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Well done, GLWS!

hi there! I’m very very new to Muse and I’m having trouble changing the individual images for the portfolio section. If I relink the asset it changes all instances of any image for that size ex. 720×565 which is the larger image for the smaller 232 x (various sizes). The smaller image placeholders are also hidden under the image placeholder of 720×565 so I can’t see which image goes to the larger coresponding 720×565. Hope that is detailed enough. Thanks for the help!

The portfolio consist of 2 parts. The thumbnails and the lightbox are separate.

First you need to move the lightbox out of the way so that you can replace the thumbnails by your images. Than you have to place the lightbox back on top. Now you have to select only the area with the big image and move it back away without moving the navigation of the lightbox. You will see there is a green overlay on top of the thumbnails. Make sure they make a perfect fit over the thumbnails. Than you have to replace the big images by your images so that it correspondents with the thumbnails.

To add more images you need to click on the + symbol next to the last green overlay box. A new green overlay box will appear next to to it. you can then also add another big image. I hope that my explanation is clear for you. If not, I can send you some screenshots. Here is a video with a tutorial how to set up the lightbox:

Good luck!

I was able to make one thumbnail image work with the larger image on click, but I’m having trouble adding the bigger slideshow images without them showing up on top of my thumbnails.

Hi, I updated the documentation and did some small layout improvements. This update will be online once it’s reviewed today. I can send you the update now if you send me an e-mail:

thanks for the update! love the site :]

No problem and thanks! :)

Hi I’m having difficulties simply changing the color of the highlighted thumbnails or overlay (from green to another color). I (obviously) select each overlay with the arrows of the lightbox, change the color and save, but in “preview mode” every overlay is still green … I tried different things but nothing seems to work :(

It’s a pretty basic operation, but I can’t seem to make it work. Help please :stress:

You need to go to the states panel to change the color of the different states: normal, rollover, mouse down and active.

Ah ! I should of thought of that ! ( still new to Muse here) – Thanks a lot for the quick response ! Good job

No problem and thanks! :) Would you like to rate the theme on the download page? ->

Hi, I really like this site design! I am new to Muse and the only thing I can’t work out is how to adjust the background rectangle heights & colours (or even deleting them) in the tablet version. The desktop & phone version are easy, I am only having trouble with the tablet version. Any help at all would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your appreciation! I looks like the layer is locked. Right click and choose: unlock All on Page. Would you like to rate the theme on the download page? ->

Off course! Thanks so much so your quick reply :)

no problem :)