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Hi, Please could you tell me how can I animate my carrousel like a slider (I would like to show my articles in a slideshow) Thank you

I can wait the next update, can you tell me when it is plan ?

Good news :) I’ve updated the theme recently and now it is on review queue. Hope reviewers accept this update within few hours. This update has new option called “Auto Slide Seconds” on carousel item. Please update your theme and refresh your page and setup there sliding second


Superb ! Thank you !


I have installed your theme, but since then woocommerce ship to billing address feature stopped. Please can you help me?


Looks you are using earlier version. But I don’t see significant changes related that woo issue on further versions than yours. Then there I need to clarify something.

I checked my cart page and see shipping here, http://d.pr/i/ayuc

And have you enabled options on Woo=>Settings=>Shipping http://d.pr/i/kGjh


That’s not what I was talking about, but anyway I fixed the problem by myself!!!

Thanks for not helping me! ;-)

Please share you fixes here. Thanks

is this safe with wordpress 4?

Honestly I don’t see any problem right now. But few people mentioned there have saving problem on my another themes with 4.0. You should wait little bit and see my responses because there don’t have significant improvement for your site on 4.0 except few ux changes.


Hello and Thank you for this amazing theme, I have question I need a good WPML for my site, so I want to know if you know one of them. Thank :)

oh my site tecnosoftmedia.com

WPML is a plugin itself: http://wpml.org/


I know, Thank You. see ya soon

Hello, I love your theme! I recently discovered an issue. My content on the home and about page has disappeared. The backend looks fine, so i’m not sure what the issue is. The url is http://www.saucissoncleveland.com/ PLZ HELP!

It’s because a 403 forbidden error is being given for ThemePunch Tools (for rev slider) and thus breaking all JS on the page, preventing anything from loading.

Make sure that all of your WordPress files are recursively set to 755 permissions, you can do this via FTP or your webhost should be able to do it for you.

If you need anything else, let us know. Thanks!

I am working on this for a client who purchased your theme and it’s been awesome to use. However, I am currently running into some issues on http://ecobranding.info/ with the bloc content builder. I will go in the page and make changes and they will not save despite publishing. They will revert back. I am having to either edit it in text in order to save changes after the initial page is created? I have no idea why this has been happening now, but insight into resolving it quickly would be much appreciated!

You’re running 1.5.2 of Flatter – you’ll need to upgrade using Envato Toolkit or download the theme from TF and upload via FTP.

If the issue persists, create a ticket on our support forums including FTP login details and I will fix it for you.


for some reason I can make the tables to work… it only show everything in 1 column. thx

hi, which file am I suppose to upload? Im a bit confused… thx!!!!!

ok it works now, thx!!!

Hi :) Please can you tell me if theme is compatible with WP 4.0? Thanks Ale

Hi, Yeah it is compatible. If you face any small issue, please let us know on support site and we will help you asap. Thanks :)

Thank you very much :)


I just started using your theme and am having a hard time creating an alternative portfolio. I’ve select alternative portfolio on the Portfolio Item Style drop down, but this results with padded images. I’ve tried a few different combinations (element style drop down, blog style, ect) with no no success, am I missing a step?

Drop down is a post filter. Please set there same as this http://d.pr/i/1caN7


Thanks so much for the quick response! It ended up being that ‘No Column Padding’ wasn’t on in the edit row option section. Once again super thanks and i’m really loving this theme :)


Auxiliator Author Team


You are welcome!

I hope you have created wonderful website now!

Good luck with your everything!

Thank you.

Hello. I am unable to sign into the support website, I am receiving a 401 Authorization Required error page.

So so many bugs with this theme, developing has been a nightmare. But now I have a client’s website up live, and a big issue has come up.

Because of badly written media queries, the site does not display well when viewed on an iPad mini, or any device with a screen size of exactly 768px wide. I have several items using the ‘Hide on these size devices’ option, and at 768px (the breakpoint), sometimes both are showing. Not good.

You can see here: http://twintermite.com. Window size 767px, looks great. 769px it looks okay (still funky, but better).

Please let me know when a fix is available.

Thank you.

Please try again and register. I saw 4 or 5 new customers registered meanwhile.

I checked your site on mini and see some overflowing on your container and makes with overflowing and show bottom scroll bar. I see this overflowing on iphone as well, means there have something wrong. But I cannot find the reason of it and initially suspects your additional plugin injects it.

So my solution is simple and put following style on Custom CSS field
html { overflow:auto !important }

You can check demo site on your ipad mini and compare your one. I shouldn’t show any scroll bar on bottom


I am enjoying the use of this theme. BUT, there is a fairly serious mis-use of the H1 tag which causes most SEO spiders to pull the site slogan in as the first H1 on the page. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why google could not see my vary obvious headline before I tracked it down in the source coded, and subsequently the common-functions.php file.

I did notice that the bad for seo H1 tag was set to display:none, but that did not matter to google or any other testing site (including screaming frog) that I used.

Perhaps the developers will find a better way to fix this.

