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Looks fresh, great one!
Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you very much.

Great work , and Flat Design. GLWS. :)

Thanks mate! :D

nice work, good luck mate!

Thank you very much!

Great work my friend!!!!! ;)

Thanks a lot!

Will it work with Constant Contact?

Yes. it’s rigged to work with any email sending software. If you encounter any difficulties please let us know through the contact form on the profile page. Cheers

Nice work, GLWS !

Thanks a bunch!

Anyone use this with MailChimp? Does it work well?


I’m not sure if you will get a reply from our past users, but I can confirm that many of them have had several different questions regarding our templates’ use in Mailchimp and we heard only good news from them. Let us know if you need any guidance.


Hello I’m considering buying the template and i wanted to ask does it support to be sent from ymlp mailing list provider

waiting for your reply



Yes of course. You just need to choose the “I’ll paste HTML code, upload a HTML document or load a web page ” option and you’ll be good to go.


Hi team

Wondering if it’s possible to use MailChimps visual designer to play with the templates in this package once they’re imported, or does it all need to be done in code?


Hi Capeshnz,

The template is Mailchimp ready, but there are certain things you can’t do in Mailchimp in comparison to their templates. What exactly interests you most? SO I can make sure it will work properly.


Hi there

This is me from above, posting on our other account just so you know we’ve gone ahead and purchased this. I guess if we want different layouts, we’ll have to code those, with the help of your existing templates, ourselves?

My other query was, when importing these Mailchimp templates, for some reason when we go into ‘Design Mode’ in Mailchimp, the Flattr logo is actually displaying full-size. This is obviously pretty big, and stopping us from changing the other elements, as they’re way off the other side of the editor window. Am wondering why that might be happening?

Thanks for your time! :)

Hi again!

Send us the same message at and we can solve the issues. I’ll load it up in my MC account to let you know what can be done.


Hi have the same problem as CapitaleNZ, sent a support email but waiting for a response.

Not what I was hoping for. :-(

Hi Paul,

I just answered. Thanks!

I’m amazed by your response that you require my Mailchimp login & password in order to resolve this problem. In my opinion thats not good enough and I’m not happy about giving it to you, I’m the second person on here to mention this. Time for me to start looking elsewhere.

Hi Paul,

There’s no need to get defensive. I understand that it’s a delicate matter and we’re going to do our best to solve it without the login. We usually ask for logins because clients prefer things done by us instead of a long string of indications.

I’ve sent another reply, let us know so we can get to the bottom of this strange issue.

Posso colocar em produção ou cada vez que criar um layout tenho que comprar uma licença?



Hi Wesley,

As long as you have the license bought for Marco for example, you can use the builder as much and as often as you want/need to. You can’t use the builder for Santi for example if you have bought Marco, but if you buy them all you’ll be able to use them all as much as you want to.


I’ll buy a regular license for a builder to do the tests that I need. If I like the work properly and geito I want to buy all the others.

The regular license allows me to create as many news I want to correct?

Grateful for the attention.

You’re right Wesley. Let us know if you need any more help.

Was working very well but my purchase code does not work anymore for Santi please help!


Just sent you the reply privately.


Do the emails made in this template for mailchimp have to be made completely in your builder, and then imported into MailChimp where it can no longer be edited, but only sent? Or can I import your template into mailchimp, and then edit it from there so that I can save me edits in mailchimp for campaign replication for future newsletters?


Unfortunately not, we’re working on that for our V3.0 builder version.

Right now you need to duplicate / move / remove.


ok thanks. Any idea with v 3.0 will be released?

In 1-1.5 months time tops.



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Cheers! :)