Flaunt - Muse Portfolio Template

Flaunt - Muse Portfolio Template

Flaunt template is a simple, unique and fully responsive template. This template is made for those who want to shows their artworks, gallery, photos even products.

What makes this template is unique because had 50+ hover effects that can be choose for. As you know that there are limitation to create hover effect in Adobe Muse. We need to write some CSS code to customize it. For that reason we make this effects.

There are two type of the effects, graphic and text. To apply the graphic effect is very easy, we have already created the class names in “Graphics style” panel. All you have to do is just click!

But for the text effect, we need to write a little javascript code. The code is very simple, all you have to do is copy the code and add the class name.


  • Multipage (home, about, portfolio, detail, contact)
  • Create your own gallery with muse library
  • 40+ graphic hover effects
  • 10 animate css text
  • Easy to edit text
  • Easy to change images (import it and place to image placeholder)
  • More than 500+ font family typekit

All images for demo purpose only.

Update Log

October 2017
- Template revamp
- Updated to Muse 2018.0

April 4 2017
- New graphic and text hover effects added

March 22 2017
- Flaunt -  Gallery 1.1 updated (padding versions and mansory)
- Master muse file updated with more than 20 pages grid layouts
- Dark version added (boxed, wide and wow.js+animate.css)
- Documentation updated

Feb 21 2017
- Detail pages added (single image version, mansory version and video version).
- Documentation updated ( online and html folder).

Feb 8 2017
- 30+ graphic effects added.