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another fine theme ;)

Thanks Chris!

Freakalicious!! i miss these kind of themes where the focus is more on content. Will be getting it soon!

Thanks for the comment Massfocus :) I really hope people dig this one – it’s definitely been built with some love and care on my part and I think it’s fun to break out of the box every once in a while. Cheers!

hello absolutely a great theme, kudos I have some questions though. Eg, I can use this theme as a blog and a portfolio site. When the user starts to post tonnes of posts, everything will be shown in the home page? of is here custom categories to show or latest ones to show

Hi Cugami – yes, this can be used as both a Blog and Portfolio site. Right now it’s setup to release everything to the homepage, but in the next couple of days I’ll be releasing a tutorial on how to create a separate blog section for any non portfolio posts so that users can pretty much filter the homepage to show whatever they want :) Hope that clarified this – it’s an incredibly flexible theme, so if you can think it up, chances are there is a way to implement it :)

thanks, it is clear now. and one more question, are you planning to add the script that is on your website, opens the post when you click on the homepage

I got a problem with the white theme. The dropdown is dark grey and the navigation in it, too. So there is no chance to see what is in the dropdown.


Hi Massix – just drop this into the custom CSS part of the admin panel (or in any of the stylesheets) :)

/* IE Dropdown menu fix */ .cufon:hover, .page_item{color: white !important; visibility: visible !important;}

Great theme. I just noticed that the picture in this link is out of the frame

Hi Hesleskaug – I’m not entirely sure what you are referring to… can you be a little more specific or send me an email if you see a problem with the live preview? Thanks!!

Oh sorry… I was referring to this:

Hello, First of all, sorry for my english. I purchased this amazing theme but i’ve a problem with the post thumbnails in the main page. I followed your instructions guide but i verify that most part of the images don’t assume the correct size. I already deactivate all the plugins, changed the the thumbnail size in the theme functions, but the problem persists. I really need your kindly assistance. Best regards

Hi Ajfiel,

Thanks for the question – The new thumbnail feature in Wordpress is pretty sweet, but it takes a few tries to really get comfortable using it. Have you tried cropping the thumbnail using the “Edit Image” tool that Wordpress provides… if you upload a vertical image, Wordpress will do it’s best to resize it for you, but in most cases a manual crop is the best way to go. I’ve even provided a little tutorial on how to do this in the manual:

1. Just re-open the thumbnail that you created.

2. Make a selection (click and drag the mouse) around your preferred thumbnail area.

3. Hit the “Crop” tool button (at the top left of the image toolbar).

4. Select “only for the thumbnail”.

5. Hit the save button.

Then just update your page and you should be good to go :)


greeeat stuff…

ive just one question…

when i click on an image on the startpage – is there an option to enable? i would like to be able to skip through all images in the popup… that i dont need to click every single picture… you know ?

Hi Geniuz, Yep – I’ll be including how to do this in the next update (I’ll be happy to tell anyone over email or in the forum here as well), but in short, you can set the theme up to open all images into a lightbox that navigates through itself (one big gallery). You can also set this up (as it is in the demo) where each post has it’s own individual gallery that doesn’t link to the others. :) Cheers!!

Yay! Can’t wait to install this :)

Now for a weird comment= If this were food I’d eat it :D

Lol – thanks for the comment Ricky! Feel free to drop me a line over email (or here) about any questions. I’m committed to making this theme as awesome as possible, so feedback is always helpful after the initial release :)

Cheers! Brandon

Thanks WP :)

I apologize for the previous comment .. felt bad I linked to a competitor.

Overall this theme is 100x better!

I’ll help promote this everywhere possible.


Oh! No worries Naweed! – I just have to flag them as I see them – your comment wasn’t offensive or anything like that, and like I said, I read through it and really appreciate the notes :) Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to drop a comment. Glad you like the theme so much! Cheers! Brandon

Hello and thank you for your fast support. I’ll try to crop some images…:)...let’s see what i can do! Wait for my feedback. Cheers

Sure thing AJ – just let me know if you run into any issues :)

Your very understanding Brandon, thank you.

Where can I find your email, want to propose a deal with you.


Bottom right side of my profile page :) (just click on my name) – I’d normally just hand it out but its way easier to track emails through this form.

