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Awesome with some updates – Nice new features and easier shortcodes…

However when I try this code: [ux_product_categories_grid number=”12” parent=”0”]

Only two categories will show the picture, even though all categories have pictures. And also the picture shown does not match the category???

I do not really find anything for this in the documentation?

Hi There!

How can I set the slider full width as in the example?


Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)


I am using a child theme and i want to update with the latest update 1.9.9!!

How can i do that, without losing all the changes i’ve made in the child theme?

Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)

1) CSS code to hide author on blog post?

2) CSS code to rid of home blog page slider on individual posts? Like if i got to the home page my posts are there with the slider but when i click on a blog post the slider is still there. I want it removed when you are on a post.

Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out!

Hi! It is really fantastic to see how Flatsome is getting better and better! Thanks for all your efforts and the amazing update :-)

Just one question – you’ve added a lot of new shortcodes, classes and functions to the theme with the last updates, but they’re not all documented in the docs or visible in the demo. I think there’re so many more possibilities with Flatsome that I don’t use, ‘cause I don’t know that they are there ;-). What is the best way to keep track of them?

Thanks :) We’ll improve the docs for version 2.0

any way to put sidebar on cart/checkout page?

You could try use the left sidebar template for the cart page :)

I’m not able to show the plugin PagSeguro (Brazil) on my website www.aoquadradoarts.com.br. I have reviewed all the requirements and have configured everything, but still show no payment.

Hi, you need to contact the plugin author. Are you sure its compatible with latest WooCommerce and WordPress version?

Hiya, thanks for the update!

Couple quick bugs to report:

1) When adding [search] to the top navigation bar in the “Show Right Content” section, the login link to the “My Account” link to the right of the search box / far right side of the top nav menu, becomes misaligned, it drops down about 15 or so pixels …. adding css overflow at fixes it …

2) When you add a new user to your site with the [search] element added as outlined in 1 above, and the user clicks the confirmation email link, the confirmation will fail with the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_product_search_form() in /home/websit/public_html/wp-content/themes/flatsome/inc/shortcodes/search.php on line 4

3) When [search] is removed from the top nav bar, the user can successfully click the email confirmation link and be added to the blog … the confirmation page works but is a little sketchy …. confirmation text is far left aligned …. just a heads up. ;)

Hi, thanks for noticing. We’ll have this fixed soon :)

Hi there,..

after i update the theme, there is a empty space after footer the size is varies depend on your browser..?? web is www.emmasmode.com

Weird. Was it not there before the update?

no is not?? did you also see it in your browser?? is there a way to remove it??

I tested it in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Did not happen in any of them!

Hey, I’m stuck in this loop for hell. :) I install the theme, it says woocommerce is required, I install and activate, it says it needs to be updates, I run the update. It says woocommerce is required with this theme! I deleted and tried again and it happens again. The theme will not recognize woocommerce as installed.???

Hi, could you try re-download the theme :)

I actually just had to because the woocommerce update caused a fatal error, did a fresh download of the theme and reinstalled and now I’m back to the cycle of madness! Say install woocommerce, I do. Have to do it 2x before it activates and get’s rid of the message, says theres and update, I run it I get The plugin does not have a valid header. it’s maddening – can I just install woo from the WP directory and dismiss or will it cause any issues? I am really annoyed and can’t seem to fix it.

Hi, sorry for late reply. Did you fix this? Use support@uxthemes.com for support in the future, and we’ll help you out!


YSC Purchased

hey there. looks like jPanelMenu suddenly stopped working. thoughts?



Hi, did you install a plugin or did you do any changes before it happened?


YSC Purchased

Installed Woo PayPal Pro plugin…Turned off all plugins to check and still broken. Error started in the Plugins.js file and trickled into Theme.js file. Can’t seem to fix it though.

the videos in the slideshow, are not opening / running on internet explorer. Some solution?

Hi, im not sure if IE9 supports HTML5 videos. Is it black? You should use a fallback image in the bg=”” for older browsers and iPad/iPhone

can you explain better to do this?

take a look and test: http://revendamotul.com.br/

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)


How to I set a “active” tab, in the shortcode “Tabs”?


Other than the first tab? The first tab should be automatically active :)

sorry, I mean the “accordion” shortcode.

add open=”1” :)

Hello Awesome People!

We are excited to continually provide an excellent theme with amazing customer service to all our users. Flatsome is our only focus and will be for a long period of time. We want this theme to be perfect in any way possible. If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you have any questions or need support please visit our Knowledge Base or email support@uxthemes.com :)

- The UX Themes Team

I’ve tried to update to the latest theme using Easy Theme Update plugin, this is what I have used previously to update this theme without a problem.

However I keep getting this error now when trying to update to latest version :(

Any idea’s what’s wrong??



Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)


Our product images are blurred on the overview page and on the single product page. But after click on product image it is sharp agian. Our image size is 700×700px.

How can we remove the blur on the images?


Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)

Done! Thanks


I have held back with updating woocommerce for a long time as my site received an error upon testing.

It have it working with the new version of your theme on a different domain but when I try it on my live site i get this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_shop() in /home/mosaicvi/public_html/wp-content/themes/flatsome/inc/extras.php on line 369

Please can you advise?

Thanks in advance,


Ok, I will do it this right now and let you know what happens.


I hadn’t overwritten the Flatsome child theme template. Once I had done that it seemed to of sorted the issue.

Many thanks,


Awesome :)

hello. there is problem with the picture of my dropdown menu.



Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)

Hi, I’ve some issues with the shortcodes. I’ve a boxed template and I want the ‘row’ to be fullwidth (not full, but just as width as the slider I use). It won’t work. :( Also.. when I put the shortcodes of the demo into my site, It doesn’t look the way it has to..

Hi, could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)

Oke this isn’t funny. I mailed about the other problem, but now I deactivated the woocommerce plugin and now I have the white screen of death. :(

Sorry about that. Could you try re-download the theme and upload it to your wp-content/themes folder?

I’ve updated to the latest version of the theme and have added the following to ‘Show Right Content’ in Flatsome theme options>Header

[follow twitter=”https://twitter.com/GagaBibs” googleplus=”https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113647834869669767973/+GagabibsRockTheHighChair/about” email=”rockthehighchair@gagabibs.com” pinterest=”http://www.pinterest.com/GagaBibs/”]

However the icons are behaving strangely. If you hover your pointer over the lower half of any of the icons then the mouse pointer flickers very fast :S this make it impossible to click any of the icons??

Any idea what’s up?

I will leave it up on my web site so you can take a look and see it for yourself.


Hi, we’ll try have a fix for this next week or something. Im going on a honeymoon now. but will work some hours next week :) / tommy

OK Tommy, thanks, and enjoy!

Thanks sean. Remember you can always use support@uxthemes.com for support!