create an example for you.

This looks fantastic, congrats and wish you the very best with sales.

Kind Regards,

hi there! Love this theme! I love that you can change the cart icon. Can you also change the name cart to something else? i.e a custom name? e.g bag or box?

Also can you change the social icons with custom ones?

Thanks in advance! :) Warm regards, Naomi

Hey nimmyd, you can change the “Cart” text by editing .PO files, or change the text directly in header.php. Email us at support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you with your customization.

Wow! Thanks so much for your quick reply! Just wondering, would the “cart” text customisation be lost with updates to woocommerce or the theme? I have this problem with my current site where every time i update woocommerce, i loose the customisations and its a pain! Thanks a bunch for your help :) Have your email on file for the future!

Nice theme! Good luck!