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It´s there a way to fix that the toggle can go back when you expand the text?

Hi, no problem I will translate these for you and update the theme again with the translations added.


OK, thanks. I have already translated the button “Send” to “Enviar. And at Portfolio instead of “All projects” I added “Proyectos”.

What you have to translate its “Email Sent Successfully. Thank you Alberto Gil, your message has been submitted.” for “Email enviado correctamente. Gracias xxxxxx, te responderemos lo antes posible”.

When I put “xxxxx” its for the name of the person that fulfill the contact form.

Tell me when its done. Thanks.

Hi, An update with the translated strings will be available later on today through ThemeForest.

Also I have added a child theme within the theme package which includes a custom function to allow you to change the transation strings without changing the parent theme code.

This was done to allow you to make changes to the child theme without you changing the parent theme when it gets updated through ThemeForest as it may get overwritten.

Also the child theme will allow you to have more flexiablity as you can add your own custom styles and functions to the child theme code instead of the parent theme.


Hi, I want to change the link of the picture in Services (in the widget which is shown on my homepage). Where can I do that? I can only change the link of the button.

Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately I allready did this. But now I only change the link of the button, not of the picture. So I have two different links in the same service. I there another way maybe? Hope to hear from you again. Thanks!

I have figured out what the problem is. There is some lines of code missing in functions.php. Which will output the extact same URL as the button for the services image. I will provide you with an update shortly. So you will then have the same URL outputted the same as the button.

Alternatively you can go to functions.php and locate line 1559 and replace the existing code with these lines below:-.

$permalink = get_permalink(); $services_custom_url = isset($ser_meta[‘_jc_services_custom_link’]) && !empty($ser_meta[‘_jc_services_custom_link’]) ? $ser_meta[‘_jc_services_custom_link’] : $permalink; Make sure you replace these lines only as you my encounter an error.

if( has_post_thumbnail() ){ ?>
<figure class="center-wrap img-icon">
        echo ' ';
        echo get_the_post_thumbnail(
            array(115, 100)
        echo ' ';



Thanks, I will wait for your update ;-) It is the safest option haha.

How do I change the type of font in the primary menu? I have changed all of them in the typography settings and it still won’t change?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing my theme. I have addressed the issue regarding the primary menu font style. You will receive an update shortly through ThemeForest. This will include new fields added to theme options to panel to allow you to change the tyogrpahy for the top bar menu and primary menu. These can be found under top bar menu and primary menu tabs.

Kind Regards


I viewed your demo on my phone and the lettering is getting cut off by the photos, such as IOS 7 CONCEPT is cut off at the bottom by the SWAPP image. I also resized the demo in Google Chrome down to mobile phone size, and it does the same thing. I am interested in making a purchase, however, not if this cannot be fixed beforehand. I will await your reply. Thanks.

Follow-Up: I removed the Envato frame from the demo and that fixed this issue. Sorry.


For some reason the Envato iFrame removes responsive features on the theme no matter what browser or device you are using. There is no issue with the images being cut of when the Iframe is removed.

Thank you for having interest in this theme.

Regards jono-111-ca

For the home page, how do I remove/minimize the space between the primary bar and the first element of visual composer. I have removed the image for static front page, but it still shows it.



To fix the image logo I recommend you to change the size of your image using CSS.

Alternatively you can change the image dimensions of your logo so it will fit within the navbar.

Recommended image size for a logo is around about 100px x 50px. You can do this will Photoshop if you wish. But a quick way is to change the size of your logo using CSS.

To do this you will need to open up screen.css located in folder assets>css and located lines 801 and line 7504 and change the max-width from 80% to 25%.

Here is the CSS you will need to change below:-

.site-logo img{
    max-width: 80%;
.site-logo img{
    max-width: 25%;

Regards jono-111-ca

How do I change the font color in the body of paragraph? It does not have an option in the typography settings.

Hi, To enable the body paragraph font color option you will need to go to framework>options>config>setting-config.php and locate line 893 and change the color parameter to (bool) true. E.g. shown below

change this:- ‘color’ => false

to this:-
'color' => true

Once set to (bool) true a new colorpicker field will be visible to you. This will allow you to change the body paragraph text to your desired color.

Best Regards jono-111-ca

Thank you jono. where do I locate the framework>options>config>setting-config.php

Sorry, I am not the most savvy computer guy. Slightly competent


To locate the folder name framework>options>config>settings.-config.php is within the main theme package flatsum_wp folder. You can find this on your server when you make the edit.

To found the main theme folder flatsum_wp you will need to go to folder wp_content>themes>flatsum_wp

Open up settings-config.php and locate line 893 to change the parameter to (bool) true.

Once changed to (bool) true you will have a colorpicker visible to you under the body font typography settings in theme options.

Regards jono-111-ca

Hello, Nice WP theme :) Got a short question : is it possible to disable the NiceScroll plugin to get a classic scrollbar ? Kind regards, Ben

Hi there, Thank you for purchasing my theme. I hope you like it.

The theme does not currently let you disable the NiceScroll plugin.

But I have just added a new setting option in theme options to allow you to disable the plugin and use the browsers native scrollbars instead.

I have applied an update with new files which will be available shortly to download via ThemeForest.

Kind Regards John


I can’t get any icons to show up for the Services widgets and pages. I’ve looked around everywhere in settings and can’t see what the problem could be.

