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I’d like to show only child categories of the current category in the category page sidebar. Is that possible?

Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)

Hello Awesome People!

We are excited to continually provide an excellent theme with amazing customer service to all our users. Flatsome is our only focus and will be for a long period of time. We want this theme to be perfect in any way possible. If you have any pre-sales questions, please post them here in the item comments and our team will answer them promptly.

If you have any questions or need support please visit our Knowledge Base or email support@uxthemes.com :)

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I’m trying search product by product tag and getting no results. Is this supposed to be possible?



Hi, works on demo: http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/product-tag/man/

Try update your permalink settings :)

Still menu problems on for example Samsung Galaxy phones. After opening menu, everything freezes.

The logo on mobile phones is blurry, please script in logosupport for high density displays.

Just send an e-mail.

Ok, we’ll investigate a bit more and get back to you. / tommy

You never replied to my email :P Still need help? :) I got a few weeks now that my semster in school is over. Tell me if you need assistance :) / Romeo

Did you email me? I will get back to you soon :)

yeah or if itwas on skype.. I told you I can help you and you said you needed someone “full time” and i said I could be that one. But you never got back to me:P

Sorry for answering late these days :) Our author got married on friday and its been some busy days. We will get back to you as soon as he is back from his honeymoon :)


1. The menu freezes when opened once on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. No links work after opening and closing menu, also the menu doensn’t open anymore.

2. No option for Retina logo, logo is blurry on high density mobile screens

3. Why is everything in scroll modus? Why can’t the related products not under each other on a product page? That would be much easier.

Great thanks! It got very frustrated about it as special with the not working menu on Samsung Galaxy tablets and phones.

Can you also please look at the annoying animation when screen gets a different size? Maybe also an option to set this on/off? I don’t like all those animations, this is also too slow on mobile devices. Just static and normal is best.

Video to show you wich animation I mean: http://youtu.be/_0wC0sAEBxM

And maybe an option for an add to cart button below every product. As you may know, touch screen devices don’t have a hover function like the mouse on a PC or laptop.

Hi, Im going on a honey moon now, but we’ll try to take time to fix this one of the days. Just be patient :) / tommy

Can you please tell me the best way to disable the mobile version? I understand that this isnt currently a feature at a click of a button. I just need to know the best way to do this. Will I need to create a chile theme?

Hi, sorry. There is no easy way to disable mobile version.

Anyone else having layout/css issues with woocommerce customer notifications, especially those from woocommerce extensions/plugins, in the latest unmodified versions of Flatsome 1.9.9 and

Switching off ALL plugins (except the one being tested at any given time of course) doesn’t help. Switching back to WP theme Twenty Fourteen helps and all customer notifications are back to normal.

Woocommerce Points and Rewards from Woothemes is just one of our plugins with customer notification layout/css issues (i.e. the “complete this order for x amount of points” message and others).

Using WP 3.9.1 and Woocommerce 2.1.10.

Just wanted to check with you guys before I dig deeper into this issue. But it does look like a theme issue thus far. Also, I can’t seem to remember this problem in previous versions of Flatsome…

Hi, im going on a honeymoon tomorrow. Could you email this to support@uxthemes.com and we’ll add it to our to-do list of fixes.

Thanks. I just sent an email containing a few snapshots displaying the differences between Flatsome and TwentyFourteen. Hey, have a great honeymoon in the meantime! :D

Thanks! :)

Is it possible to have blocks different heights for mobile and web?

Two examples:

1. a embedded video on a regular browser looks great, but it is way to tall on mobile.

2. main slider is too tall on mobile. it takes too long to scroll down to get to content.

Hi, sorry thats currently not possible. ux_slider adjust to mobile if you add height=”” to the shortcode. Please use support@uxthemes.com for support in the future :)

How to resize uxslider on homepage to fit mobile screen???

try add height=”500px” f.ex to the ux_slider height

where should i change it??? i only want the banner/slider fit mobile screen, i dont want to change the height for computer screen??


There is no size and color selection option. Please update me it is available or not. i am going to buy a eCommerce theme by 12 June, 2014.


Hi. After upgrading to WooCommerce 2.1.10 I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_shop() in /home/content/a/r/t/artkenyalinux/html/artkenya/wordpress/wp-content/themes/flatsome/inc/extras.php on line 369

Kindly assist to fix this.

Hi, try update the theme to latest version :) or re-download the theme


Love the theme

I just need some advice on how i would display my product on the homepage instead of blog post?

EG featured product and new products


Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support, and we’ll help you out :)

Hi, I updated my theme on Tuesday and everything worked fine. Today, I also updated WooCommerce to 2.1.10 and now i receive this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_shop() in G:\wamp\www\dish_wish\wordpress\wp-content\themes\flatsome\inc\extras.php on line 369

This doesn’t allow me to proceed with anything on my site.

Any idea how to workaround this or at least roll-back to the previous version?

problem solved after re-updating the theme as well

Yes, it is fixed. You just have to re-download the theme :)

How can I translate the theme and the woocommerce pages and products with WPML? Thank you.

Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)

Required attribute for richsnippets (products) itemprop=price is now missing from after update —1.9.9 ( 02.06.2014) -

Prior to update, itemprop=price was present and working…. I can see this in the source of cached copies of indexed pages in Google SERPS

price.php packaged in version 1.9.9 is missing the itemprop=”price”

version 1.9.6 > itemprop=”offers” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Offer” itemprop=”price” class=”price large”

version 1.9.9 > itemprop=”offers” itemscope itemtype=”http://schema.org/Offer” class=”price large”>

replacing price.php with version from 1.9.6 resolves thbe problem

Hi, thanks for noticing. We’ll have this fixed in a quick fix next week.

Hi guys!

Just wanted to say that Whatsapp is a nice opportunity to expand on with the ‘share’ shortcode. Check this article:


The FTW example (when visited by phone) works really well, just wanted to let you know!

Thanks :) We’ll add that to the share shortcode :)


how can I get a outline around the framed layout mode. and how do I turn off the framed layout mode by mobile devices?


Hi, we’ll try have this fixed in next version.


I’ve send you a e-mail tuesday morning, but still haven’t an answer. It was about the row and grid blocks: I want them to be fullwidth, just like the slider. (I’ve a boxed layout). But I can’t do it. Even when I delete the auto margin on the left and right (from auto to 0px) and set the max-width on none. It doesn’t work (and I don’t think it’s the right, responsive, solution)

I’ve send my site (and username + password, site is in maintenance mode) to your mail on wednesday after Michael De Wildt asked me to)

Oh by the way, when I delete the margin.. The margin is disappeared on every page where I use a row. :-( grr..

Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support, and we’ll help you out :)

Any chance of an Etsy ‘follow’ icon in same style as the ones you already have??



Good idea. Could you email this idea to support@uxthemes.com? :)