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Hey i just purchased this, where is the Dummy data located? there was no dummy data xml or folder in my download – i downloaded all files from themeforest not the installable file only.

Sorry, found the dummy data in the theme options :)

However, the layer slider dummy data would be GREAT :D

Found layer slider data too :)

Yes, Everything is there. Generally LayerSlider content imported automatically if you hit on one of xml data.

FYI, recently I’ve added OnePage example on the theme. And will add this on this section soon too :)


Great theme. I purchased already.

Have one problem though: Although I activate page builder in the theme options already, the blox page builder button does not appear on any edit screen, page or post. So I cannot access this feature at all.

What could be wrong?

Thank you for the purchase.
Can you send me your site address and details for a new ticket? I wanna take a look what there happen

Thanks a lot

I sent a ticket. didn’t get any confirmation so I hope it went through.

Great theme. There are lots of bugs though. I’m ripping my hair out at the moment.

Trying to save changes on pages is an ARTFORM, 50% of the time the changes aren’t published and i end up losing all the changes.

Also, i’ve changed a button shortcode from including target=”_self” to _blank… but it does not work, still opens the link on the same page.


Can you give me more information about your situation?
It would be better to identify if I have your site information. Please send me a ticket

Thanks a lot

Hi, beautiful template. Congratulations! I have one question about it. Does the top menu can be customized (for example with social links with their icons) or just works with shop’s stuff. Regards

Yes yes. I’ll give you a video link soon that shows how top bar customization works in this theme :)

I recorded few short videos about Flatter dashboard, please watch these videos of the theme. Hope you like those. Thanks a lot

Thanks for the videos. I’ve already bought the template ;-)


I would use only the design, because i have c# code but my front-end it’s not great at all!

Would this template fit my project? I will be able to customizing the template from outside the admin?

Thank you,


Hi again!

Also, i was wondering if i can add search filters to the portfolio items?

Thank you,


Theme don’t have html version. Then I can’t tell you how you separate frontedn sections.

- Here is the filtered ( category filter ) version of portfolio http://demo.themeton.com/flatter/portfolio/alternative-portfolio/

Thanks a lot

Would you answer to my first question? Thank you!

What about a “sign-up for our newsletter” section? Is that included? I want to use this for an app launch and want the signup form in the rotator. Looking forward to your response. :)

Not yet sir. I recommend you to use some plugin for it. I hope there have tons of plugins out there :)

Thank you for the question

This is a great theme. It has a unique look and feel, however I do have a couple of questions.

First of all, I seem to be having trouble with my contact form.I uploaded the dummy data as instructed, but the contact form on the sample page does not appear, instead just shows “[contact-form-7 id=”1187” title=”Contact form 1”]” as text where the form should be. Is there a way to fix this and have the contact form work as per your demo?

Second, I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the navigation menu entirely, as my website does not need it. I have left it blank and removed all other bars. Yet it remains and says “Please create a menu in Appearance->Menus and select it on Primary location!”. Is it possible to remove it?

Looking forward to your response. Great work.

- Demo site uses Contact form 7 plugin. If you install there this plugin, this message don’t bother you again.

- Yes, you can remove it there. Please open up the header.php file and remove render_mega_nav(); function on the line 75.

Thanks a lot

It would be great if you could add align attributes to all of the shortcodes. So we could choose left center or right :)

Thank you, we will work on it,

Is there a way I can have 6 footer widgets all in the same row? It seems like in the editor there is room for 6 cases, however, in the widget area there is only 4 places to add widgets for the footer.

Any help please? Thanks

nevermind figured it out

Hello, I bought the theme a couple of days ago and it is very interesting compliments. I’m building the contact page and your theme is the contact us page that Motl is cute … but I could not find the form for sending mails and put the map in fullscreen … can you help me? Thanks to early and still good

We used contact form 7 plugin. You should add Google map element with fullwidth row.

