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I’m also having an issue with the custom fields. The option is not showing on my posts. Meaning there is no text box for me to enter information.

plz help me.

I fixed the logo problem where it gets pushed down. Just added the code from the Instructions file provided in the theme =)

Hello everybody,

I have a little question, how can I make a drop down menu with this theme ?

Thkx a lot !

what’s the font used in the logo so i can change the PSD file :P

League Gothic :)

Hi, site is going well. except today i went to embed some new vids using my usual code (” rel=”width:740 height:416”) and it’s not showing up. Has anything changed in either FLEX or WP?

IE9 no likey this theme buddy.

It’s working perfect for me Ram – can you specify what problems you’re having issues with?

Anything with embedded fonts isnt working on IE9 . Im no longer using this theme. Thanks for your time. If you decide to add some shortcodes or add some other functionality I can see bringing it back to life.

Thanks for the heads up ram – it’s still working perfect for me on IE9 , but I’ll be glad to check into the issues… and there is a huge update on the horizon touching the stuff you just mentioned… so keep an eye out :)

i was wondering if you could use this template for a game site? for example instead of having the gallery lead to pictures or videos instead have it lead to a flash type game?

Absolutely mega :) It supports any type of media or linking that you can come up with.


I purchased this theme about four months ago. I asked the question below but didn’t get a response. Still hoping!

Is there a way to call the lightbox function within a post? For example, if I have a no-sidebar page setup, can I load the images attached to the post using the lightbox in the post?

Hey mate,

Love the look of this theme. I’m considering buying it, however I did have one question: With the lightbox, are you using prettyPhoto?

If not, is it possible to customize the style of it – i.e ditch the rounded edges, change the white border to black etc…

I too am having this issue with custom fields showing up in post section? There for I cannot add anything to it

Please let me know the fix

@epicera – Thanks for making such a great WP theme. I question maybe you can answer for me. I am feeling my age with this one, and like a noob perhaps. I can not get the top navigation to show unless I create a custom menu. Then once I create the menu it till not show and secondary or drop down navigation. No matter what I add or how I set up the pages with number and what the parent page should be everything show up top level. Any information would be greatly appreciated. – sodredge

Oh my gosh I have to cut down on the Red Bull, the above sounds like I do not even comprehend English….

@epicera – Again I really like your work and all in all this has been a great purchase and I will be making more of them. At the moment the issue I am having, other than the need to lower the energy drink consumption after 3am is that I can not get the navigation to work correctly.

As I create page as I would do on any Word Press nothing appears on the navigation. It is not until you “create” a custom menu does anything appear. This of course is great, save the fact that once you do this there is nothing on the custom menu that allots for a “drop down”. No matter what I do I can not get any form of the menu/navigation to drop down.

Everything stays top level and that will not work. I have tried the normal parent level and number buttons and while everything appears correct on the back end, nothing works on the front.

(smiles) That sounds better, minus the caffeine. As always any help would be totally appreciated. – Sodredge

A wonderful theme indeed..

However, am having one issue…

My site isn’t displaying the sidebar correctly. For example, the sidebar is pushed down at the end of the post instead. This only happens on posts that have more than 12 words or so on it..

For example here is one post where my sidebar is at the end of the page itself:

How can I fix this without having to go into each post and space the words to the next paragraph.

Hi Epicera, and thank you very much for this great template! I’m very confused because I’m trying to add a lightbox with several images in a post but after three days of tests, I finally decide to ask help to you. I want to have only one image in my post (not a gallery), linked to a lightbox[roadtrip]. How can I do that ? Greetings.

i need help! this is probably a stupid question but i was wondering how you can re-arrange posts…

also here is an example of my site(its a work in progess)

what i was also wondering why it looks differnt in every browser, it looks bad, it doesnt seem to have the “roll over gloss that your demo has, it also isnt centerd, was there an update im missing?

pleasssee pleeeaassee respond to this quickly!

thankyou, mega

I cannot get custom fields to show up in post section? There for I cannot add anything to it

I have tried re-uploading the files and get nothing

Please help

Turn on custom fields from the Screen Options panel at the top right of the post editor screen :)

Hi Brandon, really great Theme!! Made all my customisations but one little problem I can’t solve.

Center Screen the Content Container ( Content + Sidebar ) that its not on the left side but centered. How do I do this?

If I do Margin: 0 auto; in the css it gets overwritten somehow

Cheers Chris

I have some questions before buying this theme for a client.

1. Can I setup the Home page to show FEATURED POSTs, and show randomly (shuffle) ? 2. Under the category page, show the FEATURED POSTs in that particular category? 3. Can the single post/page (content area) to aligned to center?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Best theme in the same style :)

Nice theme! How can I set up post per page at homepage?

Can someone help me asking how can I maintain 30 posts in the home page instead of 10?