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I am I correct in understanding after i Purchased this theme, It’s only for Movies, video games, and gadgets? You cant make a website about anything else other than these 3 topics?

Just use the theme options and replace those topics with your own. If you have trouble doing so, please open a ticket:


When I imported the demo content, I don’t think I saw the option. I have it now. Thank you for the support. This theme is spectacular.

Glad you like it!

This theme seems to fit our needs perfectly. 2 questions before we buy. 1) Can we have only user ratings displayed and not the editors? 2) Can a user upload/add his own product/item for others to review? If both these can be done with extra plugins , we would buy those too. Thank you.

1) Yes you can completely disable editor ratings and only use user ratings.

2) Yes, as long as users have contributor user role (or higher) they can post new products.

Neither of these require extra plugins. Please let me know if you have any further questions, thanks!

theme is not compatible with wordpress 4.5. rating and comments pros and cons not working

This is false, the theme works fine. If you are having specific issues with the theme please open a support ticket.

rating and comments don’t work. are hidden in articles. i checked all options, all is enabled. if someone with a comment post the rate, simply, don’t show. i searched in your support website, without find a solution.

i have wp4.4.2

Please open a support ticket and we can assist.

I can’t with my code. if i have to buy the support again only because your theme don’t work as in demo, it’s really regrettable.

Hey in this theme have any option to put ads in middle of content ads plugin is not working any other way to put ads in middle of content

You could use a plugin to inject ads into your content if you want to. There isn’t a way using Flavor’s built in options to inject ads in the middle of the content (only before and after) but there are a lot of great plugins out there.

but i have checked all plugins is not working i am try to put ads by code can you please tell me where is function.php file in this theme

Please use support so we can assist you with the theme, thanks.

hey how to add my font?

Please use support so we can assist you.

Hello, on the mobile Version of our page, the menus are not working well. there should be in the first menu the categorys that we have, and in the 2nd menu the associated pages to the categorys of the 1st menu. is there any possibility to have this correct? now this is just broken and doesn´t show. ?could you please help me out? thanks a lot

Please use support so we can assist you, thanks.

this is support rtl ? and arabic language please i need to buy it

This theme does not come with native rtl support, you would need to make some custom theme mods to do that. Some of our newer themes have this feature.

Hi, having a major problem. When I create articles on the mini sites (reviews) they keep either deleting themselves or they say the post is there but when you click view it says “page not found” and the article won’t display. any ideas?

I’m sure we can easily help you fix this. Please open a support ticket so we can assist. Thanks.

Hi there. Is there an ability to include a comparison between reviews on this template?

Not with Flavor, but some of our other themes like Engine and Techwise have comparisons built in with reviews. Please let me know if you have any further questions, thanks.

Hi, I want to know if is possible to remove the opacity over the loop articles. When you put the cursor over the image (placeholder) an opacity appears. How I can remove it from CSS or some PHP file?

Thanks in advance.

Please use our support center so we can assist, thanks!

Hi, I have renewed my theme SwagMag to Flavor but the last update is from 7 June 15. When will this updated and the top 10 bar Twiiter and Facebook is both -1. How can I fix this?

Regards Marco

Please see here for the social counts issue:


Hello. The SOLE purpose for me purchasing this is to create a website where people can come, upload pictures/videos of various products that they want to review. I WILL NOT BE REVIEWING ANY PRODUCTS as the owner of the site.

So, is this theme meant for this kind of application?

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

i use the theme on, i made some background and the background would shown on newest post as liitle picture? why?

i solved the provlem, but how can i rrmove the white empty socialfield from the theme under my header?

Please use support so we can assist you.


derbtek Purchased

Hello. I have a problem with the theme getting an ERROR message:

Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in /home/allabouttheleaf/public_html/wp-content/themes/flavor/functions/core.php on line 919

I added the php.ini file and added the code, but it resolved nothing.

I also created a ticket in support, but still no answer.

We will respond to support tickets as soon as we are able, thanks for your patience.


derbtek Purchased

Thank you. As soon as possible would be nice.


derbtek Purchased

I’m creating a REVIEW site where the public can register and create their own review of a product. Several people will be creating reviews on the same exact products. Can these be organized so they appear together?

I’m trying to figure out how to make this very easy for the public to simply create a review and have these reviews be organized.

Please use our support center for questions about using the theme.


derbtek Purchased


I cannot use this theme. It’s broke. If you cannot help me with this, then I must request a REFUND so I can purchase something else. One day is an eternity, and two days is simply too much.

Thanks. Looks like it’s been 3 days since you replied. And it looks like your ticket is near the top of the queue. Thanks for your patience!


derbtek Purchased

still nothing.

Responding right now.


Golddisk Purchased

Hi, I bought this and am working my way around in the control panel but had a question about the reviews feature. From what I can tell, it looks like setting up a minisite is required in order to do the reviews. Is this true or is there a way around that?

That is correct. Please direct any follow up support questions to our support center, thanks!

Hello, 1) Can a user create new pages? Eg. I have a video game review website and a user wants to add a review for Grand theft auto but he cannot find it. Can the user create a new page (GTA) and the user add their review to it. And other users can add their review to the page (GTA) as well? 2) Is it possible to do a research among the reviews by name of games? Is it possible to customize the review form adding more fields and use dropdown choises?

1) Yes and yes.

2) To search within a specific category would require an advances search plugin. The search built into the theme will search all posts.

3) Yes.