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We do not have a public update road map available at this time. Please use the support center for any support related issues and we’d be glad to help, thanks.

Hello! You were saying: “You should check out our newest themes Engine and Techwise for more features regarding reviews.” (in reply to jaxos4756’s question about comments: I would like to have only logged in users be able to leave comments/reviews (disable the hover to rate function) and have those reviews make up the average user review. Is this possible with this theme?)

I have bought Techwise specifically so that I am able to benefit from exactly that and I can’t, the average user rating is not affected by ratings in the comments, it only works with ratings on hover. Is Engine or any other theme able to do that???

Engine and Techwise work the same way as each other. They do have some more options than Flavor, but if techwise doesn’t do what you want, then Engine or Flavor wouldn’t either, unfortunately.


ranto4 Purchased

Hello !

I loved this theme but I dont know why my theme just broke.. theme options are not available, when i click there, it comes blank page, many things have broken like i cant edit permalink anymore and remove featured image etc.

only error that exists there on those pages is: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).wpColorPicker is not a function

and i am sure i didnt do something that caused it, i tried reinstalling the theme, i tried to recreate database, i made new database new wp installation, i removed all plugins etc.. no matter what i do problem exists and i am sure i did nothing to cause it.

Can u tell me how can that happen please?

all those problems started right after my support expired btw..

if those problems occured because of wordpress versionings, can u tell me which version should i use or can u make an update?


You should use the version specified as the latest compatible version on the item description page.


ranto4 Purchased

I have tried many of them but still doesn’t work.. it seems that its not it !


ranto4 Purchased

i tried 4.5.3 + 4.4.1 today, i tried about 5 more versions couple of days ago, I currently am using 4.4.2, all plugins deactivated and still, same troubles!


Discus Purchased

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Looks like you possibly deleted or cleared your page builder selections for your pages in the theme options.


Discus Purchased

I have not change any settings in the Theme Options for months and I don’t have a clue how this happened. Can you please advise where I can locate the page builder selections?

They are in the theme options within the page template sections

Hello. Any updates previewed soon? It works with wp 4.7.5 ?

We don’t have any updates planned at this time but will continue to update it to be compatible with latest versions of WordPress.

Ok. but you mean, this version isn’t compatible with wp 4.7.5, right? which is the last version compatible with your theme? ty.


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I have the same problem that ranto4 I disabled all my plugin, reinstall the theme but problem is still here..

And if I understand well, I have to modify the page buider selection in the theme option page but that page is not displayed so how can I do something ?


Everything I go into the Theme Options, I get an error message of 502 bad gateway. I think the theme is in desperate need of an update.

That kind of an error probably isn’t theme related. But if you open a support ticket we can help you further.

How do i open a support ticket?

Hi apologies for contacting you here I tried to raise a support ticket but it wouldn’t allow me to do it – Please Help!

I bought a site with this theme installed and its still running version 1.13 so I believe it needs to be updated, I have the purchase code but cannot raise a ticket because your support ticket says that the license expired buy more support” which I cant do because I bought the site with this theme already installed, ie the theme was not bought on my Envato account.

Please can you advise on how to get this solved and updated? Also bear in mind that the site may have had some customization by the original owner on a child theme so I don’t want to lose that thanks

Please send an email to and we can discuss this further. Please reference this comment, or copy and paste this comment into your email. Thanks!

This theme is long time dead. No updates at all

Hi please check Public Ticket #1242219 – Thanks.

come on guys – for such a great theme, i think it deserves an update for the latest version of WordPress 4.8 – Why are you guys living in the past? Are you not proud of this superb theme?

Guys for all you having problems (Be aware that the theme can run to a max of WP4.5.x) as stated in the author sidebar. The errors you may be facing are that of the PHP version that you are running. Most hosting providers to date, will be running the latest PHP7.0 OR 7.1 – Which will cause WordPress errors for earlier versions. Downgrade your PHP version to 5.6 and see if this fixes your errors. If you need any further assistance contact me at Happy to help.

Its a pre purchase enquiry. Is the theme compatible with latest version of wordpress i.e. 4.8 ? if NO then which version of wordpress we should load ?

Great, thank you so much!

I am still waiting for a reply on the support portal. It an issue on the CHROME browser. Kindly help as I will be launching the site on Monday.

Will be working through our support queue as soon as possible, thanks for your patience.

Hi, 1. is it possible to create a page and then place in it a review widget? 2. you now have 2 review articles in a grid layout plus side bar, can we have the category pages displayed a classic list view? 3. how is the homepage created? is it a widget type have used a shortcode to create the layout? 4. can you provide a video link or backend access to see if we can suctomise the home page as well as category pages? 5. does this theme support paid membership? if not which one of your themes support paid membership?

we like your review systems on all your magazines but the theme is outdated and we want to see if we can customise the layout to look a little bid modern. many thanks.