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Requesting a Refund

Anyone there to help out???

Maybe I shouldn’t of purchased this theme.


Can I use this theme for wordpress 3.5.1.? Thanks

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

hi, how do i exclude certain posts from a certain category from showing up in the main screen? i have set up a category link on the menu to be viewed that way.

I want only videos for this site, when the image is clicked I need a light box (whcih currently happens) however when clicked on the text I need it to open up to a dedicated post.


Is that possible?

I can’t get videos to post properly at all. Have tried many different ways. Looked at the sample video post and it gives no clues as to how it’s linked. Any help?

Can we move the opened blog page into the center of the browser instead of being on the left side?


Hi, I would like to display specific categories (ids) on the homepage, the categories would appear with their name and a thumbnail of the latest post image.

How can i do this?

hi, is it possible to have a second portfolio page rather than just categories? If you could send answer to that would be great.



I would buy this if it was responsive

no puedo hacer que funcione la cajade luz hayuda porfavor

not achievement make the work lithgbox have this version of WordPress 4.1.1 and and read the manual instructions and do not like doing and searched and searched and can not find Answer What you could give me a suggestion on how I can activate the lightbox?

ya lo solucione solo era de agregar el link

Hello! Any way to see the demo? Links are broke! Thank you!