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A question regarding SEO.

I using wordpress SEO by yoast, for some reason, in there page analysis, it always saying “No images appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.” even though I have image element in the page. I am not sure if you support in this area. but if you can tell me what may cause this, will be highly appreciated, don’t want to affect my SEO rating.


Have you selected featured image of your post/page?
I wanna clear out this issue, please send me your site address with login details. It seems important for my another themes too

Thanks :)

Thanks, I just opened an ticket on this. thanks

Hi, i got huge problems with the color setting for this theme. if i change for example the primary color on the general-colors this will also change the colors on buttons. and other elements this is very annoying.

i am on wordpress 3.8.1

ok this problem still exist in the recent version 1.2.0 this ist really annoying hope you fix it i have to do everything via css right now.

General color changes whole site aspect. Means this option gives you quick possibility of styling if you need to change main concept.

And If you need to change the colors on only a specific part, you should pass general color and go ahead to your part. FYI, Color reset option exists on “General Options” tab of Theme Options.

Also button has color variations related their styles such as success, info, warning etc.

Thanks a lot


I have used the theme Tab & Accordion feature in my website. I have used the drop down box, it was working perfectly fine now all of a sudden it has stopped reacting.

What I mean by this, is that when you press the title bar of the Question (in your preview (What we think, what we do etc) and the question box opens underneath… when you click it another box… the old box doesn’t close automatically or allow me to close it manually.

Any idea what to do?

[double post]

I have used the theme Tab & Accordion feature in my website. I have used the drop down box, it was working perfectly fine now all of a sudden it has stopped reacting.

What I mean by this, is that when you press the title bar of the Question (in your preview (What we think, what we do etc) and the question box opens underneath… when you click it another box… the old box doesn’t close automatically or allow me to close it manually.

Any idea what to do?

Those elements use javascript code. Guess some of thing makes js error and stops to working of those element’s scripts. Need to see and inspect it. Please send us a ticket with your site address

Thanks a lot

Just get a wired behavior on text elements in blox content builder only under safari (recent version, under mac recent version) the headline is jumping if you reload the page, by jumping i mean after reloads it will have different positions you can check here: http://staging.gymbooth.com/about/jobs/

just reload the page several times then you will see.

This is a divider element right? Other elements have animation those needs to appear browser visibility part, they need to take slight moment until they show up. Guess that line appears before than those services and I think there we don’t have possibility to prevent that jumping without removing animation all above services.

Thanks a lot

Hi, I really like the theme. It looks great on chrome or firefox, but my website is very slow and shows error when I try to open it with Internet Explorer. I already tried all the versions and compatibility view as well, still doesn’t works properly.

I hope you know the reason for the problem.


Have you checked demo site on IE and does this loads slow too?
I suspect something wrong there. If you send me your site address, I’ll check and try to find the solution for it

Thanks a lot

Hey, just checking if I received my ticket opened the other night. It said that a copy of the ticket would be sent to my email but I have never received it. It is about making a new line using Text Block in Content Builder. My email is michael@su*lim.com.


Weekend days delayed to answer there. Sorry for that. Recently I answered on your ticket.

Thanks a lot

Received your reply. Thanks, I will try your suggestion. I understood it was over the weekend and was not expecting immediate reply. Just worried the ticket did not get through because no confirmation email received as suggested on your support page.


If you have still any issue? Please let us know.

Thank you.


I have a kinda big problem. I wanted to move my website (with your template) from www.mydomain.com/alpha to www.mydomain.com

Everything looks right, but the linking isnt right and everytime I get a “File not found” error. I changed the path of the files, but somehow everything works fine except the linking.

I often moved wordpress-pages, but here it doesn´t work.


PROBLEM SOLVED, just forgot to save permalinks, again.

ticket can also be ignored, im the umut guy.

I have a little issue when you create tables (rows and columns) and one of the options is to add a button


I cant find a way to add an URL to that button… Please advice. thx

[blox_table_row type=”button”]

Please provide there your button text and link with comma separated. Ex:
My button,http://google.com
Sounds there need a more description for it. Will improve PB description on next updates

Thanks a lot

Shortcodes do not seem to work using the text widget on the footer. Trying to make 1/2 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 column layout using this code: [blox_row fullwidth="false"] [blox_column width="1/2"] A [/blox_column] [blox_column width="1/6"] B [/blox_column] [blox_column width="1/6"] C [/blox_column] [blox_column width="1/6"] D [/blox_column] [/blox_row]

Did I miss anything? Thanks.

Figured out the answer myself. It was not activated by default, you would need to add this into the functions.php file:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

Thanks man :) I’ll add this on next version

Hello there, wonderfull theme!