For a multipage theme, there should only be one H1 tag. I cannot say whether it is best to use the page title as the H1, though in my experience it has not been. The two ought to be similar, but not identical.

Because of the importance of the H1 tag I would certainly NOT use the site title for it on every page. It does google no good to see every page as having the same headline.

Okay sir. Removing is good solution for this case. Thanks

Please remove the line (170 with H1) in common-functions.php file manually meantime. Thanks

Hello, I am interested into buying your theme. However I wanted to know if the blog pages could be set to “0” in order not to use the pagination but infinite scroll.


It only has Paginated option for blog now. Thanks for your interest

I have a support question on Flatter. I registered on the Themeton support site but have never received the initial password so that I may login. I have requested a password reset several times and have received no email providing one. Therefore, I will ask my question here.

If a Text element is placed with Page Builder, and text is entered into the Title field of that Text element, when published the page will have a thin horizontal line running the length of the page under the title. I require a Custom CSS to get rid of that line. I had a similar situation with a different theme from a different developer and the following removed the line:

.single-hold, .hgroup.single-hold.border {border-bottom: none;} header img {height: auto;}

This CSS code does not work with Flatter, but maybe mentioning it helps you diagnosing the situation. Thanks.

I don’t know where it comes from because our theme doesn’t apply any border on heading. That might be from some plugin. So please use this style on your site and get rid of it.
.blox-element-text h4 { border: none !important }
If it doesn’t help you, you should share your site address and issue link, and I’ll give you more significant styles.

I sent your new password to your mail, please check there.


Is it possible to have the portfolio name overlay on portfolio featured image instead on the bottom of it. If there are way, please tell me how. Also in portfolio default style, how to display the portfolio name centre with the portfolio grid. By the way, being using this template for a while, it’s an amazing template.


Are you looking for THIS? Please just select the Alternative style on your portfolio element, http://d.pr/i/16IaZ



Which files have been updated in Flatter update v1.6.0, please, Thanks?


Answered on your forum message, please check it here. Thanks

Ok thank you so much :)


I noticed that this website (http://techspectankgrips.com.au) is somehow crashed, the submenus don’t work and the home page doesn’t display anything below the slider. When I go to products, I can’t add them into cart. This happened over the past few days.

I’ve updated all the plugins and Wordpress core but the issue still exists.

When I deactivate the WooCommerce plugin, the website goes back to normal but obviously the shop disappears.

I don’t know why all of the sudden this should happen. I’ve done everything I could but the website is still broken.

Can you please look into this and let me know what to do to fix it so I can get back to my client?


You think this issue related Woo plugin generally?

I need more evidence about that, error message and traffic issues etc. Then you need to send your login details on our support forum.


Thanks for your quick reply, the issue was with the hosting company which they have fixed now. Keep up the good work.


Good to hear that, have a nice day :)

Hi again,

Could you please fix the Blox Editor, is not working anymore with Wordpres v4.3.

And also if you could add please last versions of LayerSlider and Revolution Slider premium plugins…



Sure still compatible with plugins. We have tested already. Okay we will update Plugins of Revolution Slider and Layer slider next week!

Thank you.

Yes I know they are fully compatible, as I put it in Info. Just wondering about plugin updates… Take care when updating, that your actual theme zip archive have some little different errors (see my threads in your support pages and here below)…


Really thank you for advice appreciate it! We will check painstaking.

Thank you

Hi to your excellent support team !

There is a small javascript error in flatter theme since Wordpress update v4.3

Is related to “Woocommerce Ajax Complete Request” function at the end of main script.js file.

Just a little reminder for your support forum. i have posted a thread about-it…

Many thanks.


Thank you for your full heart support. I’ll take a look at it and solve. Thanks

I updated my website and now it clash with woo commerce I need help.

Which version are you using? Woo and the theme.
Also where don’t you see them? In shop page or different places. Please explain more about it and provide me more information. Your website link would be awesome.


Try this link out:


The price amount doesn’t show anymore. Please advise, if you need my backend information let me know.

Thank you,

Excuse me, this is a different theme what we’re offering.


I have a few questions before i purchase this theme.

I noticed that this theme comes with a user/client portal feature correct? (login/register)... is it possible for me to create or add more stuff to the client portal…or to even create one? if not are there any plugins that i can do this with?

For example…

Let’s say someone creates their own account. Is it possible for me to create a custom home page or section specifically for them?

For example: A non-register user visits the page, on the first banner it says “Introducing Flatter”, now let’s say this same user now registers and his name is “John Doe”... now the front banner changes to “Welcome John Doe” and there’s a section on the navigation bar specifically for him/her created by me based on current pages on the site?



First of all, Thank you for interest our theme really appreciate it!

1. So, it is unable to add another clients and create one! 2. Top of header section user/register it is only “Woocommerce” users account!

Thank you.


First of all, Thank you for interest our theme really appreciate it!

1. So, it is unable to add another clients and create one! 2. Top of header section user/register it is only “Woocommerce” users account!

Thank you.