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Tatyana, srazu uznal vash stil’! Udachi!)

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Just bought your template. Thanks, looks really awesome.

Many many thanks! If you will have questions, feel free to ask me here, if I do no sleep, I answer immediately:))) Thank you!

Love the art! Did you do that yourself? Also, what can I use this template for?


I wish I could paint like Hieronymus Bosch:)))

Actually, any product/landing page, presentation of new product, I meant it as a standalone page, not connected with main website. I took as example iphone application, but it can be shoes, umbrella, fragrance, bicycle, even gas station:))) any product which could be advertised.

Thank you!

Very nice! Unique.

Honey to my heart your words are, thank you!

Decided to renew my website :)

Woow Tanya, great one, so beautiful,love it. Will write u mail when i will be able to sit more on comp ;).

Hello to all customers and people potentially interested in my templates. My big apologies for delay with replies within last 10 days. Application notifying about new comments was not working within 10 days and I was sure there were no new comments. It came back to work just today. I replied all questions and hope my answers are still actual, sorry once again!

Beautiful template! I will use for my new internet marketing company in Lithuania – Click here. I know, agency name is not awesome as your theme!

Good job girl!

Ram?nas Bruzgys,

Thank you so much! Regrettably, the link does not work, something is missed in URL? It gives me “Error. Network Problem”.

Hi Interested in your Flemish script template for aclient but it’s returning a 404 error when viewed on mobile! Please fix!

still broken! Please can you tell me where else I can see it on mobile?

No, it is ok:

Sorry, we need a wordpress template and I just realised that this one’s not!