Discussion on Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

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Has anyone tried to highlight a main menu item in the flatsome template e.g. Give the “BUY” link a subtle coloured block around it. I think I can do it but I’m worried that it will be removed when an update comes through.


Try to do it with custom css in Theme Option > HTML Blocks > Custom CSS. Then it wont be overwritten by a theme update.

Hi there,

I just wondering how to translate the text in the mini-cart widget “view cart” and “proceed to checkout”. ? I tried to look up in the .po file but nothing seems to happen when I translate those 2 elements.

I tried this and nothing happens, I mean it’s the same thing that I explained to you. :(

Hm. Could you email support@uxthemes.com and some of us will take a look.

Done ! Thanks in advance !

Oh, thanks for noticing. I will take a look / tommy

Great, let me know if you find the problem.

Thank you for the great job.Its my favorite so far. i just noticed an issue with child theme that i want to mention in here. Facebook connect plugin is not in the child them inc folder so it gives an invalid link error while you are on the child theme and try to install the plugins. will be waiting for the new updates. thank you again

Hi, It should be there in the latest version. I will investigate a bit more whats happening. / tommy

Thanks btw :)

I noticed you mentioned that the next version will have different blog styles. Do you have an ETA for that? Would love to offer masonry or grid style if possible. Thanks!!

This week. Hopefully before the weekend :)

Masonry/pinterest blog style will be included

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

How do you update to your most recent release? I currently have: v2.1.1

Do I just upload the extracted-unzipped files and replace everything that’s on the server?

Replace wp-content/themes/flatsome with new flatsome (unzipped). Remember to backup old theme folder :)

Hello. Can I add videos to the slider? If so, how? Thanks.

You could embed a youtube inside a [ux_banner] shortcode. We’ll also have background video support for [ux_banner] in next version.

Quick question, is it possible to have the product items to be smaller and have 6 items in 1 row like on this site: http://store.chykalophia.com/greeting-cards/ ?


Yes, its possible :) You can change product pr row in Theme Option

perfect, thanks :)

hi where can i find this file: /themefolder/Dummy data/flatsome_demo_content.xml

i havent this in my documentation, and whats wrong with images?, i have only grey squares,

look here:


Yes i have all files, but i cant find file: flatsome_demo_content.xml, i have “Asset” file, what can i do with this?

Could you email support@uxthemes.com with a screenshot of your folder? It should be in the Dummy folder.

Seems like you have installed the demo content. you need to replace this with your own images and content :)


I’m having a bit of a challenge with the Hybrid Connect plugin. Whenever I activate the plugin, this appears on the screen between the top slider and the content block below it:


I’ve contacted their wonderful support people and this is their response after accessing the site:

“I checked on this issue and it seems whenever we activate HC in your site, a code (from the slider shortcode) is generated in the background and thus result to this.

With this comment code, the slider word in <!- end slider -> is replaced by codes to generate a slider. It seems it’s read by the plugin and added the code automatically.

<!- slider container -> ... <!- end slider ->

Please try to ask about this to the author why is the slider behaving like this.”

I’m lost as to how to proceed. Would love to be able to use this or another email signup popup.



Hi Cheryl. Seems like there is a collision with the plugin and the [ux_slider] I will take a look and find a fix.

Could you email this to support@uxthemes.com?

@anthonyallen82 to make the banners full-width you need to choose the “Full width 100%” template for the page.

Thanks :)


I want to ask if the product slider shortcode: [ux_featured_products title=”Check our Featured products!”]

support auto scroll? I want the slider scroll in certain time period, Thanks!

Sorry, currently not possible :/

I needed to modify one of the shortcodes so I put the modified shortcode file in my child theme in inc/shortcodes/ Though theme is still using the original shortcode from the parent theme. Any way to get this to work?

Maybe you need to copy function.php also. But then you probably have to copy the whole admin, and inc folder.

Hi i have some problems with this theme…

1. How can i insert Seo Text on the “frontpage”? If i create a new Block with my Text, it didnt show up??? No caching plugin activated. Yes, I can Insert it directly to my “homepage”, but it has a width of 100% and it looks ugly between all the [ux] and [block]’s

2. The headline for the products is align left with -> [ux_featured_products title=”my headline”] With Blocks you can “center” it.

3. Pls add a normal productlisting about 1-3 rows as a blcok

4. I can’t change the textcolor of the Sliders. @ your examples are the colour “dark” but it shows “White”. Which colours can i insert there?

Hi Jooee,

1) You can edit the homepage from “Pages”. Try wrap it with [row][col span="12"] text [/col][/row]

2) You could remove the headline from it, and create one with the [title] shortcode instad above it.

3) Have you tried the default Woocommerce shortcodes?

4) Try change colors using the default Editor color changer. (Mark the text and change color)

How do you call this gallery on a page and not on a post? http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/2013/08/11/this-is-a-post-with-a-beautiful-gallery/#comment-74

thank you

nevermind.. found out from a blog post

Hi. Looks like a wonderful theme. Looking forward to using it.

I have a pre-sales question regarding the mega-menu container. The demo shows 5 menu headings (Homepage, Shop, Shortcodes, Pages and Buy). I need to enter 7 or 8 menu headings. Is there enough room? Will it ‘push’ underneath the logo or the ‘My Account/Cart’ section? Or can I reduce the font size to fit? What’s your advice?

Thanks in advance.

The menu goes into two lines if its too long. Try resize the browser window a bit to see how it will look. You could resize the font size to make it look ok :)

Thanks for that. My other option is to use a single ‘Shop’ menu heading with 7 or 8 sub-menus. Would that give me more room to work with? What is the mega-menu column limit?

That could work :) I think around 6-7 columns max.

Hi Guys!

Upon install, what should the images sizes be set to? the documentation refers to changing images sizes to specific sizes but I cannot see where the numbers are mentioned. Many thanks

Remember to “regenerate” the images

Hi there, I recently bought this theme and need some help. I need to translate the commerce part of the site so all the text related to the woocomerce would be in Romanian. Add to car, cart , checkout. So I changed all the woocomerce files but there are still some areas that are not translated, like the mini-cart from header when I add products it goes back to english do you know were I could find the minicart shortcode or ajax so I can translate them?

Its in inc/template-tags.php. Do you translate using the PO file?

I am doing the translation manualy

I am trying to do like tabs for the differnts products. first tab is great but then the others 3 looks not good.. images overlap one in foront of the other.. so doesnt look fine.. can you help me? below the code:

[tabgroup title="Horizontal tabs"] [tab title="Tab 1 Title"][products_pinterest_style cat="weddings"] [/tab] [tab title="Tab 2 Title"][products_pinterest_style cat="babyshower"][/tab] [tab title="Tab 3 Title"][products_pinterest_style cat="award-cakes"][/tab] [/tabgroup]

the idea is make it like a portfolio .. all | wedding | birthday | etc… i showed the sales and bestseller for now as it works fine with them.. but not with the pintrest jquery atribute maybe? but… this pitrest style is fabulous :)

Author? any hint yet?

Good idea :) I think its a bug. I will try fix it for next version.


Firstly, great theme and support.

I need help adding a full width banner/slider like that in your demo homepage.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get a full width slider, see here: http://www.rookieschoolofmotoring.co.uk

How do I add a banner which stretches across the full screen? Thanks Anthony

You need to set the page template to “Full width – 100%” on the edit page.

Man.. is my face red :/ Thank you for the quick response :)


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