Dude this is great stuff :) almost thinking to buy and use it for my agency :P however im in process to finish my new theme so if you would have come up with it sooner i would have scrapped my project :P

anyway just wondering can i place any post or page to home or its been done automatically when new things are posted?

if i would use this then i would like to place on home page only bits i select…

in any case great job and best of luck with sales :)

Hi LeBrit!

Thanks for the comments!

1. It’s setup as a blog – so any new posts automatically show up on the homepage :) Using the Wordpress post-thumbnail feature, it automatically ties your selected thumbnail to the post, so it’s pretty darn easy to manage.

2. Pages automatically show up at the top navigation bar – you can obviously opt to have these not show up in the navigation bar and have them just be private pages, but again, it’s super easy to manage this.

3. You can get a little more complicated (only if you want to of course!) and select only certain categories to show up on the homepage. I’ll be releasing some notes in the next week on how to implement these kinds of advanced modifications.

4. I’ll also note that I designed this to be used as a “complimentary” site to any existing traditional site. So, it might make sense to have a standard agency URL AND have a Flex URL for your gallery. People love browsing through images, and this is just a simple, streamlined way to do it.


Brrrr…bad news…i don’t know why, but i still have problems with the thumbs:

1. Just re-open the thumbnail that you created. (Done)

2. Make a selection (click and drag the mouse) around your preferred thumbnail area. (Done)

3. Hit the “Crop” tool button (at the top left of the image toolbar). (Done)

4. Select “only for the thumbnail”. (Done)

5. Hit the save button. (Done)

Then…no difference.

Any idea? Any relation with cache or something like that? Any plugin?


Hi AJ,

Strange – I’m checking into it for ya right now :) I know Wordpress cacheing can be funky and it’s a relatively new feature, and it sounds like it’s definitely not tied to this theme specifically. Let me do a little digging for you and get back. Try refreshing your cache in the meantime (and if you are running any WP Cache plugins, turn them off for a bit). Do you have a link that I can check out for this?

Side note – if you want to take this over to email, that’s fine as well. In most cases it’s easier to troubleshoot if I can get more details from you, which you might not want on the public thread. I’m happy to help out either way.

:) :) :)


I haven’t purchased yet so I don’t know if it is already a feature. One suggestion for the next update, would be when you select a category and it displays the post thumbnails under that category, maybe have the option (post options or in the admin options) to have the category name above the post thumbnails.

For example using your live preview, when I go to menu and select categories>photography, it would say photography as a heading just above the post thumbnails and under the logo lets say (currently there’s no heading)

Interested in using it as a photography showcase site, but thinking I would probably need that feature to do so.

Just thinking out loud

Hi Wilkie!

Good idea – I considered this myself, but opted again showing category titles as it felt cluttered. I’ll definitely keep it in mind though as, in general, reminding users where they are is a good principle to follow. That said, I’ll be sure to include a quick tutorial in the next update for users (like yourself) who do want to add this – it’s pretty simple to add and I’ll be happy to walk you through it line by line.

Cheers! Brandon

Hello Brandon,

I “only” have 185 posts…so…i’ll have some fun with the “edit crop save” :)

I turned off the cache plugin.

My blog:


Hi AJ!

Thanks for the update. Glad you sorted it out.

Side note – PSSHH ! 185 posts is nothing, I just helped my sister in law install a theme for her photography blog with over 1200 posts, each of which needed thumbnails! Everything is relative, but I feel your pain :P

Cheers! Brandon

Hell again,

No…as you can see ( thumbs don’t have a good look. I really need your help.


Oops, sorry – my misunderstanding – it sounded like you had sorted it out.

Ok – let’s try this for ya. Add the following to the custom CSS panel in the admin section:

.img_link {overflow: hidden; width: 200px; height: 130px; display: block;}

.post_float img { display:block !important; width:200px !important; height: auto !important; }

Try that out and let me know ;)

Wow! Way easier to use than I expected, can’t wait to begin customizing this one. Killer theme mate :)


Incredible work – already setup and running on this – can’t wait to see what you do with this in future updates, but as is it’s already about the best $30 I’ve spent on here in a while! Now, if it would only upload the rest of my portfolio for me automatically.

Great job!

Thanks! And yes, it takes time to upload your portfolio, even on the easiest WP themes :)