Thanks, Josh

Hi there,

To get the icons to show on the services widget. Navigate to services post type and select the meta-box called Services Settings. From there select the dropdown field called Custom font icon.

Here you have a list of font icons to choose from, which will show for each service that is created.

Please note this setting will not work if you have uploaded an icon image because the image icon setting overrides the font icon font settings.

I have addressed some minor issues with the services widget, and changes can be viewed via ThemeForest or in the changelog file.

There will be an update with updated files, which will be available to download shortly through ThemeForest.

Kind Regards


I’m really loving this theme! I was wondering: is it possible to use the blog timeline template but have it limited by category? I have a couple of different pages that display blog posts only for particular categories and I’d like to use the timeline format but I don’t see a way of limiting the posts that appear on the page (short of modifying the template itself which I don’t want to do since I’d have to duplicate the template for the various categories I want to limit). Is this possible?

Hi there, thankyou for purchasing my theme. It is possible to display individual categories for each category that is created on the timeline blog. The blog timeline uses the category.php template to show each category that is created.

Currently the main timeline archive page only supports the limitation of all posts that are created via options settings. But not allowing the limitation of posts under categories.

Soon this theme will allow users to limit the number of posts that are being viewed under a particular category. I am currently implementing this feature into the theme and will be available to you and others in the next theme update.

Kind regards

Hello. I am unable to get the Google Map widget working. Please help. http://www.kingsleyelementary.org/

Hi There, I will check the Google maps issue on the parent theme and child theme to check for bugs and inconsistencies on pages / custom pages. I will get back to you with this once I have done some tests.


In the meantime, I’ve added the Google Maps script again to a copy of footer.php in the child theme folder. That seems to resolve the issue, as the map now appears every time the Calendar page is loaded. Question: why not just add this script to the end of footer.php in your theme? That solves everything.

The Google maps scripts are automatically added to the child theme. On my production server the Google maps scripts are included when the child theme is activated. I have checked this through Google console in the browser. There must be a minor bug somewhere in the code. Like I said I will have to do some tests and see what is going on and find out why you have to add the scripts manually in the footer of the child theme.

I’m getting lots of errors while importing dummy data. Is the server still up?

Hi There, thankyou for purchasing my theme.

I will include a new updated import file which will be available to you and others within the next 3 to 4 days. The new import file will be included in the next update of the theme. This should resolve the errors that you are currently having on the server.

Kind Regards

Hi Jono,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have sent you an email in regards to this issue. We need to get something up ASAP .

Hi, I am currently updating the import file. Once done, you should receive a notification from ThemeForest when the update has been approved. Also I want to make sure everything is going to work without any errors, before I apply the update. Kind regards

This is the most maddening template to set up. It was a total waste of money for me.

Hi There, what seems to be the problem with the template. I am more than happy to help you setup the theme and offer full support if needed. Kind regards

Hi, I like this theme and I am willing to buy it, I need to put A LOT of tables in my pages, so I see it includes Easy Tables…

BUT when I look at their video (http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/easy-tables-table-manager-for-visual-composer/full_screen_preview/5559903?_ga=1.202447185.1995009634.1478049632), it shows some ugly tables

And your Flatsum demo page shows BEAUTIFUL tables (http://www.jono111ca.com/shortcodes/table-elements/)...

Are your tables REALLY made with Easy Tables?


Hi, This theme is compatible with Visual Composer Easy Tables Plugin. Earlier versions of the theme did not include the Easy Tables Plugin or VC page builder.

The demo site currently uses the fallback Twitter Bootstrap tables shortcode. I will include a example page to show that the theme is compatible with the Easy Tables plugin. This will be added onto the demo site later on today.


Hi there, I recently updated Wordpress to version 4.7.3. Visual Composer didn’t work anymore so I updated the theme to the latest version also. But still, I cant get the Visual Composer to work. When i install it, it says: “no valid plugins found”. What should I do…? Is there a way to install the plugin on my FTP-server manually or something? Thanks!

When will the update be ready?

I can’t find VC in the FlatSum package I downloaded… Can you tell me in which folder I can find it?

Hi There, The theme update as been applied through ThemeForest. The latest version of VC plugin is now available to download outside of the main theme folder, or can be found in folder flatsum_wp>framework>plugins.

The VC plugin which is located inside of the theme folder is used by the TGM Plugin Activation (http://tgmpluginactivation.com/). This PHP library is already included in the theme package to allow you to install recommeded plugins that comes with the theme.

I recommend not to download the update until I notify you when the update as been approved by ThemeForest. I will let you know when you can download the update, which you download later on today.

Kind Regards

Update is now available to download through ThemeForest. Thanks!


Is the latest version of the theme compatible with WordPress 4.8?



How are things going? Is it OK to update now?


Hi, The newer version of the theme will be available to download through ThemeForest when is gets approved by them. The update will include newer versions of premium plugins and address any issues with the newer widgets that WordPress has included in the core.

The theme still works fine even if you update WordPress to the latest version 4.7.5. I recommend you to backup your website data and update to the latest version.

The update will be available to you in the next few days.


Hi, The newer version of the theme will be available to download through ThemeForest when is gets approved by them. The update will include newer versions of premium plugins and address any issues with the newer widgets that WordPress has included in the core.

The theme still works fine even if you update WordPress to the latest version 4.7.5. I recommend you to backup your website data and update to the latest version.

The update will be available to you in the next few days.