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Discussion on Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

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This is about pages .. but about the products that are many on the pages, it will be a big difference, do the modification will take a long time?

thank you,,

Hi there,

I’m not sure what you mean. Please elaborate.

I apologize for my bad English.

I mean, is there a page of products that are two thousand pages in both languages, will there be a hard work to modify the pages after changing the theme, or is it simple؟

In short, is the idea of changing Avada theme to Flatsome Theme with 2000 products in the site, in your opinion, is it a risk, or is it simple?

I really want your theme, but I’m afraid on my site. you think please.

thank you..

Hi there. What’s the shortcode for related products please?

Hi there,

Related products do not have a shortcode as there is no way to control related products, but can be influenced by grouping similar products in the same category or by using the same tags.

Short codes are not working for me, it should work as shown in the below video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUkYkVFHcVM&t=1s still nothing is sorted out ??

Hi there, sorry for the trouble.

Please shoot an email via support and we’ll look into it.

Hi. I know there are systems Set time to delete items in the shopping cart?

Thank you.

Hi there,

I’m afraid we do not have a setting for this. You will need a bit of modification to achieve this.

Is it possible to exclude some products from Catalog mode?

Hi there,

i’m afraid there is no setting for this. You will need to edit the theme files for this.

Hi , any support for uber menu. i ended up buying it lately realised there were a lot of compatibility problems. wondering if u guys have any fix for the full width menu. coz the theme itself is not allowing the submenu to be full width. any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Please see this article on how to achieve this http://sevenspark.com/docs/ubermenu-3/theme-integration/flatsome


if I have an image and I want to display text in an overlay when you hover over the image, how can I do this?

I would like to have a similar effect as the instagram feed, but with images I select from the media library.


Hi there,

You can do this via the elements element http://flatsome3.uxthemes.com/elements/images/ The images display the image’s caption on hover.

Hi guys, great theme just having trouble doing something simple like adding a favicon – how can one do this?

Hi there,

To add the favicon, go to Theme Options > Header > Logo & Site Identity > Site Icon

hi, is there a setting to display the post title under post next and previous links?? sorry, just noticed I can enable Next/Prev Navigation

Hi there,

I’m afraid we do not have a setting for this. You will need a bit of customization.


I try to use a lightbox winth contact form 7 inside. I use it on short description/description on Woocommerce.

But the shortcode isn’t work.

[button text=”Lightbox button” link=”#test”]

[lightbox id=”test” width=”600px” padding=”20px”] Add lightbox content here… [/lightbox]

The shortcode just look like as it is on front side. I also try it on a page and also not working.

WP, theme and all plugin is updated. Please help.

Thank you.

Sorry, it’s work fine. It conflicting with others plugin i guess.

Thank a lot.

Awesome :) Good luck with your site.

if a customer is on the checkout page, and they remove an item from their cart via the mini cart dropdown in the menu, the checkout page should update to reflect this change.

Hi there,

The checkout and cart pages do not have AJAX and hence you will need to reload the pages manually for the changes to take place.

Need to move site to another server.

Icons in featured_box are now very, very small – width now 60px instead of 184px. (1:1 export of database from old to new server) Any suggestions?


yes, I did full export of database. Also tried Backup/Export – nothing changed

Hi there,

Please shoot an email via support and we’ll look into it.

Ticket: 58405

Hello, On mobile the menu overlay is scrollable until the footer of the page. Is there a way to prevent this ?

Hi there,

Looks like you have found a bug. I will share this with the development team right away.

I have had an issue with the product page image ever since I bought this theme. There are times when the image on the product page just don’t load all the way. I complained before and the response was, its a conflict with my plugins. I have tuned off all the plugins except for the ones that come with the theme and I still have the same issue. I have waited to see if it would resolve in updates but it has not. Can you guys please give me some advise on how to fix this.

tried support and my license has expired, not sure I am willing to pay to extend my license to be told the same thing. I think since this is an issue I raised before the license expired it should be fix. My website is youngnfoxy.com

Hello there,

I have checked a sample product https://youngnfoxy.com/product/bonnie-pink-velvet-crop-top/ and the product is displayed well.

Also, please update to version 3.4.2 and check if you are still having issues http://docs.uxthemes.com/article/77-how-do-i-update-the-theme

Still happening, it does not happen all but happens every other image or so. But when it does you have the reload the page and then it work. I thought it was maybe Isolated the the hosting setup but I have tried it on other server and the same thing happens.

Hi! I’m having a hard time figuring out how to localize “View cart” and “Checkout” buttons in the minicart dropdown. Even changing the string to translate in the woocommerce_widget_shopping_cart_button_view_cart function doesn’t go through – but a die clause in the function actually works and outputs whatever text I put in the die clause.

What am I missing here? Something obvious?

Hello Thomas,

This snippet should help you localize the strings. Place it in your functions.php file https://pastebin.com/SYBur87t

Hi, is it possible to have fixed text and have only the background images change (animated)? So the text box does not change, no animation. This would be for a homepage slider.

Hi there,

I’m afraid we do not have a setting for this. You might need a plugin for this.

Hello, how can we set a background image for product pages only ? Thank you

Hi there,

You will need a bit of customization for this.

Frustrating issue: My UX Builder, Theme Options and Customize links are all running into 404 Page Load errors. To be specific, at the top of the window, Under the drop down Edit Page then UX Builder the page results in a 404 page load eror. This is also happening for the Them Options Menu and Customize Link. My memory limit is set to 256mb. WP-Optimize has been run and issue still persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Hello Amir, sorry for the trouble.

Please shoot an email via support and we’ll check it out.


Please looka here: akcesoria.astromal.pl

fonts are ok in Chrome and Firefox, but in IE some latin-ext fornts are wrongly displayed (alternative font is displayed and additionally it looks bold )

How to solve it?

Best Regards Larido

Hello Larido,

Please send in a screenshot and IE version of where this is happening via support. The site is displayed fine from my end.

Hello, On the shop page when we open the filter (to filter by category and price), there are 2 words that remain in English: Browse and Recently Viewed, is it possible to change them on the them or should we use something like Loco Translate ?

Thank you

Hi there,

You can edit the widget titles in Appearance >> Widgets > Shop Sidebar Widget area and edit the specific widgets.


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