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Hi Epicera,

I am planning on using your theme for a music site I am reformatting, but before I purchase it, I have a couple questions. First, is there a way that users could sort thumbnails on the home page by category? Also, is there a way to include text below the thumbnail other than just the post title and its tags (such as a link, or brief description of post)?

Hi themusic,

1. Nope – you can “shuffle” the posts, but you can’t sort them at the moment in any way beyond the normal WordPress sort-by-date or sort-by-a-z system.

2. Sure – you’ll have to add a new line in the index.php template to allow an excerpt, but it’s very possible with a single line of new code (and possible some CSS tweaks if you need to adjust the output and spacing).

Cheers! Brandon

Could you have different portfolio pages with different posts in them?

I want users to be able to play music with yahoo media player without interruption while browsing different portfolios. Portfolios would be categorized by genre. The text excerpt below the thumbnail would include the music link for yahoo media player


I’m using the theme and the images open up into the lightbox but my videos are just going to the video link!


Hi Epicera,

I’m sorry I had to remove the theme from the url I’ve provided some days ago but I’ve found a site where the same problem occurs with the shuffle button:

The preview doesn’t work :-(

Fixed – just some downtime from my webhost ;)

Any plan to sell the jQuery VGrid plugin alone?

I would definetely buy it!

Great Theme But Im having so many problems with getting things to look right…

1) On the home page, the black area where the logo is, is there any way to make it bigger….

2) again on the home page how come a 768×15 ad pushes things so much.. (I can fix most of the pushes but not the main push down of the entire gallery…

3) the footer, I have 4 footer box’s set up for testing only 2 show

4) look at any of the items by clicking into them, there are area’s that are in the wrong place and hidden text obscured by the post itself.

5) look at the xbox item, my god its all screwed up…..

6) shuffle has issues, it will create uneven grids and it will also shuffle the navigation bar, which is just silly.

7) adding any more text to the home page black area just screws things all up

8) how to remove the top redundant search area, on the top bar area.

The site is

Please for the love of god give me a hand before I pull whats left of my hair out…

The reason some of my header is a bit off is I replaced the css file to default.

Is this theme still supported, I did go to the “official page” and there are no developer responses to 90% of the questions hence why I am posting here…

The search function is still broken.

When I type in a search term and then I click on say page 2 or 3 to see those results, it will display not the search results but page 2 or 3 of the entire result set.

The only way around is to use tags for every conceivable search term, a bit unweildy.

sjgold SAYS .. Is this theme still supported, I did go to the “official page” and there are no developer responses to 90% of the questions hence why I am posting here…

Yeah that’s my concern too… with all his themes actually. I own two of Brandon’s themes, the latest Sidewinder, and would like to buy Flex and Themeology but zero responses to the majority of questions in the official forums and posts here over the last couple months has me looking elsewhere.

I’d suggest Brandon hire additional help to answer questions and troubleshoot customers’ problems. The extra support will pay for itself many times over with repeat business.

When I add a video, it still opens the video link, not the lightbox as it does in the demo.

I click the thumb, the lightbox load image shows and then it directs to the video link.

I entered the video URL in the lightbox_link custom field…

Assistance please!

Awesome theme! I didn’t even had a wordpress and within 15 minutes i was able to install wordpress on my host, install this theme, and be ready to start uploading content. Very easy! A few small slip ups though could have been added to the guide. For example, how to add navigation items[appearance>menu] but other than that, so good so far! Everything seems to be working, thanks for the theme!

Oh and the only fix i haven’t looked into yet is why when the pages loads – the font goes from big to small. It’s a quick flash but is noticeable. this does not occur on the theme preview.


It’s because you have to use the EMBED version of the link – not the link to the page it is embedded on. For example”

Are acceptable forms of link

If you put in the page that it is embedded on such as:

It will go to that page.

I like this theme. I want to purchase it. Before I do buy it pls confirm the below.

1. After uploading the theme, can I just put Youtube URL from admin panel?

2. Do I need to install anything else to put videos as I seen in the demo?

Hi! Will these theme enable me to be able to show SWF ’s in the lightbox? I didnt see any in your demo so just making sure, thanks.

Nevermind. I just RTFM . =)


Is there a way to disable the vgrid without completely ruining Christmas? I’d like to keep the format, just disable it from going into action when the browser window resizes. I did some Googling but didn’t quite find the answer.


Is it possible to add sidebar on the homepage?

Hi Epicera,

Thank you for the great theme! It’s such a great mix of style and functionality.

I’m writing b/c I am having problems similar to those users above with the shuffle button. It is showing up underneath the menu and is invisible in the white theme. My site is Can you help?

Thank you in advance!!!


Great theme, just 1 question.

How can I push up the logo? It is lowered too much for some reason.