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gneto86 Purchased

Hi! I’m getting a “Not acceptable” message on a blank page, every time I try to create a post where there’s any text formatting change (bold, text-alignment, headers, adding an image, etc.)

Only noticed this issue today. This wasn’t happening a couple weeks ago.




gneto86 Purchased

I’m being asked to pay an extra $41.13 in order to renew support from you. I already paid for a regular license $59 license and never bothered you with anything. Now that I do need some help to fix an issue, it doesn’t seem fair to be asked to pay more $41.13 to get your help on this.


gneto86 Purchased

The problem was fixed. It was being caused by a conflict with a plugin indeed, the “Simple Share Buttons Adder” plugin. They released an updated earlier this morning and once I installed it, everything was back to normal.



Glad you got it working! Thanks for following up.

This theme has not been updated since 6/15 … how do you guarantee compatibility with WP 4.6.1 ? I’d like to buy, however, I’ve been down this road before.

how do I contact you for a custom version of this theme?

wow. so after only one response via email.. you dont offer any customization. Why would even waste the time of posting the email address? smh


I would like to build a site with a frame like the one below,

Regions (e.g. North, West etc.) ...Cities .....Hospitals .......Departments (e.g. Cardiology, Gynecology etc.)

where only departments can have direct ratings and:

1. Only users ratings are being displayed, not site ratings, 2. Users must register to rate a department in comments, 3. Ratings in comments must have multiple criteria to rate, 4. Ratings for each hospital’s department should give an average rate for the hospital. (If this is not possible out of the box, could the developer of yours do a paid modification to achieve that?) 5. Are there any sort functionalities using different criteria? (e.g. top users ratings, most commented, most viewed, etc.) 6. Are there any predefined places for ads or we must use just the sidebar and/or any ads plugin?

Could you tell me if your theme has the ability to support the creation of such a site with the above features?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Thank you for your answers!

I understood that about 4 I have to find out someone to ask in Envato Studio, if it is possible to make such a modification.

Now I would like to clear up a few more things in my mind about 2 and 3.

2. The way for someone to rate I would like to be ONLY if he/she has registered first. You said that this is possible. Right?

and 3. I noticed that there are multiple ratings criteria in comments, but it seems that these ratings do not affect the total rating number for the users(registered in my case). I want to hide the top rating mechanism for the users and to keep only the ratings in comments, because, there, apart from the ratings, the users can also write down pros and cons, together with a short review. So I would like these ratings in each comment for a hospital’s department in my case, to be added together and to give the total rating for this hospital’s department. Is this possible or this is something that a developer should do it too, like the question number 4 of mine?

Thank you for your time!

Actually I need to clarify, Flavor does not have the feature that requires user registration to rate, I was thinking about our newer themes Explicit, Engine, and Techwise. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok! Thank you!

Anyone know what this error is all about?

Warning: Division by zero in /home/domains/ on line 118

It has to do with the number of ads in the loop setting – make sure you have something selected there.


luneva Purchased


Can you tell me if you are planning an update to make Flavor compatible with new versions of WooCommerce? (I’m currently stuck because I can not change).

Thank you in advance. ​

We do not have a published timeline or road map on future updates at this time, unfortunately.

Hello, i have wp 4.4.2 may i update at 4.6.1?).

Yes you shouldn’t have any issues doing so.


masuimi Purchased

Hello, Flavor is conflicting with Buddypress – when can we expect a theme update?

We do not have a published roadmap of theme updates at this time.

Can I add “review information” and stars to a standard post? Or will this only work in a minisite?

The review functionality only works in the minisites.

OK thanks! Anyone to copy/move articles from one minisite to another?

Yes, the convert post type plugin

I would like to have only logged in users be able to leave comments/reviews (disable the hover to rate function) and have those reviews make up the average user review. Is this possible with this theme?

Not with Flavor, that would be possible with some of our newer themes however.

Can Flavor be customized to allow only registered users to leave reviews (I have access to developers)? Which other themes have review capabilities (1/2 stars), the average review is calculated and displayed in numerical format and can be configured to allow only logged in users to leave reviews?

You should check out our newest themes Engine and Techwise for more features regarding reviews.

Can categories be displayed in list format?

Can the review listing page be customized? Can a banner or text/HTML be inserted to the right of the logo in the header?

Is there a widget that shows the most recent comments (name of listing, name of commenter and the review left)?

Yes there should be a built-in WordPress widget that does that.

Is there an option to display breadcrumbs (even on the homepage)?

No, you would need a plugin to accomplish that.

anyone have issues with displaying instagram posts? the widget isn’t working for me

Please open a support ticket if you need assistance with the theme. Thanks!

How do you find out the URL for a minisite after you create one and how do you create a link in the menu or in the submenu to a minisite?

Please open a ticket at our support center so we can assist you. Thanks!

How do you remove pages from the submenu (the menu directly below the main menu)? Basically every page that I had on my previous theme is showing on this menu. How do you center the featured image on the minisite posts? And how can I put a button that links to a specific url directly below the featured image on the mininsite pages?

Please open a ticket at our support center so we can assist you. Thanks!

How can I export article to a standard post?

Use the Convert Post Types plugin.

I have posted 2 support requests between 2-5 days ago and they have not been answered. I need these issues that I am having with this purchased theme dealt with.

Thanks for your patience, we will work through support tickets as soon as possible.

The “Add Post” section doesn’t work on the latest version of Wordpress. It just displays a blank input area, without the WYSIWYG editor.

Please open a support ticket and we can assist you.