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How can I have a multiple language option? I would like to offer English & Spanish to my clients. Please advise thank you

Please use there WMPL plugin. The theme compatible with it :)

Is there any one that you would recommend? or can we use any plugin out there?

Theme included translation PO file. And you can use theme with any type of translation plugin. But I recommend WPML which allows you to translate your string easily and admin panel values as well (top bar text … ).

Thanks a lot

I’m going to use your theme for a site that already has 300 pages and 200 posts… I need all of them to all have the right sidebar and assign it the custom sidebar specified in widgets…

I really dont want to have to change that on every single page… is there a way to do it in batch?

Hi there,

Posts : Seems you don’t need to do special things for posts. Because posts has Right sidebar layouts constantly. Please just add your widgets into “Posts sidebar” in Appearance => Widgets.

Pages : They have options to choose layout. But your existing pages didn’t selected specific layout (on post meta) yet. Also default page layout is Fullwidth now. Therefore we need to point those to our wishes.

So please open up the “template-page.php” file and set single argument as this ( http://d.pr/i/92ek ). Later on add your widgets on “Page Sidebar area”.

FYI: If you wanna set default page layout to right, edit the attribute on 91 of “framework/post-types/page-options.php” http://d.pr/i/L9q4

Custom Sidebar : If you wanna set custom sidebar or only one sidebar both of them, you can add your widgets both of previous noticed sidebars. And we still have a chance to edit “sidebar.php” files for this purpose.

Don’t forget to use those changes in your Child theme :)

Thanks a lot

I am wondering what it would take to have the accordion be able to read an image like I have here

- Our accordion element is a just regular and they don’t have background option for title area. But I think it is possible with custom css. Similar to following
#accordion11111 .panel-heading {
  background: url(IMAGE) no-repeat right center;
#accordion22222 .panel-heading {
  background: url(IMAGE) no-repeat right center;

- Menu description, http://d.pr/i/iZMd

Thanks a lot

Great, thank you for the help! Where would I place the CSS, in the Custom CSS area?

Yes that area. Thanks

Hey themeton,

Still waiting for the update. I hope it is ready soon.

I have a question: Can you help me in uploading the logo in .svg formate? or guide me to do it?

Thanks in advance :)

Theme updated already. Please update it there. Hope you configured Envato Toolkit there.

Hope this link helps you to upload SVGs there.

Thanks a lot

Fantastic theme, quick and easy to use! love it so far – few bugs here and there but nothing major! 5 stars all the way!

Thank you really much, Please let us know about those issues. That helps me and impove my next themes. Thanks a lot

How do i contact you for support? the latest issue i have is that the carousel ignores the post count for each element. it uses the wordpress global “posts per page” so if i want only 2 items displayed it does not work. i tried the default through blox builder and shortcode. it ignores post count.

Okay I got the carousel issue. Fix and update it soon.
You can contact with me my profile page and you can send us a ticket.

Thanks a lot

Great work!

But there´s a question: How do I import the slider of your frontpage? I mean the slider on the demopage. There are just these example-sliders made by layerslide.


Please just include one of demo data and the slider content include there automatically. Slider names are “Home Flatter” and “Shop”.

Thanks a lot

sry, but I somehow can’t find them, could you mail these slides to me? blackosside@hotmail.com

Is it possible to have items in a portfolio display in a random order? thank you

There don’t have a random ordering option right now. But I have experience of it and I can add this on next updates. Stay tuned the next version :)

Thanks a lot

How can I make the menu less high. I have too much white space over and under logo.

I would like to add some other icons. How can I do this? Can we change the color on the icons?

We would like to have a “free trial” button like on https://www.voz.io/pricing.html in the top menu. Can this be done?

Logo space option: Okay. will add it on next updates

Custom icon on menu: Icons are text indeed. And they stretched by menu font size and take menu text color. If you include there custom icon image, those don’t work. But I’m thinking about it would be better to apply image url on Icon field of menu item. How sounds it?

Icon colors:
1. If you change menu color, icons color changed too. Just remind you :)

2. If you need to set all icons color separately, please use following style
.menu-icon { color:red }

3. If you need to fill color on only one specific icon, we need to extend previous style with parent menu class as
.menu-item-1200 .menu-icon { color:#00cc00 }

Menu button: Looks this is a simple border of menu item. Please use this simple style on Custom CSS field of options panel

.menu-item-1172 > a {
  border: 3px solid #ddd;
  padding: 10px 15px;
  border-radius: 3px;
  -webkit-border-radius: 3px;
  -moz-border-radius: 3px;
  margin: 17px 5px;
1172 is an ID of “Audio conferencing” menu and you can inspect your menu and replace it with correct one. Result : http://d.pr/i/bmC7

Thanks a lot

is there an option for blog to have full width layout?