Hey guys, i started a support ticket on your support forum 2 days ago and haven’t had a reply yet? Just notifying you here as it seems you posted on here just 7 hours ago.

Still no reply. You guys said that you pride yourselves on support? I had 2 simple questions. Should i just ask them here?

How do i remove the header and footer from one page? Could you guys create a “Blank page template” and include it?

Please check the ticket. Answered there. Hope the answer helps you and let me know and reply there related questions with it. Thanks

includes demo content slider?


Yes, Included.

Yes, Included.

thanks! great theme, purchased

How can I have the exact homepage as your demo? I couldn’t find any tutorials. Please advise, thanks.

Please visit Theme Options panel and go down to “One Click Data” tab which exists very bottom of the panel. Then select your page and click the button :)

Thanks a lot

Hi There,

Any indication when is the next update? As you know some bugs need fixing. thanks

Do you consider to use Page Share options there? As in this image, http://d.pr/i/uCGT

Also height issues fixed soon (preparing to update the theme now)


Yeah. this is better then the current share but icons. But it doesn’t appeal enough I think

So you wanna increase size of icons? Do you have ideas for it?


Hi Great theme. Just need a little help, can you tell me how to change font condor within the button. my buttons all shows up with the same colour of the link colour, in you demo site, I can see you can manage to have the button colour as white but you link colour is green. Please show me how.


Ohh I see. Now link color applied on button text. So following style helps you to set it white,
.content a.btn {
   color: #fff;
Please use it on Custom CSS field and this changes will included next update of the theme :)

Thanks a lot

Thanks That works great

I’m glad with it. Please rate it 5 stars. Theme has over 150 purchases but not enough rates now :)

Hi! Good job!

I have one little question: is it possible to have a portfolio in the home?


Yes. It is possible. All portfolio examples come from PageBuilder and you can build your home page dynamically as added portfolio.

Thanks a lot

Again a small tip, http://docs.themeton.com/flatter/#portfolio
Hope you like the video instruction :)

Hi. Just noticed, video background is not working for Firefox under Mac OS. and the service block Animation is chubby in Safari. you can try to test your “Features” Page in Safari, you’ll see how it goes half way of the page, after “Save your Time, Save your Money….”

Please help


Thank you for the message.
Have you uploaded there WebM version of your video? Here is the browser compatibility of browsers, http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_video.asp and Firefox requires this format.

Animation: I see. Seems Flip animations have problem. I’ll take a look at it

Thanks a lot

Hi, very nice theme :) I’m a Wordpress newbie and I’d like to ask a few questions before I buy your theme: - I’d like to use your theme not as a blog but for a company that organizes events and represents wine & food producers. Do you think I’ll have to change a lot of code or will it be mostly changing setting in the control panel? - can I get rid of the Shop item in the menu? I don’t need a shop in my site, - what’s you suggestion of plugin for adding social networks icons?

Many thanks for your time! Ciao, Valeria

Theme has PageBuilder feature and that helps you to create your page easily. Also you can see theme options and some parts from this youtube list. Hope all those help you to prevent custom coding on the theme :)

Thanks a lot

Yes you can remove shop cart from top bar. Tnx

Many thanks for your quick reply. A fast support is good reason #1 for choosing a professional theme. My customer is happy about your theme. I’ll buy it in the next days.

Ciao, Valeria

Hi, How can i link a portfolio item to external url ? (no lightbox, no portfolio element )


I have simple idea to achieve this. Please use this Page links to plugin and that changes post permalink with your custom link


Hi, I bought your theme – but I get an error sometimes. The writing:

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /var/www/gemvoresside.dk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master/index.php on line 872

Why? Can’t you help me?

Yeah I faced similar this before and created forum message about it. Could you try this on your site?
If it helps you, I wanna add it on plugin file

Thanks a lot. Let me know what there happens and if you need assistant with it

Hi, I don’t no where i should paste the line in. I’m not good to PHP, kan you help where I should paste it in?

Please send me your site information via ticket. Thanks