Two quick questions: I would like to cutomize shortcode appearance, like box color in accordions, title style in text elements, buttons colors and so on.

Which is the correct .css file to edit? And how then do i integrate che customized .css in my child theme folder, so to don’t lose my edits if i updated the theme?


I wanna give you some sample styles but I don’t know what exactly you want. Can you give me some inspiration or example of your desire?

Thanks a lot

Hey guys, thank you for you support, i appreciate it.

I attach here two sample layouts of how i would like to edit some UI elements like services icon of toggles. Are just color edits.


Service icon: http://bit.ly/Q9usqr Toggle http://bit.ly/Q9ujn1
We can control those with css. First you need to add Extra class that applies customization on your service then add following on Custom CSS field of admin panel
.custom-service {
  padding:30px 20px;
.custom-service h3,
.custom-service p,
.custom-service span,
.custom-service .blox-icon {color:#fff !important}
.custom-service .btn {color:#bc0f59 !important}
Video conclusion : http://www.screenr.com/5JxN For accordion
.custom-accordion h4.panel-title {color:#fff !important;}
.custom-accordion .panel-default > .panel-heading{background:#bc0f59}
.custom-accordion .panel-default {color:#262728;background:#ededee}

Thanks a lot

Can I make the category page show full posts and not just a part of a post?

You can show category pages as predefined layouts only. But if you need to show it, seems you can create a page with full width element that includes only specific category there. And can add that page on your menu … etc

Thanks a lot

Love the new version. Can you please tell me how to change sub menu spacing (vertical space)? I feel my submenu (mega menu) is too crowded.



I see sir. Missed to check it. Please use it on Custom CSS field temporary and will add this on next version updates
.navbar-nav li ul.dropdown-menu li a { line-height:initial;}

Thanks a lot

I got same result on FF latest version. Seems current background video library doesn’t fit latest version of FF. Try to replace another library or find the solution for that.

Thanks a lot

Hi I am sorry that I didn’t understand your reply. could you please explain more about how we can fix this?


Background video feature uses js library and that library doesn’t fit on FF latest version. Means I need to fix or replace it with proper scripts. And will update the theme when I found solution for that.

Thanks a lot

Hi, Just installed Layer Slider WP

but it saids “Your purchase code doesn’t appear to be valid. Please make sure that you entered your purchase code correctly.” Please tell me which purchase code do I have to use? does not comes with the theme?


Please don’t add there any purchase code because you only have a code of the theme. This is only need for auto updates etc. And I’ll provide you latest plugin version with theme updates.

Thanks a lot


is there a limit in the number of Portfolio Categories?

Thanks! Valeria

Hi sir,

I need to know exact problem on FF. I checked difference of chrome and FF view and seems everything identical related “La Factory di …” text.

Please explain me bit again if there have problem. Thanks


I’m sorry I can’t reproduce the issue at the moment because I don’t remember which font was showing the ligature. I’ve changed the font while I was waiting for your reply. This is why you haven’t been able to find the issue. This means that the ligature is based on the Googlr font type. Never mind :) If it happens again I’ll pay better attention to the font type, and let you know. Thanks again for your time.. Ciao, Valeria

Hello, Did you update your theme?

Love the theme, but since i updated the theme to the recent version my list element looks broken there is an icon above the list and in firefox the font will not be loaded, have a look here:


on the left bottom you will find the list element.

Oh sir, I just realized the issue. Recent version included Line icons which is a beautiful icons and looks perfectly on service element. But both Line icon and list element have same “icon-list” class. Solution is simple and need to replace class name on only 2 places. I think replace the name with “icon-list-element” is proper to fix it

1. On line 23 of “framework/Pagebuilder/items/list/list.php”
2. Between 1112-1119 of style.css file.

If you hard to fix it there, you should wait until this Wed because we preparing to update the theme then.

Thanks a lot

ok thx, i will just wait. my client need the site to go online next week, so it is not really dramatic. i could fix it but i would wait.


I hope you have already created website and fixed issue!

Thank you.

Hi! On a mobile device is it possible to make the menu displayed on the left side instead of on the right?

There don’t have an option. But we can do it simple js changes. Thanks

My website is so out of control, my product images are vertical with coding next to it. You can check out here:


please advise at your earliest convenience, I also deactivated and activated the plugins to see if that was the case. No luck

nvm got it

Thank you, Good luck!

HI, I would delete the navbar properly (logo +menu), have you idea ? Thank you ! (for the top bar it’s easy but for navbar ?)

There don’t have prepared option for that. But you can remove it with custom css like following
#header, #header_spacing { display:none !important }