I don’t have a plan for this. But do you think is it okay to exactly same as Portfolio layout? Big images + Hover title and link


Added an element like full width portfolio that can show your posts. Please update your theme there. Thanks

thank you.

I am using a dedicated virtual server from Media Temple and not able to upload this theme via the admin panel or FTP. Other themes load up with no problems. Any ideas on this? Anyone else have this experience?

Rare uses face upload file limit problem. But FTP have to be no problem. Please send me your details via ticket and I’ll install it for you..

Thanks a lot

Why is my logo not shown as retina? http://flatter.paludan.me/


Have you installed there http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-retina-2x/ plugin? That plugin helps us to reply proper image if there have 2x version of images. Upload your logo image and create 2x version with it

Seems I need to update documentation with it.

Thanks a lot

I have tried this, but it does not seems to help.

Hi there,

I’ve improved here some updates for retina logo. Will update it soon and let you know, stay tuned next version of the theme

Thanks a lot

On Ipad mini the menus is in two lines and over the logo. Why is the menu not minimized? http://flatter.paludan.me/

I answered them recently. Please check there. Hope you like my video instruction.

Thanks a lot

Thanks – I really like the video. One thing I was wondering: how can we control the header and body text, so it is horizontal aligned even is some blocks has 1 line and some 2 line headers?

I think 1 or 2 lines doesn’t matter, they look good. Because they have box and background If you add there style. Also you can play all those attributes and if you decrease the padding value you have more space for texts.

Thanks a lot

How can I customize the footer for different languages.

Hope every translate plugins have widget translation. In WPML, you should use string translation and can translate widget title and static strings there. Also there you can translate top & footer bar texts.

Thanks a lot

Hi, great theme, so far everything is very good. Just one thing need your help. Can you tell me how to inset a video link to a button with the “prettyphoto” effect. I like to insert a video link to a button, when my visitors click on that button, it will pops up the video player and play the video over the page, instead of leaving the page.

Thank you for your help.

That’s for your instruction. works very well. is it possible to to the same on image element? just like the button element? using extra class and prettyPhoto?


I have the quick reply for it. Please replace/upload this file into your theme directory. http://d.pr/f/rQnH And refresh few more times or clear cache of your browser.

Still requires prettyPhoto class on image element :) and this changes will included on next versions

I saw there you’ve rate my theme. Thank you really much :)

Thanks I’ll wait for the next version then.

I still have the problem with the menu over over logo on iPad when the menu is wide. Also the retina problem with the logo. Please see above and the ticket. I hope you can answer today. It is 22 CET now. Thanks.

I still have the problem with the menu over over logo on iPad when the menu is wide. Also the retina problem with the logo. Please see above and the ticket. I hope you can answer today. It is 22 CET now. Thanks.

I know you’ve sent me a ticket. I haven’t checked it yet. I’ll answer there soon. Thanks a lot

I would like to use these icons and http://designmodo.github.io/Flat-UI/ ...eg web orientated - free to share … boxes.

Is this possible?

I can not see this on my menu. What version do I need? I cannot see the version, but have 12028f4b-a971-4b17-aed0-059807b9471b.

I found the new version 1.1.0 and installed it. I now see Menu icon (allows custom icon by url).

Yes, thats it :)

Hi, I would like show the “Top Bar” on the normal computer resolution but when minimized to mobile, not display the “Top Bar” anymore… is that possible? If so, how & where can I make the change in the code to achieve this.


Please add this on Mobile or proper field of “Custom CSS” tab.
.top-bar { display:none }

Thanks a lot

Your awesome! Great theme.

Hi Really love the flatter theme and working on the content and the portfolio. For some reason the 3 grid system does not show correctly in firefox. All other browsers work fine.

Could you have a look on how to fix this problem. to see the problem please visit http://www.hetiser.nu/

thank you for you help!


when can i (or buyers) expect this update because this will be vital for me to go live with the website.

Hope this can be fixed quickly, and thanks for the reply

Hope I can fix it tomorrow :)

Hi sir, please update the theme there. Update approved on download now :)

Hi. My M4V background video did not want to play automatically. can you please tell me where I did wrong? Here is the link: http://www.seqsecurity.com/b/security-products/cctv-surveillance/license-plate-recognition-camera-system-toronto/


Just created the case, Thanks

Hi, I can’t log in to the case portal today, has there any update on my case? Thanks

We’ve improved support site plan and design. This works fine now. Thansk

Tried to submit a support ticket but it kept giving me an error message that something went wrong.

Hey, I’m trying to add an accordion to a product page via a shortcode. It shows when the page is loading but then disappears once the page is fully loaded. Please can you look into this for me.

Thanks, Nate

Hope ticket server working fine now. Please send us a ticket now. Also check again without animation and different animation on your accordion element.

Thanks a lot