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Hello Hard-Working UX Folk!

CSS for removing “site name” from header when logo removed?

We have removed header logo and need to remove site name from header.

WP>Settings>General we can remove site name, but on mobile we still see a box. Plus, this might mess up our SEO title tags.

Thank you!!

Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)


1) How do I set the header like the demo? With social left, and logo to the center, and the shopping cart at right?

2) How do I create the second menu ‘under the logo?


Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)

I wanted to use this with “ux_banner” and “ux_slider”.

Ready to See Your Adventure Travel Business Go Digital…

But I’ve been unable to get it to work anywhere within the theme.


Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)

Sorry… this is what I’m trying to use.


Hi, please use support@uxthemes.com for support :)

Hi, is there any way to use the small social icons with the share shortcode?

Hi, sorry thats currently not possible :) We’ll have an option for that in the future.

Found a new problem, I tried to upload logo 2x for retina support. Logo is cut of 1 pixel. Send a supporticket, no answer.

Is there a possibility for you guys to build in upload normal logo + retina logo, this would be so much easier. There are a lot of themes who support to upload 2 logo’s (normal + retina). Just uploading the logo x2 is not the right way.

Hi, are you sure its not your file that cut of by one pixels? Why is uploading a x2 logo the wrong way? It will look good on both normal screens and retina screens without having to worry about 2x files.

Im going on a honeymoon tomorrow, so you should email support@uxthemes.com if you need any help. We’ll reply as quickly as possible. / tommy

Is the theme compatible with the new version of WooCommerce 2.1.10 ?

Also can you tell me just how to remove the login button from the nav

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Header. You’ll find a «Show login/My account link» option there. And we have not noticed any problems with the new WC release so far :)

Hi, Once I’ve activated the theme to Catalog Mode, the Product listing page Default Sorting options still showing a SORT BY PRICE : LOW to HIGH and SORT BY PRICE : HIGHT to LOW.

Is there a way to disable this two drop down item?

Thank you

Hi, you can remove them by copying flatsome/woocommerce/loop/orderby.php to your child theme and delete the two lines in it. Or you can do like they did at this link: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/103396/customize-the-sorting-dropdown-in-woocommerce

The link that you’ve provided works! Thank you!

We have an issue with variable products. Sometimes the „Add to cart“ button doesn’t show up.

We sent you a support question at support@uxthemes.com two weeks before and repeated it last week. There has been no response whatsoever which is very disappointing because this issue prevents some of our customers from buying.

the speed for my web site is very very slow, because my country didn’t browse googlecode.com so i should change the follow code: <script src=”//html5shim.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js”></script> to <script src=”//www.mydomain.com/js/html5.js”></script>

but i didn’t find the right file in theme to modify the file path.

please help me ?my web site can’t work normal now?please

Hi, you have to modify line ~438 in flatsome/functions.php to change it. But keep in mind that modified code in the flatsome folder will get overridden when you update. We might make it possible to override the code in your child theme in our next update :)

Hi, i look everywhere on the demo site, is it possible to output font awesome icons? Is it easy to put the social media links on top bar rather than next to menu? Thanks

How do I update the theme?

Hi, please email support@uxthemes.com and we’ll guide you :)


I have updated woocommerce and i am now getting fatal error on products page.

I have updated theme (by replacing theme files via FTP) but the problem still persists.

Please advice on how to fix this.


Hi, please email support@uxthemes.com including your errors and we’ll help you out :)

hi i have emailed you twice now and still no reply. Please assist ASAP.


I have also updated Woocommerce and I am getting a fatal error. My whole site is down. This is very bad. Please advise on how to fix or please let us know if this is a bug and when it will be fixed.

Thank you. Kind regards

Hi, please email support@uxthemes.com and include your error messages and we’ll help you out :)

Hi, I have emailed you with the issue still waiting to hear back. My site is completely down and I just get a white page on my site and wordpress back end.

Hi, try re-download the theme.

Assuming I am having the same problem. Items won’t add to the cart. Guessing you guys need to just update woocommerce.

or i mean the theme needs to be updated.

Theme option “Body Background Color” doesn’t work in the newer layout mode “Framed”. It just always stays in the default grey color.

Although, it might be worth pointing out, that it DOES work properly in the older layout mode “Boxed”.

Hi, thanks for noticing. We will fix this and include it in the next release :)

How do I get the featured_items_slider in the portfolio item at the bottom like this? http://flatsome.uxthemes.com/featured/another-cool-featured-item/

Hi, please email support@uxthemes.com and we’ll help you out :)

Image schema was removed in last update.

Fix: flatsome/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php

<div class="slide"> <a href="<?php echo $src[0] ?>" title="<?php echo $src_title; ?>"> <img itemprop="image" src="<?php echo $src_small[0]; ?>" alt="<?php echo $src_title; ?>" title="<?php echo $src_title; ?>" /> <div class="zoom-button large icon-expand tip-top hide-for-small" data-tip="Zoom" /> </a> </div>

In return, can you please fix my blocks issue?

This issue is still not fixed

Im sure this was fixed in last version. We’ll take another look.

To ALL: Has anybody experienced and difficulties with the newest theme ? If I save my changes under Apperance -> customize and then switch to Apperance -> Theme options, after saving all my changes under Apperance -> customize are gone. Logos, colours, etc.

Has anybody the same problem ? Thanks a bunch.

Weird bug. Thanks for noticing. We’ll take a look!

Blocks Have disappeared and unable to call new blocks since last update

no reply received

You got this solved?

Yes thanks