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A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Thanks JO ;)


I am interested in your theme, but I was wondering what you mean by + WordPress? I looked at your changelog, but it just says Wordpress Version added. I am not very clear on what this means. Can you provide additional details please?


Hi, That means original product is HTML, and Wordpress version added as bonus! Package contains two versions, wordpress and html version.


I purchased your theme and I had a couple of questions. I’m using the Wordpress version. In the Contact area, I see a map and where there is supposed to be the Contact Form, I only see [contact_form].

How do I remove the map and how do I enable the Contact form?

Thanks you.

Thanks for purchase
To enable contact form you should install the contact-form-plugin in Plugins folder. (read the documentation)
and about map, in current version there is no option to remove or add map, that should be!
But will add that as an update in few next days.
You will be notified when update released.

Map Coordinates does not seem to be working correctly.

30.5281° N, 92.0844° W Opelousas, Coordinates

When I change the variables (As per the instructions in your documentation) in the script.js file from:

var latitude = 41.038966; var longitude = 28.984451;


var latitude = 30.194488; var longitude = 92.030504;

It point to somewhere in China when those Lat/Long coordinates should be South Louisiana.

What is missing?

Regards, ragtech

You should enter: 30.528100, -92.084400

Large Image

Yep; just figured that out… thanks!

hello, thank you for the wordpress theme, it’s really simple and nice. i have a question regarding classifying the skills, is there a way to have such an option as in the education or experience label, and it will include the skills meter?

to clarify more, i’d need when i click “skills” to see the following: INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: label 1, label 2, label 3.. etc TECHNICAL SKILLS: label 1, label 2, label 3.. etc COMPUTER SKILLS: label 1, label 2, label 3.. etc so each type of skills will have the current skill meter with its labels inside.

Is it possible to do that? i am using wordpress theme, thanks alot

In current version no it’s not available, but can add it as an update :) You will notified via email when update released

Hi there, just bought this theme, nice and simple. Thank you! :-)

What I’m wondering: how easy is it to add a new section to it? Besides Skills, Experiences, Education etc, I’d like to add one or two more.

I’m not experienced with codes, but I have a basic knowledge.. I know how to copy paste, just not sure from where to where ;-) [index.php, theme-options.php?]


Thanks fr purchase, unfortunetly you can’t add more sections easily in WP version, since it’s bonus and main product is HTML, but can do it as on private project for you :D send me message if you are interested

Oh, my previous note went just as you sent this one… OK, I am sending you a private note covering both of those topics :-) Thanks1

i have another question: for the About section you can have several paragraphs. That’s however not the case for Experiences, Educations…

Is it possible to do this easily, and preferably also with e.g. bulletpoints (thus, editing and formating like a normal docu,ent…)?



I wonder how can I use your theme on about.me?


I don’t know that about.me allow that you upload html/js/css files , if you could upload files, so you can use it on about.me

Hi there, just bought your theme and i’m setting it up right now on Wordpress.

I have a quick question for you, is their a way i can add more sections on the skills tab? I got the first section in skills set up but i want to add another one for another area like Game Modifier and things like that.

Hope you get what i mean.

Hi. Currently no, just can add unlimited skills in default section

Hi there,

I’m brazillian and I have some doubts.First,I would like to know if this cv I can print and the impression remains close to the original??And can I translate the cv for a portuguese version??


Hi, It can print but I’m not sure about dimentions an paper, theme does not contain language files (mo and po files) but can translate with editors.

Hey there,

Just a quick question. How to setup the contact form? I am using my own hosting but I don’t seem to find out why it’s not working. The readme isn’t really clear for me on that part.


Hello! i noticed that navigation doesn’t switch active parts of page while i am scrolling down. Isn’t it a bug?

Not a bug, I will add that feature as an update.

Making a jsp web site from it and loved so far. The only improvement i can suggest is the pdf icon. Keep up the good work :)

Glad to hear that :) Thanks. will do it.

I just purchased your wp theme which is awesome! However today a day after I purchased I got notified there was a update to the theme and I am not sure how to update the site without overwriting what I have already done. Could you please let me know how to update the site?


hi, thank you, update is about scrollspy, if you don’t want to use it, ignore that. But if you want, change index.php line 2 to this
<body data-spy="scroll" data-target=".nav-menu" >
and comment the lines 42,43,78,79 in js/script.js file.
// $('.nav-menu .active').removeClass('active'); // el.parent().addClass('active'); // $('.nav-menu .active').toggleClass('active'); //clickedMenu.parent().toggleClass('active');

I noticed that GMAP3, Bootstrap and Font Awesome are not up to date. It’s a problem on my web site, because I used all the last versions. Have you planned to update these components on your template?

Yes, try to update them ASAP

Hi LeAnimo, I installed the Flatty CV template for a wordpress site. Everything works fine, exept the navigation bar not showing the correct links active.

There is a comment “Acelead” mentions that it has corrected scrollspy but the and I’ve seen exactly what the code says. But the problem continues.

Please, I need your help to correct it in the shortest possible time.

Thank you very much.

you wanna remove scrollspy or fix it? I will update the product soon, it need an offset to show correct section. sorry for this bug

Hello LeAnimo ,

I need your help please , I need to fix this problem “scrollspy” for today. How I can prevent this bar stops enabled the class? And to prevail “address = true ” property with color activated “scrollspy” style.

Thank you very much for your time , I appreciate your response.

Sorry for late reply, I will fix it ASAP

fixed and updated, you will notify by email when themeforest approved it. sorry for late reply again.

Hi LeAmino, Thank you very much for your support, is now perfect!

Very good,

I have accidentally purchased the red one instead of the light blue one, Can you please tell me where I need to change the color?


Thanks Just change style-X.css with your choice (style-1.css) on index.html head tag for HTML version. for WP, there is an option in admin panel


I wanted the blue version of the website but instead have got the red.

How can i change this ?

Thank you

Hi, Check documentation, Quick answer: Change style-1.css to -2 -3 -4 in head section of index.html file